Social Media Vs. Life

Hello World, You know what felt good today? Forgetting my phone at my desk and taking an hour long walk. I felt a different kind of free. No notifications! No emails! No constantly checking my feeds for fear of missing out! I had time to just be me, just to live the time without distractions. […]

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Relearn Self – Discipline

Hello World, You want achieve a goal or many goals?! Then you would have to learn self-discipline. Despite many beliefs self-discipline can be learnt with training. Self-Discipline requires practice, patience and control of temptations. It’s a process of building specific habits. Once you mastered self-control you will get more done in less time with less […]

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Lower Your BAD Cholesterol

Hello World, Okay, yes I have been bad at keeping this blog up to date but here I am again! So what should I write about today? How about I share a little update! I am sure many of you would relate–I am absolutely terrified, petrified and any other …fied of doctors! Don’t get me […]

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What is your Niche?

Hello World, What is it that set’s you apart from the very next person standing next to you right now? Your personality of course! But what about your soft and hard skills? Many people have an outlook that they should stop reading, writing and learning after their schooling is complete. But is it really that […]

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