What Would Happen If You Maxed Out Your Investment Accounts? Compound Your Way To Rich

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I know I am a bit late; however, I would like to thank all 1,320 subscribers for staying close to my journey. I have been very busy with work and trying my best to keep up with my side goals. In January 2021, I had a vision, and I wrote the blog, Meditation and Manifestation for 2021. In this blog, I stated that no matter what I will bring in a change in my life.

One of my goals is to max out my retirement account (RRSP for Canadian’s and 401K for all my US readers). In addition to this, I would be maxing out my TFSA (Tax free savings account)  each year. Both of which are investment accounts and not saving accounts. Your next question should be, why not just put the money in RRSP or a TSFA savings account? When you put money in your saving account, your money does not grow. It loses value over time due to inflation. Further, the bank uses your money in your savings account to invest and share a very, very tiny portion of the interest for using your money.

What I would love for my readers to do is learn about the power of compounding their investments. The easiest goal you can have for the year is to make a $1,000 a year from dividends. What are dividends? Dividends are money certain (not all) companies pay you for owning their stocks.  

Don’t be dishearten by how much money you would have to put in to earn even a $100 on a stock/ETF. The idea is that you would keep on investing money in those stocks/ETF’s no matter if the market is up or down. Make it a cadence. The only thing to research is good reliable stocks, for example Coca-Cola, TD Bank, etc.

Now a $1,000 may seem like a small amount for the year. but, over time this $1,000 will be $2,000 and then the ultimately over time the goal would be to earn a $1,000 extra a month. That’s a long way to go however, start small.

This is not an easy task for people who live pay cheque to pay cheque or spend without budgeting. I would like my readers to adopt some frugality in their spending habit and put that extra money to invest.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment!

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Hello World,

I know I am a bit late; however, I would like to thank all 1,318 subscribers for staying close to my journey. I have been very busy with work and trying my best to keep up with my side goals. In January 2021, I had a vision, and I wrote the blog, Meditation and Manifestation for 2021. In this blog, I stated that no matter what I will bring in a change in my life.

The first change was making this blog professional and getting a domain name for it, MarketingByDLA.com. Also, starting my YouTube channel was a big step. Please subscribe if you have not done so! I am working on more ideas and content to boost engagement.

Then starting my TikTok page for @MarketingByDLA: MarketingbyDLA

Then working on my shop TikTok/Insta: @PeachyFix (website coming soon).


The learning journey from January to date has been immense. I hope my journey motivates you and is keeping you going on your journey as well. I need more love and support so please share my content with your friends and family. Let’s succeed together and never stop learning.

If you need help starting your own business, do not hesitate on messaging me. Let’s support one anoather and stay connected!

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Best Way to Start Your Small Business in 2021

Thank you for 1,303 of my supporters. I have been busy building my business and working my full time 9 to 5. So I thank you for your ongoing support. As I said, you all feel like a family now.

I would love for you to check out the links below for my Fiverr posts,

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 Let’s talk about being a business owner and online businesses today. Brick and Mortar days have passed. Businesses in 2021 are about graphic designers, web development,affiliate marketing and content marketing. Not to say that if you started a cleaning service or a food truck it wouldn’t work. However, it’s all about your branding, target audience, and customer base.

As you know from this blog, MEDITATION AND MANIFESTATION FOR 2021, I am on my journey to elevating my life in one way or the other by the end of the year. That means, I want to see a change in my life in terms of personal growth, career growth, and financial growth. Many of you sent feedback and shared your own opinion about not to have a resolution in the beginning of the year as it is just another year which will fade away but, I was determined to stay true to what I wrote in MEDITATION AND MANIFESTATION FOR 2021 blog. I have been working on my goals daily and mentoring myself by listening to various podcast.

I decided to share a high-level version of my research and guide to how you can start an online store through any ecommerce platform such as Shopify. I want to share this because, maybe I needed a simple step by step guide to motivate me when I was first starting out. Nowadays we have a good problem, too much information. This can get a person overwhelmed to the point they just give up on starting their project.

You can start here with me!

If you have always wanted to start a small business then take these steps as a guide to begin,

Go to Ownr.co and register your businesses. Don’t get stuck on the idea of picking a good name! Just pick a name and brand it later.

Second step, find a product or service that you will be selling. Many people want to open a business but, they do not know where their passion lies. It happened to me too. Trust me when I say, I can relate if not all of you.

Some of you on the other hand, have such big dreams that you cannot narrow your ideas down. I have been always keen towards trends and consumer behavior and hence, I follow a lot of new businesses to gage what will work as product and as business solutions. If you are lost deciding on a product or service, I would suggest spending a bit of time on Pinterest and TikTok to see what ideas speak to you the most.

People research and give up. It’s hard for them to carry forward with overwhelming load of information. That the reason why I want you to add these steps down as smaller chunks of goals. Complete your goals one step at time. A slow start is still a start.

Let’s say you are still lost about what to sell and are going through information paralysis. Then I would put the product or service on the side. Yes, stop on finding what to sell and just concentrate on starting the business.

Finding a product or a service I love was my main challenge. I really wanted to start my own businesses but, I didn’t know what I wanted to sell or provide as a service. The number one thing that helped me at that point was budgeting. I created a spreadsheet listing my earnings vs. my expenses. It gave me a clear picture of what I would have left by the end of the month.

Why did this help? This helps you to see what you can afford for your business.  How much you can spend on inventory is a great way to pick up on cheap products but, that’s not the only cost. You would have to think in terms of over all profit and conduct a cost analysis. Let’s assume, you buy 5 items from a supplier for $2 dollars and the shipping is $70 in total. You sell the same items for $25 dollars and add the shipping cost on top of that. You will have to subtract $80 dollars (which the cost of making the product) from $125 you made selling the product plus, the Shopify cost, shipping cost, tax, advertisement, etc. Do this math before starting any small business.

I am on this journey with you! Let me know how far you reach on your small business goals. Feel free to connect with me for all your marketing and business solutions.

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Challenges of a Social Media Manager

Hello World,

Thank you for 1,303 of my supporters. I have been busy building my business and working my 9 to 5.  So I thank you for your ongoing support. As I said, you all feel like a family now. I would love for you to follow me on @tiktok Dlaofficial_ or MarketingByDLA and on Instagram: MarketingByDLA.

My passion for consumer behavior, psychology and tech has been the key reason I love working with small businesses to build their brand and inform of the trends they need to incorporate to reach their gaols. I keep you all posted on the lasted and the greatest along with all my clients.

Social media management and marketing is hard, given that this is not my full-time job. I have been posting on the daily for many of my clients and it takes up a lot of time doing analysis on competitors, current target market behavior, trends, keywords. As I am writing this blog, I am creating 4 Facebook pages for four of my clients. If you have not had a chance to check out one of the clients I manage, you can check their Instagram out on @FreshMuskoka. I was able to get them from 10 followers to 100 within few days.

I want to build my portfolio as I commence on my goals and journey and that is why I have released two new Fiverr Gigs. This is all part of my manifestation plan I shared with you on my blog, Meditation and Manifestation for 2021. My plan is to work towards sustainability, and I want to make a noticeable change by the end of the year. I am not there yet, but if you have been following me then I hope you are noticing the growth through my social media and blog posts.

They are both for social media management, so please help a friend by clicking on the posts so I can get their algorithm going:

Social Media Posts: https://www.fiverr.com/s2/5310b210a7

Social Media Community Management: https://www.fiverr.com/s2/d1565b0c67

My services are not limited just social media and community management. I am also able to help my clients with Share of Voice and SEO to help them with their complete brand strategy and increased brand awareness. I would love for you to check out my blog post on How to Improve my SEO on Google without Paying for my Blog.

Brand awareness is a very important topic for businesses these days especially new ones.  A business must learn or hire someone to run marketing campaigns, influencer marketing, referral programs, brand awareness, and brand and product campaigns. If you are not doing all this then it’s a sign you need a social media manager. In addition to all that a good social media manager familiar with search engine optimization. On top of that they are an expert with marketing strategies which is vital for small businesses.

A small business is dependent on their brand identity. When the pandemic began a lot of small businesses leveraged TikTok to survive. Businesses were successful in gaining a lot of potential customers through TikTok as it is easy for any one to blow up on the social platform.  Social media has the power to increase the level of brand awareness and recognition for a business.

I hope you are all enjoying my journey as much as I am. Please feel free to share with your friends and family as it will help me build my portfolio. Feel free to contact me if you own a business and would like a free assessment, here.

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How to Stay Motivated in 2021 With Limited Work Life Balance as Work From Home Continues

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Thank you for supporting and being my 1,298 followers. This year and the year before has been a tough ride for all of us and our friends and family. Some of my audiences lost their jobs. A lot of them had been planning for a certain growth in their career path. Some of them lost their work life balance due to work from home. Not to mention, there has been a lack of extrinsic motivation.

This change in our daily routine has caused major shift in their long term and short term goals. I cannot even imagine what post pandemic work setting would look like and how everyone will adapt to it.

Job seekers are having to create new job search goals. Unfortunately, some have forgotten how if feels to be in a job interview. It has been a roller coaster setting goals and staying motivated. Finding a job is a task in itself these days.

Time management has been a challenge for some. I personally feel lack of motivation at times and it has been due to lack of work life balance from work from home. Most of my time spent is on mundane tasks at work that requires completion as soon as possible.

This will be a candid post about how I keep motivated. I will also share tips of how you can do the same.

I was reading an article which said that we spend half of our life figuring out that our lives are a DYI project. I think it is very true. I think I speak for most of my followers when I say that our parents have always taught us to follow a pattern to get to our end goal. Now many research show that this might not be the case.

The narrative from our parents was always: go to school, become a doctor or an engineer or just graduate to get a job. Achieving any degree will land us our dream job and we will work our way up the American dream ladder. Now when you look back, how true was this?

There are a lot of obstacles in the way that our parents fail to teach us. No fault of their own, this due to their own lack of knowledge. In addition, school choose not to teach you all this. I wrote an article earlier explaining the poverty cycle, Poor Are Stuck in the Poverty System

The later half of the millennials and Gen Z’s are now realizing the old strategy of following a pattern to success is actually a scam. Following a pattern traps you in the never-ending cycle of student loans, mortgage, and debt. Funny fact, people you show off to do not care at the end of the day. They have their own personal and financial responsibilities to worry about.   

Gen Z’s grew up in the social media era where career coaches and subject matter gurus are taking social media to share their knowledge and success. This has been their tool to stay focused and motivated.

In 2021, I would like all my readers to make a shift and use this period of time to take risks and believe in intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation, isn’t dependent on intensified gains. This is a mindset to develop your skill set without expectation which will help you on your long term growth.

Your focus should be annual growth. If you spent time on yourself by taking online courses on (e.g. public speaking), you will see a rise in your growth rate. You can also use creative commons attribution sharealike free licenses to share your work and see how others repurpose it.

Does not have to be widely aggressive. I am not saying, go by $20,000 of Bitcoin, which may not turn out to be a bad idea since they are predicting the coin reaching 100K in the future (do it by dollar cost averaging). But, I do expect you to start small and learn the basics.

However, I want you to keep motivated. Keep up with trends and stay educated on new skills. You should always be the product owner of some of the subject matters you are interested in. That is a vague sentence, so I will try to break it down.

Let us say you are a digital artist; then you need to know different skills associated with it. You do not have to be a subject matter expert on the different types of digital art practices other than what you already excel on but, if a client or an interested party were to ask about differentiation, you should be able to describe one or two lines on that subject.

In simple words, I need you all to expand your learnings and bring growth into what you already know.

Seek out Mentorship:

Mentorship 2021 is the goal. In order to develop in 2021, you need to seek out a good mentor in the subject you want to excel in. There are various platform and mentor programs that will find you mentor matches. You do not want a sounding board for a mentor. You need to seek out a potential mentor who values the mentor and mentees relationship.

Mentorship can be costly in the United States or Canada, unless the company you work for offers a mentorship program. Please do not hesitate and get into that program!

If you are seeking mentorship in business then you can always reach out to me. I have a considerable amount of both mentor and business experience and would gladly focus on making your success of your business.

In addition, I always share new tips and trends to keep your businesses up to date: How to Improve my SEO on Google Without Paying for my Blog?. You can easily follow, and bookmark my blog as a your personal business mentor. I am currently working with many small businesses to help them with their brand strategy.

On my daily 9-5, I often have time to myself to focus on mundane tasks which I can multi task through. During that time, I put on different podcasts on subjects that interest me the most and I want to grow on, for example, money, branding, and data science.

Podcasts are amazing way to gain mentorship. It helps you learn new trending materials and learn from other people’s mistakes. Best part is that it’s completely free on Spotify and you will not require a subscription.

Keep up with trends:

Many of my audiences and friends have said, they try not to get on TikTok because of productivity. I have always been very curious on current trends and what is coming next and let me tell you, no place like TikTok to learn about that. TikTok has an educational feature (the light bulb on the top left corner).

Once you click on it and watch a few videos of your interest, the algorithm will pull up similar videos to the ones you watched in full. For example, my TikTok barely shows me teenagers dancing. My “For you page” is full of small business owners, bitcoin, current news, branding, coding, and investment strategy.

I also wake up every day and go on https://trends.google.com/trends/ and put in the year to see what is trending each day. This helps you see what people are talking about by country or all around the world.

Read relevant blogs:

I am happy you are here and find my blogs relevant: Meditation and Manifestation For 2021. I would also suggest reading on blogs on the subject you really are passionate about. I like learning about data, consumer behaviour, marketing, and branding, basically where this and the next generation is going with their interest.

That is why I always go to Shopify to read their blogs and let me tell you, it is one of the best places to learn how to grow your business. Here is a statistics Shopify shared on their blog, 53% of women are using their platforms and most of them still face bias towards receiving a business loan.

You can share your thoughts on how your 2021 motivation journey is going. I would like to add, my blog is part of my intrinsic goal journey. I would like to grow by sharing my growth with you all and I hope they are helping you with your journey.

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Why Are Gas Fees so High? – NFT Ethereum Edition

Hello World,

Apologies again for the late post. I have been meaning to write and update you on my learnings each day but, I am still a 9-5 slave. Quite the contrary from many of the F.I.R.E (Financial independence retire early) community, I enjoy working a 9-5 given that it provides me with opportunity to grow and learn more.

Despite that statement, I am here on the daily to share my views and my journey to financial growth and new trends in the market. Thank you for growing with me on the daily, we are a strong community of 1295 people.

Let us continue our journey learning more about Non fungible tokens NFT’s. As we started last week with the following blog, NFT meaning – Non Fungible Tokens and Best Way to Get Started with NFT Crypto Digital Art. This blog gave you an idea of what NFT’s were and how they worked. NFT’s have been the talk of the town recently and Elon Musk has sold an NFT for 69.3 Million.

I told you all to try creating NFT’s but, I had not taken a stab at it myself. Well, not to worry! I tried all the steps of selling NFT’s this week and I am here to help you get started.

Most are afraid of getting started in the stock market, crypto currency, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. I have been part of that group trust me! I have always been skeptical investing in these markets because, I barely understood the trends, patterns, and the high fluctuations.

After my father passed away, I realized, life is too short, so if you want to try something then do not wait on it. You will never know if you shy away from gathering information on that one task that you feel you are incapable of doing but, you dream about.

How did I get started? I started reading about NFT’s and crypto currency. I started listening to podcasts and watching YouTube tutorials. In the year 2021, you cannot tell me you are too afraid to do something because, you did not have enough information. You are literally one YouTube video away from being successful. Read my posts on how Poor Are Stuck in a Poverty System. This blog is written to help and motivate you with your mindset.

Setting up Crypto – You don’t need this Step for NFT’s!

Fairly simple these days, just go on ShakePay and open an account. ShakePay is a cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can ask me questions, so do not be afraid to send feedback or reach out to me.

Why did I choose ShakePay vs. other much popular platforms such as Binanace, CoinBase, etc? Pros of ShakePay is that it is easy set up. I did not have to wait a week for approval. Another point was that it was also lower in fees. The third and last point is if you refer a friend and they deposit $100 dollars to get started then, I unlock the Shake feature which means, I can shake and earn free coins. On to the disadvantages—the platform only allows you to purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is not quite a disadvantage for me as I only want to purchase those two coins.

Here is the link to ShakePay: https://shakepay.me/r/9FCON0E so we can all help each other grow.

Moving on, it is simple to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum. Once you sign up, you Interac the amount you want to deposit to ShakePay. The transfer takes less than 10 minutes. Then you go to Buy / Sell, choose Bitcoin and put in the amount you want to purchase.

After you have bought Bitcoin and or Ethereum then you require a Ledger or a cold wallet. In simple words, this is a secure way to store your coins and is highly recommended. There are various Ledgers in the market, however the one I own is the Ledger Nano S.  

This is an expensive purchase but, it is worth it. You want your wallet address safe. The Ledger takes 30 minutes to set up and to be honest, I just watched YouTube videos to set up my Ledger so it’s not rocket science. Funny part is that I use to think it was rocket science but, once it was purchased, I knew there was no going back!

How to Create your own NFTs

Please go on OpenSea.io, Rariable, CyptoKitties and Mintable App to see what kind of art people are selling. You do not have to be an artist or be like the content creators. You can take a picture of a tree and turn it into an NFT. If you want to get creative then obviously you can use Canva.com. Canva let’s you animate, create videos and a whole lot of other things for free. Take your time and create something that you are happy with or create many, because people like NFT collectables, just like Pokemon Cards!

Setting up your MetaMask

MetaMask (link provided) is a wallet that will help you purchase or sell your art.  You can sign up and buy Ethereum right on the MetaMask Wallets. Then download the Chrome extension to easily connect to the NFT websites for transactions to take place.

Which sites you should sell on?

Out of OpenSea.io, Rariable, CyptoKitties and Mintable App, I would personally suggest Mintable App because, there is no gas fee! Yes, there is gas fee that you need to pay when listing your NFT’s and they are not cheap. The gas fee varies within the day because, they are computing energies that is put into each transaction.

Interestingly enough, you can also add unlockable content to keep the buyer guessing until they have made the purchase.

Here is a picture from MyEtherWallet of how it all functions in the background on the ethereum blockchain.

As I was writing this post, I realized it looks like a lot of steps but really took a week because of my laziness. It could have taken just 2 days if I really put in the effort. All you have to do is go on the NFT marketplaces suggested and click on the create button. You can start creating these non fungible assets very easily and I hope my step by step guide will help you create your first digital asset.

Final product: Call Me Pink

Here is the NFT I created and listed for sale. It was a fun learning process. Let me know if you will be trying it out?!

Love to hear your thoughts and questions!

How to Improve my SEO on Google Without Paying for my Blog?

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