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Feel like Giving up? – DO NOT DO IT!

Hi everyone,

The only thing in life that can stop you from attaining success is your perspective, what and how you define success, your approach towards life and your health!

Remember these three words, PERSPECTIVE, APPROACH and HEALTH … this is all. 

Persepective is important. There is always more than one way of looking at one thing. You can pretty much always make a situation positive, hence, failure is always defined as an opportunity for growth. You should be able to view your situation from both your viewpoint and from the exterior.

Only way you gain perspective is by exploring, reading, sharing, and interacting… in simple words you must make your life a journey of finding opportunities to learn. Mindset is crucial to your life long learning.

You cannot be stuck on little things that limit you from gaining success or achieving your goals. A limiting thought would be constantly worrying about being stagnat in your career… this is a sign where you need to learn a new skill and apply it to find a new opportunity. Another limiting thought would be constantly worrying about the past, future, present… no stop! Work now and the future will form itself! If you don’t put in work now, you miss the shot for tomorrow.

Mindset is the key of how you approach life. You can see things very negatively, nag, worry and constantly complain or you can find a solution! I am telling you to find a solution! You live in a time of opportunity! The internet is full of informaiton. Learn something that will make your future.

Now all of it fails when you are reluctant towards your health! Please take care of yourself. Run, eat healthy and stay positive. You won’t be able to earn if you are not healthy. The biggest wealth in life is health. This is the best gift you can give to yourself and family members.

Stay motivated! 


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Bad at Dating at 30 – focussed on Career

Hello World,

There I said it! I loose interest these days…

The Tinder, Bumble, coffee meets bagel and Hinge is not doing it for me.

I use to be really opposed to having a casual relationships, but it all make sense now! When you are too occupied and focused on your career… you will not be able to invest in any other aspect of your life.  This is because you won’t be able to give those part of your life your best, 100%.

I am not searching for perfection but what is the point in something if you have to live it half hearted?

All this means is, I would need to find a partner who is on the same page! The ambition level has to be the same along with other compalitiy levels and that is never the case these days.

I feel after you reach a certain age you become content with a lot of things. You see life differently. Your goals changes. I pass up on very good people. Funny thing to notice, before my excuse to myself were that I was too busy with work. But now it’s just no interest! I have no interest in connecting, getting too personal, and or carrying any other person’s emotions at this point!

I am way too focused at my work. I am focused in building an empire, a better future for myself.

Working hard and earning the success is a different high! Working hard and earning financial freedom on your own terms is a different high!

At a certain age, you just stop caring about what people say and or think because, it really does not matter. You have a timeslot and it’s limited so make your future as bright as you can.

I need you all to try it! Be focused and make it happen.

Until next time…


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Education Must Pay You

Hello World,

Depending on which you culture and generation you belong to, you have brought up and pushed towards an education a different way.  If you and your parents belonged to a high context culture, then education was higly emphasized. This means no matter what, you have to gain education.

Being encouraging towards education is excellent. However, the right education. We have to understand what the next emerging trend is and set the youth towards that. If you have debt and your degree/diploma doesn’t earn you a return then that’s bad debt!

Starting today, you have to be good with your finances to be able to attain finanical freedom. Think about your education (it’s a must) you have to learn to survive but you require skills that will bring in a return in the future.

There are tons of free courses and youtube channels that teach soft/technical skills. You do not actually need to gain that masters degree if you do not have that extra money. However, if you feel that a masters degree in anything will get you a promotion then by all means. I am always in support of upgrade.  Though, I need you to know for sure that you will gain a return from your education.

To assess this, I need you to think about things that you are passionate about. This is actually very hard for some of you to assess. You just do not know what interests you as you have not explored enough. That’s why, it’s a good idea to read, learn from skillful youtube videos and learn from podcasts.

Do something challenging! Pick up a niche skill that not a lot of people will spend time and effort working towards. How else will you set yourself apart?

Why not start with Python?

Always think ahead!


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Turn your Life around – GET UP NOW!

Hello World!

This is an self assurance and check blog! This blog will motivate you towards success so keep reading.

I will give you the secret to (not a happier) but a life with more freedom! It’s to earn more money! Money doesn’t earn you happiness, however, it definitely gives you the financial freedom of choosing your lifestyle.

Therefore, if you nag, complain and feel stuck! Then get up now because, you need to turn your life around. The only way to do that is to read, broaden your perception of life, gain more skills (both technical and people skills) and apply it towards building a future.

Envision your future! Decide if you would like a future focussed on family or future focussed on building a career. I know some of you are saying you can have both, sure, but you need a focus. You have to focus one to give it your best to succeed in it.

So for now, if relationships are complicated, or toxic or your partner doesn’t understand your struggle and journey then you need to leave that behind! You need to grind and plan.

Always remember, a vision without a plan is just a dream! To make it happen, you need to constantly learn and grow.

  • Invest in yourself, gain education/learn/apply
  • Invest your money on items that will pay you back 
  • Save your money (Those Gucci shoes will go out of style in less than a year)
  • Check where your money goes! Budget properly, that means taking taxes into consideration. 
  • Always strive to earn more! 
  • Ask for help


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Your Jobs are at Risk – Be PROACTIVE!

Hello World,

You may already know that I am a tech nerd! I take pleasure in learning about emerging technology. Our future is in danger if we are not proactive in gaining skills that will make us a subject matter experts in relevant topics of the future such as AI, Analytics, other technological shifts!

I mean have you noticed the trend in cashier less stores. So far in Canada all major retailers have been seen adopting some sort of self check out system. China is already completely cash less and card less. That means you can only use your phone to pay!

The future is about automation. ROSSI is a robot clerk adopted by a Law firm to serve as a law clerk. This adoption in law firms in the future will mean cuts on paralegal and law adiministrative staffs.

Studies show Mckinsey & Company has lowered it’s hiring towards MBA graduates and are leaning more towards tenichal subject matter experts.

Therefore, be proactive! Research! Always learn! Pick up on new technical skills.

Check out my earlier post on Data Analytics:

Always here to support and motivate!


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Data Analytics – Get on it

Hi World!

To be successful in the near future you need to follow the following skillsets! These focus points will upgrade your porfolio and make you more demanding in the industry.


AI Ethics and Policy – explores the profound implications of AI on business and society. The ethical and policy issues linked with the application of AI in business are covered in-depth, including such issues as overcoming the job displacement due to AI by job creation, ensuring the public good as AI pervades the new economy, and balancing privacy and transparency in AI related endeavors.

Big Data Analytics  – big data architectures, the Hadoop ecosystem (especially Spark), NoSQL databases, and a sampling of powerful applications of big data analytics, including recommender systems and social network analytics. New concepts will include additional applications of big data analytics, including text and unstructured analytics, such as sentiment analysis, document clustering, and document classification.

Analytics in Financial Markets – will include traditional models such as: the CAPM, portfolio optimization, applied contingent-claims analysis, Altman’s-Z, Monte-Carlo methods and applied econometric models. In addition, the course will also cover recent advances in artificial neural networks and machine learning tools applied to forecasting financial time-series and corporate default as well as Block-Chain analytics.

Predictive Modelling – three key elements: analytics techniques, business applications, and basic coding/programming (in R, one of the leading open-source tools for analyzing data that you will be able to use in your jobs.) The emphasis will be not on the technicalities or theory, but rather on applications to various business cases. Basic familiarity with R is required, but for most classes you will receive a starter code, by running and modifying which you will learn analytics techniques and coding principles, and which you will also be able to use in your jobs. Because of that, much of the course will be in a form of a “hands-on” workshop; students are be expected to bring your laptop to class (with all the necessary software tools installed) and actively participate in the learning process. The course will cover 2 major topics within the domain of predictive analytics: “predicting quantities” and “predicting events”. Within the “quantities” part we will focus on linear models, variable selection and regularizations, as well as on time-series analyses. Within the “events” part we will focus on generalized linear models (logistic regression) and get an introduction to supervised machine learning (CART, random forest, boosting, and neural networks).

Please reach out if you have any question! I am here to share my experiences and help you succeed in your career!


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Make More Money

Hi World,

I am sorry! I know I keep saying I will post often but I fail with all that has been happening. However, my blog posts are never about failing. They are about embracing struggle and creating them into opportunities. These blogs have always been to motivate you at your lowest. Inform you of various techniques, technologies, balancing emotional and mental health.

I like to write and connect with everyone and share my learnings and experiences. Thank you for always showing support and subscribing to my other social media platforms.

2019 has brought me a lot of opportunities, learnings and, also struggle. The past year I have struggled with my father’s illness and struggled feeling stuck in a toxic relationship and trapped in stagnant work with no growth. Somehow, I managed to turn that mindset around and just focus on work. Work, work, and work. I learned new skills and networked to meet new professionals. This really turned things around for me! Focussing on learning new skills built my confidence.

Now I know what I need to succeed this new year or at least give it my best! If I don’t then I wouldn’t know if I could have made it.  Therefore, 2020 will be about making a lot of money!

Do not get me wrong! Money cannot buy happiness but one thing it does is give you that financial freedom to gain that happiness. The time to spend with your family and confidence to take care of yourself. It buys comfort!

I am dedicating this year towards learning new skills and building a portfolio!

This was a short one but this was a welcome post to the New Year! I want you to all succeed this new year so please don’t forget to share your journey with me and reach out with any questions about finances, IT,  Strategy, Marketing and Business!


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