Simplicity – Rules to Organize

Hello World,

We forgot how to Live…

Human beings are very indecisive. We over-think, re-play events until that situation is over complicated and tangled in our minds. We have great ideas, we just keep adding instead of eliminating. Elimination doesn’t come to us easy. We live in a time of options and therefore we create additional problems to add to our idea/situation making t more complicated.

Why is that? Why do we put ourselves through this torture? Confusion/Complication! Why can’t we just take things slow and break things down? That seems quite simple, doesn’t it??? Well it’s not because one part of our brain is a rider (An analytical/controlled/rational side). While the other side of our brain is an elephant, (An emotional/automatic/irrational side) dreamer. The rider and the elephant work together and make our  thoughts complex. In the complexity we have a tough time reaching the result. For a result, the rider needs direction and the elephant needs motivation.

A balance in the rider side of the brain and the elephant side of the brain with clear direction and motivation can make our lives much simpler. Create a clear path, this helps us cut down noise, the extra things we don’t need to focus on.

We know the concept of time. We know that we live for a bit but then eventually we have to face our biggest fear, DEATH! Knowing that sucks! This automatically puts us on a time constraint. We take on too much in such little time frame. We want to achieve certain goals and live a certain life within our window. But if you take an animal for instance, a dog has no time constraints. A dog doesn’t have a concept of time like us. They don’t know that their time is limited. They don’t know when their birthday it is or what time it is right now this very moment. They know the things they are trained to do, taught and saw and emotions such as love. But they live for the moment! We forget to do that…live for the moment.

Don’t be a Clutter Box…

To adapt a clear simple path in our daily lives, we must break our tasks down the night before or early in the morning. The night before sleeping open your Task tracker app, Evernote, Wunderlist etc. or just simply open up a notebook and jot down the things that need to happen tomorrow. Jot everything down, even the tasks you wish to achieve. but most likely will clutter your schedule. Then organize them as priority. Out of all your tasks make sure you have 5 task that will get done the next day, as in your top priority. Make sure all tasks have a TIME on it; ex: I have work in the morning and will be done at 5:30 pm, then must go to the gym at 6:00 pm and get a 1 hour work-out; After that I need to start to work on my meal for the next day at 7:00 pm.  Don’t clutter your list and remember the process of elimination, organize in a  clear manner from high priority to low priority. If you focus o your short term goals for today then your path will get simpler. It doesn’t have to be a clutter.

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Dreaming… (Where to start?)

Hello world,

Where to start?

Isn’t it the hardest thing to do when starting something fresh and new? Where to start?  Where to begin?… tell me if you had been in a situation where you dreamt, thought and pondered for days of starting something new, visualizing for hours to create that magic per se, but that special project just  didn’t come to life. Maybe it was a project for school or work, joining a new class for a hobby, starting a new business, or even making a trip down somewhere you have always wanted to see. The list is endless. But where to start?

We love to Dream …

We love to dream and we dream big but why do we have problems executing our dreams? Why is beginning so difficult? What are our draw backs? Is it that dreaming is easier than putting in the actual work and planning is easier than performing?

In simple words if we don’t put work towards our goals than we are procrastinating. Having goals are great but if we don’t start somewhere our goals then become wishes. We know this! But why do we keep on changing our start date to the next day and the next day and then the next day? Our common excuses are, I still have time, I will do it tomorrow, I am busy, I need to relax now. When we all know the real reason is FEAR! You just don’t know where to start, your afraid of being judged, you have a fear of failing, you have a fear of too much work and time consumption. All BIG EXCUSES!

Life Hacks of Starting…

Let’s start this project. I’ll help you through it ALL. Let’s start by defining the project. You really want to achieve and complete this task; Check! Now, let’s start only by 15 minutes of your time! Not a day, no not 6 hours, not an hour but 15 minutes; Seems Doable!  Write this goal down on your handy dandy note pad but since you are all tech savvy’s let’s download a really great task tracking app! My personal favorite is Wunderlist and Evernote. Set a Start Date beside your project and take out 15 minutes every day for the first task. You are thinking just 15 minutes? YES! just 15 minutes. It’s easier to start smaller than bigger. It’s all about training and habit, once you start there is no looking back. 

Now you are thinking, all that is good, I already know this part but what about the task? The first task, what is that? umm remember I had a problem starting! Yes, yes, I  do remember. First task is always research. Knowledge helps you gain confidence. If your fear of starting the project is failure and being judged, than that research works as a great brace. Or maybe you are an expert at the topic of the project but what about the execution? Research on how to bring the project to life. Take notes! 

Always assess your progress. Track, Track, Track! This will hopefully help you get you started! Listen, just 15 minutes, that’s all.

I will write to you soon to follow up on the outcome.