Are You Behind? Does it Bother You?

Hello World,

I am defintely behind because, this post was supposed to go out yesterday. However, I am writing it tonight, getting it ready for you all to read tomorrow. Yes, it sucks behind behind. When you are behind, all tasks pile up and then anxiety hits the roof. Trust me! As motivational as I am, happens to me too.

So what do you do at that state? What do you do when you have too much piling up and you feel like you are a failure for it?

You stop, take a second, write all that you need to do down in order of priority and then put an estimated time of completion beside it. Seems too much work for tasks, I know! But it works, it keeps you in check!

Keeping a tracker also provides reassurance that you will get it done if you start. Starting let’s you see how far you are from completion.

There will be times where you are all go, go, go and then complete dead stop! That’s the thing… people get burnt out! Everyone gets burnt out!

It’s important to slow down and also know when to start back up.

It’s a bit of mindset too. People who feel like they lack, always compare. However, you have to realize, we will all one day pass away without a dime to take with us. Sad! But the truth behind is that, enjoy your own journey and try to learn as you go. Don’t overwhelm yourself! Always give your best fight and be prepared.

Until next time,


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