Sometimes You Want to Give Up…

Hello World,

I always talk about keeping going and eyes on the prize mindset. However, sometimes it’s just not practical. Sometimes your mind isn’t there. There are other things in your life that takes priortiy. I was all about work and growth but, when a close family member passed away, it paused my life for a bit. Same happened when the pandamic started, although not as bad as when I faced the familiy members loss.

There will be times where there will be some serious obstacles. Even without obstacles, there will be days where your mind just isn’t there. It’s distracted. You procrastinate that time. Then you feel bad for wasting your time. Instead of feeling this way and beating yourself up, know that you need that time some days. You can’t always be a go getter.

Yes, you need a go getter mindset to achieve while thriving through but, even consistency needs a break as long as it is not a long break. Don’t beat yourself up! Physical and mental health always comes first.

Being said that, some people suffer from serious procastination. This means, you get nothing done, ever! This usually happens when you are afraid of the task, the failure, you think the task is way too challenging… you distract and divert your mind to do anything but the task. This is when you know you have too much in one bag or plate.

The best solution to procrastination is break your work down into segments. It may seem hard when you look at one project as a whole but, you can always break projects down into iterations. Start from a small section and then you will get on the flow of keep going! Trust me, it works!

Metrics is another way of keeping yourself in check. For example, I have some big plans, big money goals. Every day I don’t get something done, makes me fall behind. However, when I open my excel dashboard of my goals and see my progress, I soon realize, I can’t slip. I keep myself in check by using metrics. Keep a tracker, track your progress!

As always, thanks for always supporting my work and showing love my following me!

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