COVID – 19 – Give Back by Volunteering

Hello World,

I am not sponsored to say this, but leave all the conspiracy theories aside… People really need help at this time. I have been thinking of ways to give back and help people in need through out this pandamic.

Toronto Food Back requires donations to help with Covid – 19 respose.

The Daily Bread Food Back requires assitance.

The Friendly Neighbor Hotline requires volunteers.

Kids Help Line requires volunteers.

#Stitchforcorona requires volunteers.

Please follow this link to help people in your free time.

Thank you,


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Stay at home Motivation

Hello World,

The stay at home transition has been tough for all even if you were a home body. A lot of you lost your jobs or are on temporary lay offs. This has caused unnecessary anxiety and pain.

It’s harder said then done, but change your mindset. Think about the opportunities you have that you did not in your daily busy “normal” life. For example, a lot of people are finally getting to spend a lot of time with their families. Some of you finally have the time to learn a new skill and get certified.

The world is your oyester. Be mindful of your pressense. Don’t let go or give up! Follow all the health tips, stay safe and take this time to develop your self further.

There will be all sorts of hiccups in life that you have to deal with yourself. Better way to look at this current hiccup is, everyone in the world is one unit and dealing with it.

My goals are self improvement related, both physical and mental. I am trying to learn new things daily, obtain new skills and become physically fit. I am holding myself accountable and completing my self improvement tasks daily. I want to come out of this as a stronger person. You can do it too!

I started waking up daily at 6:30 – 7 am. This has helped to gather my thoughts, have a bit of time before I get working. I use that time to think about my day and mentally prepare for it. I also fit in a fitness/workout session within that 2 hours frame before it is 9 am.

Always try to envision your future and plan for it mentally. Even jot down ideas if you can. This will help you stay prepared, even if it’s a little bit. You know what will happen and how you will handle it. Stay organized!

Thank you,

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What is your Online Digital Strategy?

Hello World,

I hope everyone is safe and healthy! What a time to live in right now!

Many of the small businesses are struggling and stocks are suffering. The best thing right now is real estate as there is less supply than demand due to low mortgage rate.

As Harvard Business Review reports, “When customers are separated from the work that’s being done behind the scenes to serve them, they appreciate the service less and then they value the service less.” Describe the steps you’re taking to mitigate risk and give them insight into the steps you’re taking to help the community.

That’s why small businesses should think about shifting their business online with a Digital strategy. The next generation has always shopped online. After the lockdown, digital sales have been grown twice.

As a business on a digital platform, you need to focus on consumer demand. First, what is trending, and will you be able to meet the demand due to influx of new consumers buying online.

Please let me know if you shifted your businesses online and what is your digital strategy?


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Best Corona Virus Financial Advise…

Hello World!

Along with washing your hands and always carrying a sanitizer, let’s plan for the future…

Best Corona Virus Financial Advise,

  1. Buy all your travel tickets right now for next year.
  2.  Lock down that low interest mortgage for next 30 years! 

Thank you,


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Anxiety is genetic but can be controlled!

Hello World,

I am trying to balance and jungle many goals and milestones in life as we speak. My work environment and the nature of my job can easily allow a lot of stress and therefore I am subject to feeling a lot anxiety at times. However, having anxiety is genetic. For example, if your mom’s side and parents had anxiety of some sort then there is a chance you may have anxiety as well.

Anxiety is really diminishing to your health ultimately if not managed properly. Anxiety can be caused by stress. However, if you notice that you are unable to complete day to day task then it’s clinical anxiety and it is time for you to seek out help.


 There are five types of Anxiety,

  • Generalized anxiety – Stress
  • Obsessive compulsive – Repetitive behavior that proves the same negative outcome
  • Panic disorder – You are worried about the outcome
  • PTSD – You endured a traumatic experience your childhood or lifetime
  • Social anxiety disorder – You are self consciousness

Anxiety can cause avoidance. This a common coping technique used by people with anxiety.  For example, people with anxiety will often avoid events to eliminate social interaction and/or job opportunities to avoid the interview process. This is because they are afraid of the outcome. They are afraid they will perform poorly and will be judged.

Eventually avoidance will come back to haunt these people as they must deal with outcome in the future.  Let’s say that you avoided preparing for an exam, or just didn’t go to the exam because you were afraid of failing or doing poorly. The result will be the same, you would fail. Rather,  if you had taken the time to study then you could have avoided anxiety instead. Avoidance causes the brain to use a lot of power to supress feelings.

If clinical then people should get help, if not then people should learn to face the problems. Avoidance allows a person to prolong the negative output. Some people even convince themselves that they work well under pressure. However, it’s just them putting off the work until the last minute because, they were avoiding the result.

There are two things to understand:

  1. Bad things happen in life (which is not controllable always)
  2. The reaction is always controllable

It’s important to feel the emotion and not to avoid the feeling. The more you are open and expressive the less anxiety you will feel.


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Feel like Giving up? – DO NOT DO IT!

Hi everyone,

The only thing in life that can stop you from attaining success is your perspective, what and how you define success, your approach towards life and your health!

Remember these three words, PERSPECTIVE, APPROACH and HEALTH … this is all. 

Persepective is important. There is always more than one way of looking at one thing. You can pretty much always make a situation positive, hence, failure is always defined as an opportunity for growth. You should be able to view your situation from both your viewpoint and from the exterior.

Only way you gain perspective is by exploring, reading, sharing, and interacting… in simple words you must make your life a journey of finding opportunities to learn. Mindset is crucial to your life long learning.

You cannot be stuck on little things that limit you from gaining success or achieving your goals. A limiting thought would be constantly worrying about being stagnat in your career… this is a sign where you need to learn a new skill and apply it to find a new opportunity. Another limiting thought would be constantly worrying about the past, future, present… no stop! Work now and the future will form itself! If you don’t put in work now, you miss the shot for tomorrow.

Mindset is the key of how you approach life. You can see things very negatively, nag, worry and constantly complain or you can find a solution! I am telling you to find a solution! You live in a time of opportunity! The internet is full of informaiton. Learn something that will make your future.

Now all of it fails when you are reluctant towards your health! Please take care of yourself. Run, eat healthy and stay positive. You won’t be able to earn if you are not healthy. The biggest wealth in life is health. This is the best gift you can give to yourself and family members.

Stay motivated! 


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Bad at Dating at 30 – focussed on Career

Hello World,

There I said it! I loose interest these days…

The Tinder, Bumble, coffee meets bagel and Hinge is not doing it for me.

I use to be really opposed to having a casual relationships, but it all make sense now! When you are too occupied and focused on your career… you will not be able to invest in any other aspect of your life.  This is because you won’t be able to give those part of your life your best, 100%.

I am not searching for perfection but what is the point in something if you have to live it half hearted?

All this means is, I would need to find a partner who is on the same page! The ambition level has to be the same along with other compalitiy levels and that is never the case these days.

I feel after you reach a certain age you become content with a lot of things. You see life differently. Your goals changes. I pass up on very good people. Funny thing to notice, before my excuse to myself were that I was too busy with work. But now it’s just no interest! I have no interest in connecting, getting too personal, and or carrying any other person’s emotions at this point!

I am way too focused at my work. I am focused in building an empire, a better future for myself.

Working hard and earning the success is a different high! Working hard and earning financial freedom on your own terms is a different high!

At a certain age, you just stop caring about what people say and or think because, it really does not matter. You have a timeslot and it’s limited so make your future as bright as you can.

I need you all to try it! Be focused and make it happen.

Until next time…


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Education Must Pay You

Hello World,

Depending on which you culture and generation you belong to, you have brought up and pushed towards an education a different way.  If you and your parents belonged to a high context culture, then education was higly emphasized. This means no matter what, you have to gain education.

Being encouraging towards education is excellent. However, the right education. We have to understand what the next emerging trend is and set the youth towards that. If you have debt and your degree/diploma doesn’t earn you a return then that’s bad debt!

Starting today, you have to be good with your finances to be able to attain finanical freedom. Think about your education (it’s a must) you have to learn to survive but you require skills that will bring in a return in the future.

There are tons of free courses and youtube channels that teach soft/technical skills. You do not actually need to gain that masters degree if you do not have that extra money. However, if you feel that a masters degree in anything will get you a promotion then by all means. I am always in support of upgrade.  Though, I need you to know for sure that you will gain a return from your education.

To assess this, I need you to think about things that you are passionate about. This is actually very hard for some of you to assess. You just do not know what interests you as you have not explored enough. That’s why, it’s a good idea to read, learn from skillful youtube videos and learn from podcasts.

Do something challenging! Pick up a niche skill that not a lot of people will spend time and effort working towards. How else will you set yourself apart?

Why not start with Python?

Always think ahead!


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