Should you Rent or Buy?

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I assure you I am late because I have been being very productive! Here is a question for you as always, how do you find the real estate market right now? If you are a realtor then the market is hot. The house bubble is great for making that BIG extra bit of change. Though from a first time home buyers perspective this outlook is dramatically different. If you are Gen Y/Millennial, you are between the ages of 18-35—you are intimidated by the current hot market. Would you choose to rent or own a house?

I know as a millennial, you come across individuals on Instagram and other social media platforms who are flaunting and selling their tempting lavish lifestyle! The ones that live in a 4000 square feet bungalow with surrounding glass windows facing a gorgeous water view. Tempting but unrealistic! Nonetheless that’s the American dream! But can you even afford that American Dream? How long do you have to save until you put down the deposit on your first house? Even if you choose to buy a house what if the market crashes and you lose money? Decisions, decisions, decisions!

American Dream

The traditional American Dream is set as an expectation for us when we are young. It is instilled in our mind as a definition of success. If you own then you are successful. Hence, if you own a house, you are perceived as established. For an American Dream to be complete, you need to own a big beautiful house at a reputed area, have a really nice gleaming, eye catching sports car (I think it has to be red, as I imagine it) and also don’t forget to marry a very ravishing gorgeous lady or handsome successful business tycoon. A little exaggerated, but you get the point! The point is that not everyone is Evan Spiegel!

Fun fact, studies show baby boomers purchased homes not only because of the American Dream, but also they subconsciously feared of getting Alzheimer’s at an old age. Having Alzheimer’s and not owning a house would get in the way of security and safety. They also bought places to not to be a burden on anyone especially their parents. What’s your inner reasoning for buying a house?

Weigh your options & also change your perception

Think about it! Why should you own a house and why you shouldn’t? What does your finance look like? If you didn’t buy a house, what will you be investing your money on? Are you buying because it adds to the things you own or do you think of it as a security. Are you buying because of social pressure? Are you buying it as an investment? How does buying now benefit you in the long run or how does it stop your progress? These are important questions I never got to put my mind on. I saved and saved, then I bought two houses. Which is great, I am happy. Being in it for the long haul even if the market crashes the value will only slightly depreciate (that’s my self-pep talk).

If you are capable and you want to own a property as a security then by all means. Given that after the purchase you still have money left in your bank. However, the perception of ownership has changed overtime. It’s merely impossible for some to even put down a down payment due to the high prices in the market. Statistic show 65% people rent homes in the United States. Then we have Uber, who drives to work anymore? If not Uber then people choose to lease or finance newer models of cars. More and more people are starting use clothing subscription services such as Trunk Club and Stitch, where you hire stylists to pick out your clothes and return whatever that you don’t like.


Why Millennials choose to Rent?

Millennials choose to rent because of mobility. You are more mobile if you rent. Your finance is not stuck and you can use the same finance that you would use to purchase a house on another investments and securities such as education. Millenniala choose to put down the funds towards higher education to become more scalable. This open up prospects not only within region but abroad. The option of being more mobile makes it easier for them to relocate.

Happy Decision Making!







What’s Trending ?

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Do know what’s trending right this very second—not only where you live but around the world? I’ll tell you, NHL playoff schedule, Bradley Coopers newborn, North Korea and the White House, Casey Anthony murder mystery revisit, and don’t forget its National Siblings day! Why do you think it’s important for us to keep a track of today’s hot topics? Not only keeping up with trends make us seem cool but also works as a great marketing tool. It bridges a gap between our former generation and the new one who are currently playing with As a creative and a content creator you should always know what’s trending.

#Trends are relatable

Trends are relatable and therefore marketable. Why are trends relatable? Everyone wants to be liked by others. When something is trending people are quick to jump the bandwagon since that trend is liked, followed, viewed and promoted by others. There is also a sense of missing out. No one wants to be that loner. If you don’t know or follow then exactly, you don’t know or follow! You are the loner who is missing out on what’s in style. By knowing you can bridge a gap in any conversation and use it as an ice breaker.

Content Creators

Why is it so important for us? We all know it isn’t always easy to wake up in the morning and think of something original that will start trending within the minute of it being shared. Therefore, the strategy should be to research and find out what’s being talked about right this very second to formulate and develop ideas towards the next content. What are people talking about today? What are they relating to in this given day? What’s went viral today? You also need to monitor your analytics to recognize which of your posts are doing better than others.

Businesses are smart about this! They are the fastest at keeping up with trends. I want you to scroll through your Instagram feed on a food related national celebration day. When you think about it these “National *Blank* Days” are fun but at the same time odd to comprehend—like why does this day even exist and why are we celebrating this day? Have you noticed every business had a National Pizza Day Ad up on National Pizza Day? I mean even Holister, Forever21, Automotive services, etc. had at least one National Pizza Day picture up. Why do you think that was? Why do you think H&R Block an American Tax preparation company has an Ad up of a three scooped Ice cream cone picture up right now? #Trending!

How do you find trends?

Now as content creator we need to always be onboard with trends because we want our work to be marketable and reaching the vast amount of audience as possible. Where to keep up with your trending topics?

  1. -Twitter Trends
  2. -Instagram Trends
  3. -Google Trends
  4. -Youtube Trends
  5. -BuzzSumo
  6. -Buzzfeed Trends
  7. -Quora
  8. -Reddit
  9. -Social Mention
  10. -Bottlenose
  11. -Keyhole
  12. -Agorapulse
  13. -Topsy
  14. -SproutSocial
  15. -Radian6
  16. -Brandwatch Analytics

 Get your Content Trending today!




Email Marketing – Attention Grab!

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Maybe you can care less but here is a question for you, how do you feel about the Newsletters, Ads and promotions you receive daily in your email account? Yes, some are really annoying! Those annoying ones are definitely meant for our Junk Folder. However, what about the ones you actually express an interest for. The companies which send you a 30% off coupon or an announcement to a VIP 90% sold out event or a warm thanks for being a loyal customer with free samples. What happens then? I assume you do exactly what these beautiful marketing emails are meant for your ever distracted mind to do. You click on the promotion which directs you to the company website. Which does the first part of a “Marketeers” job – grab your attention!

Your attention span is short!

Marketeer’s have it hard. It’s not easy to grab your attention these days. According to a report generated by Microsoft Analytics, you have an attention span of 8 seconds which is less than a goldfish, 9 seconds. Even the goldfish is beating you! But guess what? We have good news! Due to the advancement in technology our attention span has increased to 11.1 seconds in the last six years. Tablets are accessible and can be carried everywhere, phones also have larger display screens and all of these displays support retina or other features making reading much more soothing and comforting for your eyes. All these functions make reading and engaging much easier than 6 years ago. But still 11.1 seconds, short right?

11.1 Second is short Email Marketing!

Yes, 11.1 seconds is still short and we are not to blame. We like to be social! We are all accustomed to messaging and using social media apps such as Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Push Messaging and other channels which shortened messaging along with our attentions span over time. However, we have hope once again! A recent report by Litmus Email Analytics states that though we have 11.1 seconds attention span for other mediums, our email reading has substantially grown. Yes, it’s 18 seconds! We read emails more closely, thanks to the large display screens on our phones! The statistics indicate a 55% of gradual growth in email reading from 2011 to 2016.

Grab Attention

You have only 18 seconds, how would you send out a compelling email to grab your customer’s attention?

  • Mobile Friendly! Make sure your email is mobile friendly. Customers are easy to unsubscribe if your email is not responsive
  • Content is aligned with your Subject line. Always preview text, if they don’t align then subscribers will only give it a glance
  • Make sure all the links are working and you are not sending a broken link
  • Test your emails
  • Image! The right image can really grab a customer’s attention
  • The above fold, yes use that space wisely. When someone opens an email that’s their first glance. Always: Image above the fold and content below the fold
  • Use bullets and short messages. Remember, how much attention span a person has!
  • If the content is great and relevant than your subscribers will scroll for more!

Happy gaining Subscribers!



Better Battery Life or the Samsung Galaxy S8 ?

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Here is the thing, I am always on my phone. I will sound crazy if I say I am alone in this behavior because I know you are reading this post through your phone right now! We do a ton on our phone from setting the alarm to wake up in the morning, surfing the internet, checking emails, using social media, editing all the selfies we post on Snapchat and Instagram, messaging our friends, tracking gym progress, putting calendar notes, swiping left and right to find a date, asking our phone to find the nearest restaurant, then calling an Uber to get to that restaurant, asking UberEats to deliver our food, making payments with it as it were our credit card, wow the list is never ending! Writing all of this made me realize the phone really is my boyfriend and I love him!

How do you choose your phone?

If you read any all my other blog posts then you know by now I promote a healthy lifestyle and positivity with a hint of reality check. I am all about keeping your positive mind and a healthy immune system in equilibrium. So here is my logic, since my phone does so much for me I need it to be in peak condition. What about you, how do you choose your phone? Does a good research go into your phone shopping? Do you look at the specs or is it all about the look and feel? If it’s the later, have you checked out the new Samsung Galaxy S8? The phone is dated to releases sometime end of March and beginning of April.

What’s outside Vs. What’s inside…

The Samsung Galaxy S8 looks and feels amazing. Samsung got rid of the top and bottom edges to give you a big screen display this April. Which means if you constantly read or watch Youtube videos on your phone like me then this is the phone for you! Samsung got rid of the physical home button at the bottom and gave you a lock screen slider or face recognition to unlock the phone. The display size now stands at 5.8-inch for S8 and 6.2-inch for S8 Plus. The Infinity screen definitely enhances your experience with surfing the web and with different Apps. Compared to an Iphone 7, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 is more pixelated even when zooming in. This makes viewing pictures and or reading E-Books crystal clear. But do you solely purchase your looks on looks and feel?

The battery is the same from the last phone! There is no upgrade on the battery. Samsung Galaxy S8 with a battery of 3,000mAh and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with a battery of 3,500mAh, the same capacity of Note 7. Also, I hate to do this but remember the huge recall? Samsung Note 7 blowing up everywhere, ring a bell?! Okay fine, I’ll stop. However, personally I have had very poor experience with my other Samsung phones battery life. Great screen and camera as always but the battery doesn’t keep up with you. There was a time when my Samsung use to last me only 2 hours, that’s nothing for how long I spend my time on my phone.

Only update if you need an update…

Don’t be like those people who just get a new phone to say they have the latest gadgets! You’re wasting your own money. Samsung comes out with a new phone every 6 months. That’s one of the reasons why their phones durability is short compared to an Iphone. Iphone has its share of flaws but that phone would last you a life time, don’t my exaggeration! Samsung starts dying right on their next launch. That way you upgrade to their next phone. When the phone starts emerging with issues and problems, you just think, ah Samsung just came out with a new phone, how convenient! Let me just replace it instead going through the hassle of fixing the broken phone.

Along with the battery life, Samsung Galaxy S8 has not upgraded the camera, 12 MP. They have their own version of SIRI now called Bixby, which only works with some Samsung Apps. How are all this specs any different from your current phone? And is the upgrade really worth it if you know how frequently Samsung releases a new phone?

Happy Phone Search!





Improving Immune System to Live Forever

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Do you want to live forever? Unfortunately, so far you can’t. Although, there is something that you can do. You can assist your immune system maintain a positive balance. A healthy lifestyle will prevent many health complications. I see a lot of advertisements for products which, “Boost your immune system”! Sounds promising, but is it really? When we say the two words together, Immune System, we often forget to take in to count of the word System. Immune system is not one entity but is a complex network of cells. Yes, there are supplements which can boost certain energy cells in the body. Most athletes take these supplements to increase energy and endurance for their performance. Though this “boosting” method isn’t healthy. The boosting supplements are creating an imbalance in your immune system, increasing a type of cell which can create more health issues. Remember, too much of something is never good and therefore we just have to focus on just right! Balance is the key.

What you are doing wrong…

Why aren’t you drinking water? Water is very important for a healthy immune system. You need to stay hydrated with about 8 glasses a day. When you drink water it cleanses and maintains a flow in your system. It flushes toxins from the blood and it allows the Kidney to remove toxins from the body. We don’t like toxins therefore we don’t want it to build up. But if you are that person who thinks, ah, tomorrow is another day, then you are doing something horrible, my friend!

Your cells need to breathe too! Water pumps oxygen and nutrients into your blood and the blood carries the oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the immune system. Water produces Lymph. Without Lymph’s your white blood cells and other cells cannot travel from the thymus and the bone marrow to other parts of your body to fight diseases. Water also keep your eyes and mouth moist. This helps to keep off dirt, parasite and infection.

Change your perception to avoid Stress…

Chronic stress weakens your immune system. Stress increases blood pressure along with cortisol and corticosteroids floating in the blood. If these hormones stick around for a long time then the result may turn out in physical and mental injury. Stress can lead to anxiety, depression and sleep deprivation and also heart diseases and digestive problems. If cortisol is present in your blood for a long time, your body develops a resistance towards it. This isn’t good! It confuses as a good substance. Your body starts creating cytokines which can lead to chronic inflammatory and Autoimmune conditions. This means your body confuses itself as a risk and attacks itself which leads to several problems such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Work Out

I know it’s not pleasant for everyone but do you want to live a day or two or what?! When you exercise the cells in your body, yes the White Blood Cells, move much more rapidly. The rapid circulation helps the cells travel faster to detect and kill both viruses and bacteria. There is also a rise in your temperature when you exercise which helps slow down the growth of bacteria. Plus, no doubt it’s a stress reliever! And what did we read in the last paragraph? We don’t need stress!

Don’t Smoke

I know some of you are in denial and would not like read this part but smoking is killing your immune system. The Carbon-monoxide you are putting in your blood stream is diminishing the oxygen in your cells. Your lungs irritated, clogged with mucus, creating less air way which means less oxygen for your brain. Smoking destroys antibodies in the blood stream. Since smokers don’t have a lot of antibodies in them they are more prone to infections and other health problems. Antioxidants help fight cancer cells but as a smoker you are destroying antioxidants in you such as Vitamin C.


Eat your greens! No, no on that Vitamin E supplement, it’s bad for you! Stop being lazy for once! Wake up in the morning and make yourself one of those organic green juices. I know your exact thoughts. These juice may look sickening, they may look tasteless and rotten but trust me they are not! You don’t need a juicer! Just grab a blender and dump all the veggies you can find in the grocery store. I make mine with broccoli, spinach, carrot, kale, celery, orange, and blueberry. Here is a life hack for you, blueberry does the trick when it comes to taste!

Go for the following Antioxidant food,

Beta-carotene and other carotenoids: apricots, asparagus, beets, broccoli, cantaloupe, carrots, corn, green peppers, kale, mangoes, turnip and collard greens, nectarines, peaches, pink grapefruit, pumpkin, squash, spinach, sweet potato, tangerines, tomatoes, and watermelon

Vitamin C: berries, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cantaloupe, cauliflower, grapefruit, honeydew, kale, kiwi, mango, nectarine, orange, papaya, snow peas, sweet potato, strawberries, tomatoes, and red, green, or yellow peppers

Vitamin E: broccoli (boiled), avocado, chard, mustard and turnip greens, mangoes, nuts, papaya, pumpkin, red peppers, spinach (boiled), and sunflower seeds

Zinc: oysters, red meat, poultry, beans, nuts, seafood, whole grains, some fortified cereals (check the ingredients to see if zinc has been added), and dairy products

Selenium: Brazil nuts, tuna, beef, poultry, fortified breads, and other grain products

Let’s not forget: prunes, apple, raisin, plums, red grapes, alfalfa sprouts, onions, eggplant, beans

Come one, these are easy accessible food you can make many dishes with. I know in today’s day and age we have little to know time to cook. But we need to make time for our health.

Happy Living!






Why Do You Still Own A Polaroid?

Hello World,

Polaroid cameras, I mean, isn’t it an old concept for today’s day and age? We live in a high quality digital society. New idea’s and innovation emerge every single day. Hence, every day we are producing new features/specs to add to the numerous versions of existing high tech digital cameras and other technologies in the market. We are constantly thinking of innovations for the future. We are in the time of self-driving cars and Elon Musk speaking about memory capturing brain chips. Oh you haven’t heard about that yet? To picture this memory chip concept, turn on your friendly Netflix and start watching Black Mirror! We are advancing in technology faster than ever before, true? Than why are we going back in time and bringing Polaroid back?! Simple! Because of people like me who watch Black Mirror!

Millennial like Things Simple  

Yes, okay, okay, we prefer convenience and simplicity. We like simplicity because it’s in fashion. We like things trending, we like our daily hashtags #OOTD, #DYI. We like to relate. We also get bored easily. We like things to happen right now, we don’t like waiting! Okay you get the point, we are lazy! But how do all of these things come together?

The New Breed of Polaroid camera’s are stripped to perfection to cater millennia’s. Yes, it has your Instagram filters, yet it is the same old Polaroid which prints out the picture you just snapped. It’s environmentally friendly, as in no ink! Colorful dye crystals are inside the Zinc photo paper you put in your Polaroid Camera. When you press that button, your camera heats the Zinc paper for the picture to appear.

Old Meets New 

We love that idea of old meets new! Something Westworld about it! We love the retro feel, yet like our digital! We love the nostalgia behind the whole concept of Polaroid. Every snap is something you can hold, keep as memory. Even the blurry filters give a feel of nostalgia. It’s like physically holding some of your candid Instagram shots! The beauty of today’s Polaroid camera is simplicity meeting convenience.

How is it convenient though? I mean, it’s still huge and bulky. You basically have little to no clue of how your pictures will turn out. But remember, we get bored easily! We got bored of just digital. So convenient to just pull out your phone to snap a picture anywhere and everywhere. Snapchat makes you do that right? Snap a picture of your breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day?! What about the flawless Photoshop apps, isn’t flawless getting a bit boring lately? Taking a picture and then editing became too regular and lost the cool/exciting factor! We needed something different. Something that brought the “cool” back! It didn’t replace your phone camera or any other digital cameras but it added to your collection of cool cameras.

We want the reward now, we don’t like waiting! All my Starbucks lovers know that the Starbucks App let’s you order online so you can avoid the line up. No waiting! Polaroid gives you that instant gratification too. Plus, it works up an excitement and anticipation as you are waiting for the picture to print. That one minute of wait time is amazing! You have no clue, how artsy and creative your picture will appear.    

Social Media and Marketing

Even though it’s bulky it fits right into our today’s #DYI #FASHION #TRAVEL culture. It makes a good fashion statement and comes in many different colors. We can get crafty with our pictures with our #DYI projects. Plus, we love being social and it works as perfect ice breaker. It makes for great entertainment at parties! It brings people closer, capturing fun candid moments. Don’t even deny that you love the parties that include a Photo-booth to the venue. Ah that fun night, let’s you take a piece of that night home with you!



Has it been brought back by our call of love for this technology? Sure, that’s what Impossible Project did. They literally brought back Polaroid after it died. But what about the media? The influencers you follow. Tell me one Instagram influencer/Youtube star who has not put up a picture of their Polaroid camera on their social media?! They all do these days. Taylor Swift has approximately 60 Million followers and she took 65 polaroid pictures to promote her album, 1989. What you see on the daily kind of stays on the back of your mind, even if you don’t know it. Unban Outfitters target audience are millennials, and their marketing strategy is to keep all retro, vintage “cool” products along with their clothing to represent a millennial. Let me tell you, they carry a lot of Polaroid’s!

I am a #DYI #BLOGGER #FASHION #TECHY #TRAVEL millennial who enjoys her Polaroid!

Happy Snapping!

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Do you look Younger for your Age?

Hello World,

I’m Back! This time I am late because your blogger has been collaborating with different brands, lifestyle entrepreneurs and companies, some of which are great organic Skin Care Lines, Instagram @Dlaofficial_ . But I am not hear to babble about that right now. I am here to ask few questions. Do you look or want to look younger than your age and why? Why is ageing unacceptable although we know it’s inevitable? Maybe it’s a easier way of freezing time or perhaps, it’s how our social climate view age.


The big brands are focused on the percentage of women who are not purchasing Ani-aging creams. Statistics state about 43 Billion sales per year are on anti aging product just in the UK.  Research state, 50% woman are worried about how old they look, of which 37% started to worry when they are in their 30’s. Also, one in ten woman will say they start worrying when they are in their 20’s. The average age at which women feel they start to look old is 46.

I know girls in their 20’s who use Anti-Aging products but I don’t agree. Your dermatologist would recommend you NOT to touch any anti-aging product if you are a young buck! Oil production in your skin starts slowing down as you get older, leading to dry skin. Hence the Anti-aging products are made richer and heavier to lighten the dryness. Since you are a young buck, an anti-aging cream will start clogging your pores and cause break outs as most young skins have more natural oil production.

If you think about it isn’t it a bit shaming that a 20 year old feels they need to use anti-aging products? Here is the deal, it’s another thing to take care of yourself. By all means, you should take care of yourself. You should be presentable which will boost your confidence. Though, the word presentable has a different tag in the media, “looking younger” rather than healthy. If you want healthier skin than you need to focus on your antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, Vitamin B3, green tea extract, and fruit acids.


Okay, we get women are insecure about their age and they run to their Anti-aging, Botox and go under the knife to appear forever youthful. What do men do? Do men view age the same way as women?  No they don’t! They hit the gym! Women tag the age with the word attractiveness. Men tag the word age with power and strength. Next time you go to a marathon, you know exactly why so many older men are running the marathon. Yes, of course they are there for a good cause AND to show off their strength. It serves them with an ego boost. They often take on obstacle courses, hiking and other strength training to prove a point, that they still have what it takes. Men also start buying youthful flashy items, like a new bike or a new sports car.

Media and Marketing

Ever watched those Paris Fashion Weeks, the gorgeous young looking women, perfect figure, they have glow of youthfulness to their skin, walking the runway? Come on everyone has at least once! Here is a problem and a fact for you, they have a target audience of 25 and up. But some of the models are 14. The 14 year old is a selling a product to a 25 and up. Now how does the 25 year old feel? The woman imagines the 14 year old to be their age which makes them feel they should look as youthful.

Ladies, I know we are all a bit impulsive! We like the new flashy trends on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, TV, magazines, fashion blogs, you name it! But do you ever consider the side effects? I am a researcher. I don’t challenge, touch or use anything without my investigation glasses on. But this time, I want to learn if you do as well. When you do laser not because of medical reasons but it’s a common social norm today, have you done your research?! Do you know the chances of the side effects hitting you after 8 years? Statistics show a Botox in reality can make you only look 2 years younger than you look, is that worth it? Maybe it is to some. However, gather your facts before you try everything another socialite is doing.

Deny and Defy

Why shouldn’t you ask a woman’s age again? It’s because men tend to leave older women and go for younger ones or women shouldn’t be asked her age while a man shouldn’t be asked his salary? I still don’t get it! Are we still stuck in that time. How many of you will deny your age? Woman avoid telling their age at work because of fellow ageist coworkers. They often fear that they won’t land a higher position or won’t get a deal/project if their age was known. But what other good reasons do you have to hide your age? We live in a society of deny and defy. Woman deny and Men defy, we don’t embrace and face that we are all getting older. Would you trade your wisdom for youth? I hope not.

Just embrace life, you are more than your looks!



Fashionably Late or Chronically Late ?

Hello World,

Yes, I am fashionably late once again! I love to write and therefore I have a few excuses to tag to my lateness but let me start by asking what is your daily excuse for being late? Why are you one of those people who can never be on time to work? Despite setting 7 alarms to sound in the morning. I mean yes, once you were late because the bus wasn’t on time, completely reasonable. Then the second time you were late because it started to rain which caused an accident and that led to a huge traffic jam, definitely another good reason. The third time the Uber driver lost his way to you, trust me I can relate! All great reasons for being late and none of which are of your fault. At the same time, I want to ask if any of these occurrence were preventable if you kept some wiggle room, planned accordingly and headed to work a bit early?

Type B personality

Are you always late? Then you can possibly be a Type B personality. Type A personalities are aggressive, ambitious, competitive, outgoing, impatient, in other words, go-getters! Type B personalities are more creative, relaxed and laid-back. These two personality types view time differently. Wall Street Journal reports, Type A individuals estimated that a minute passed in 58 seconds, compared with 77 seconds for Type B individuals. Have friends who are constantly late to every event possible? You don’t even have to vent about that situation, I can identify completely! The information doesn’t give them a certificate to be late but clarifies their behavior.

Fun fact, the U.S. loses 90 million USD per year for people running late, hence time actually is money!


Ever watched an Awards night and wondered why the absolute trending celebrities are never too early to walk on the Red Carpet?! They are always walking in Fashionably Late. They arrive when most of the stars are gone inside to be seated. At first let me begin by saying these celebrities have amazing managers and PR representatives who organize the entire scenario of lateness. Arriving late builds the audiences anticipation which brings more focus and attention on the celebrity. Ah epiphany! That’s why you walk in late to the party every time! You want your crush to notice you, you want everyone to notice that new pair of shoes or that brand new sports car you recently bought. You want attention!

Some people time the attention they receive subconsciously. They don’t arrive too early because they will be judged as a loser or a loner. They don’t arrive right on time because that will cause the awkwardness of mingling with random people. They arrive 10 to 20 minutes late to be in their preferred comfort zone.

People suffering from Attention Deficit disorder and Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder are also often late. Few reasons why people are late is due to lack of interest at work/event/meeting. You find the work not challenging enough for your standards. The event is plain boring. There isn’t a motivation for you to attend, therefore you are late. You are not getting anything out of it. You are not learning and or receiving an incentive for attending. Attendance or the time of arrival doesn’t have a consequence.

You are a bad Planner!

You are a bad planner! People with poor time management skills are obviously the victim of being late. They are also the ones who have distorted sense of time. Time goes slow for them. Their optimistic bias kicks in which make them feel they have a lot of time to complete a project or work towards a goal. They lack the ability to accurately estimate and schedule a project completion date and time.

There is also the Hyperfocus people  who think they can multitask but in reality they are way too invested on one very important project. Taking on multiple tasks believing they can complete them all. This thinking make them late on other aspects of their lives.

Let’s work on Punctuality

Yes, we have to work on our discipline and planning. We have to understand to get to point B from A we may have to face many obstacles in between. To tackle those obstacles we need to give us time! It’s not an easy task as we want to always save our time to do other things and or focus on distractions. But we need to learn to prioritize. If something is on priority list then we must give it time and all of it. Let’s try waking up earlier than we usually do, and reset our biological clock since those 7 set alarms are ineffective. Let’s create trigger-word motivators; late is aweful, it makes other people some what notice you in a negative way, while being punctual always puts you in the good light. Let’s always recognize that we were punctual to a meeting and reward ourselves- grab a desert! Let’s utilize all those time management apps available to us on the app stores on your phone and computer.

Remember time is money and when you are late you are always missing out on an opportunity!



Bad Days With Commission Job

Hello World,

If you have been ever been part of a commission paying job you know the pain and misery that comes with it. You have to have a salesperson/entrepreneur personality to be successful in this line of work. It’s a high stress career path with a ton of uncertainty and therefore not everyone can handle it. This work can have a lot of health implication although the money might pay out to be sweet at the end.

You didn’t Close today! 

What do you feel when you don’t close? I mean you made no sales that day. You have to keep a mental math of all your finances and expenses each day till the time you get paid. Let me tell you, the people who are paid a salary have it easy! They often forget about their finances because it’s the same every month. However, our fellow commission workers have a mental financial plan in the back of their mind. Every time there is a sale there also a commission pay out which is always a different number.

What if one day there is no sale, and the second day there is no sale, and then the whole week no sale? How does that mental finance plan look to you at this point? That’s added pressure every day because each day you feel as if you have to perform and give it your all. You have to go in with positive energy but come home with anxiety to perform better and better the next day. We have to realize something when we see this kind of pressure, your pay is not based on your performance. You might give it your 100% every day but that does not guarantee a sale.

Customer View

There are different conditions that influence a sale, one of which is your customers intent.  A customer might be just shopping around and not looking to buy, which can be a huge draw back for someone working in commission. A customer can spend a whole day with a commission salesperson and gain all the product knowledge but then decide to shop around to catch a better deal somewhere else. You know you can relate if you ever worked commission! How does that feel?! You feel like you performed your level best however there wasn’t a recognition. You feel almost cheated by the customer. Yet, you have to go back and put a smile on to perform like the same way the next day. Eats a bit of your soul, I know!

Added Pressure    

Ah, if the pressure didn’t end at how you will pay bills on time, let’s make your life more challenging! You need to meet a weekly or monthly quota. You have to meet your sales target. You have to sell insurance policies, other add-on features and keep upselling. You are given many numeric goals to maintain along with keeping your sales number high. Any drop in your target may cost your position.

Plus the competitions is brutal! Let’s not forget that you are not the only salesperson trying to get your hand on that commission. Every single one of your coworkers are on the same mission an open floor. You have to save your sales from your fellow coworkers. In a work environment as such every person develops a personality of a hawk! They are hungry the sale which leads to the commission. What about the managers?! They are on their own quota. They constantly push your performance to drive your numbers in order to meet their daily target.

Keep in mind

If you are a great sales person and you have adapted a work flow then skip this part! But if you are new in a commission based job then research! Know your competition, and gain thorough knowledge on the product. Let the customer see and feel your confidence when you share the product knowledge. When a customer walks in don’t be pushy, let them look around. If there are paper work involved, save time! Complete what you can on your end early. Important: Always let the customer know you work for commission and then next time they come they should ask for you because you spent time on them (don’t be direct, find your way of conveying this message). Always hand them your business card, this will help them remember your name. To push even a bit more for this line of work, you need to create your on customer base. Go out to different events and network. Get involved and distribute your card.

At the end know this is a high stress level job. If this work isn’t for you and you had to take it due to circumstances then upgrade your skills and look for something else.

Health before anything!







Tomorrow Equals a Procrastinator

Hello World,

I’ll be honest, this piece of writing is due to my procrastination of completing this post! Yes, that ugly word, procrastination! I don’t like that word and I am sure I am not alone in my journey! You’ve been there too. You have procrastinated on a term papers, studying for exams, that massive work project, an important phone call and the list goes on. Have you ever asked why you stalled on that very important work and kept it till the last minute? Ah, because you had other less important things to take care of!

The TO-DO list

We always have that long list of To-Do, correct? The one that gets a “Nike” sign beside every task completed. Ever thought why we keep adding to that never ending list prior to completing any previous tasks? Why do we focus on just the short term, insignificant goals? Because a procrastinator’s job is to plan indefinite unclear goals which will never get completed. Planning is not an issue, a procrastinator loves to plan! They always have a great blueprint of the end result without the execution process. This blurs the path in reaching the outcome and that’s where the procrastinating begins.

Let’s compare the procrastinator with our non-procrastinator to evaluate the different behaviors. You have to present a very important sales pitch on a phone conversation. If that wasn’t nerve wracking enough, you also have lack of knowledge on the product you are selling. Now, a non-procrastinator would work their level best to research and prepare for this presentation. However a procrastinator has a lot to think about! A lot to think of how to subconsciously avoid this whole sales pitch situation. Suddenly, you remember that long To-Do list and get started on that. This is because the procrastinator has to fool themselves in thinking they are actually being productive. The procrastinator will start checking their emails, social media, clean the house, walk the dog and go over any other minimal working task prior to presenting this sales pitch.


Why do we avoid the situation only to fill in the gap with a task we can hold off on? Is it perception? We look at the task and tag it with words such as difficult and hard work. We stall and stall, keep telling ourselves, yes there is one more day, which becomes half a day, to 3 hours, to 1 hour, 30 minutes, 5 minutes till the times up! We do it despite knowing the work is important. We just don’t want to do the work. We don’t like the work, we don’t like the difficulty level, we don’t know where to start and or we fear failure.

Difficulty to any situation can be changed when you change your perspective! If you prepare and learn the material the strain on that situation decreases. To solve any problem, you have to ask why? The, “Why” is often the main reason to why a procrastinator can’t follow through. The whole task is often a big blob of confusion to the procrastinator. They don’t know where to start. As I always say, start by research! Open the internet and just type in that subject. Then break down your work. If the work is broken down to smaller tasks with an estimated time attached to each task then the overall work becomes easier.


Yes, I know you think if you are not interested in doing the work now at this very second then the quality of your work will be poor. Let me tell you a big truth, your motivation does not define quality of the work you put out. Just because you are waiting a day, a week and a month doesn’t mean the value of the work somehow will turns out to be perfect. It’s a mistake! What you are actually afraid of is failure, that’s why you are postponing. You fear of being criticized and judged for work you are not too confident about. To build confidence you have to know your material and that’s where research tags once again.

Chronic Disorder

We take procrastinating as a day to day light term but it isn’t! If it becomes a habit then it has its share of health implications. Indicators display 20% of people are chronic procrastinators. These people don’t pay their bills on time, and never go to their doctor’s appointment. Telling a chronic procrastinator to buy a planner is like telling a smoker to quit today! These people suffer from anxiety, depression, guilt and low-self-esteem.

Start that very important task today!