Wedding Anxiety

Hello World, I don’t have the wedding Jitters just yet but I hear that’s one common trend of anxiety a couple face during their wedding. Ironic how a perfect wedding is not guaranteed but wedding anxiety is! It’s normal to get anxious since it’s a milestone in your life. However, the wedding anxieties takes small […]

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Social Media Vs. Life

Hello World, You know what felt good today? Forgetting my phone at my desk and taking an hour long walk. I felt a different kind of free. No notifications! No emails! No constantly checking my feeds for fear of missing out! I had time to just be me, just to live the time without distractions. […]

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Relearn Self – Discipline

Hello World, You want achieve a goal or many goals?! Then you would have to learn self-discipline. Despite many beliefs self-discipline can be learnt with training. Self-Discipline requires practice, patience and control of temptations. It’s a process of building specific habits. Once you mastered self-control you will get more done in less time with less […]

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