What Are You Passionate About? It Can Lead to Passive Income

Hello World,

If you still have not picked up that hobby, you should soon as Gen Z’s are already on it. Did you know that Millenials are richer than baby boombers? Yes, they don’t save money, but they make a lot of money. It’s going to be even more for Gen Z’s… any guesses why?

Gen Z’s are going to be more wealthier because, we are making a shift in the education system. Millenials earned more but they had student debts. Gen Z’s, with the current pandamic and TiKTok being their best friend, learned about trading stocks, ETF’s, options, and also opened up their own businesses. Did you see Shopify and Etsy stocks sky rocket? Yes, your lil Gen Z’s helpe you there.

This generation will be the rich kids in the block as they are making money from the get go with more applied real world skills. The opportunity older generation didn’t have. So how to keep up? Follow your passion. Pick up that skill today and think of ways to create passive income.

After you learn that new skill, there are various places you can sell it, be it Udemy, Etsy, Shopify, Obelo, freelancer.com… You name it! But first to gain that confidence, you need to invest in yourself a little bit. You have to learn that skill, practice, and just put samples out there for feedback.

START Today!

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