Tinder Success – For Men

Hello World, How many of you tried your luck on the infamous dating App Tinder? Almost all of you! When you first get Tinder it’s great, right?! I mean look at the countless number of people on this simple user platform! There is approximately 50 Million users on this app  and in that 50 million there has to be […]

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Suppressing Emotions

Hello World, We all have secrets! Deep dark secrets! But who else did you share it with? Why doesn’t someone close know? Why haven’t you able to share this information? Hmm let’s see, maybe you are afraid of being inadequate and vulnerable. Perhaps afraid of being judged. You think if the feelings, the emotions and the secrets some how surface you might not fit the societal “norms”. You feel […]

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Intimidation equals Low Self Esteem

Hello World, When was the last time you were at place where there was someone very intimidating? Someone who was over powering the room with their presence and confidence. But  have you ever self assessed why you were intimidated? Why your legs were shaking and you thought you can’t possibly approach them? Perhaps because you felt like you couldn’t speak to their knowledge. […]

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Master Negotiation

Hello World, Do you recall the last time you negotiated and what the outcome was? I am sure you thought of a moment of confrontation with someone. When you hear the word negotiation, you subconsciously start to think of competition between you and the second party. However, that’s not the case! Negotiation is reaching an agreement that is moderately satisfactory for both parties. How does that […]

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