Why Do You Still Own A Polaroid?

Hello World, Polaroid cameras, I mean, isn’t it an old concept for today’s day and age? We live in a high quality digital society. New idea’s and innovation emerge every single day. Hence, every day we are producing new features/specs to add to the numerous versions of existing high tech digital cameras and other technologies in the market. We are constantly thinking of innovations for the future. We are […]

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Do you look Younger for your Age?

Hello World, I’m Back! This time I am late because your blogger has been collaborating with different brands, lifestyle entrepreneurs and companies, some of which are great organic Skin Care Lines, Instagram @Dlaofficial_ . But I am not hear to babble about that right now. I am here to ask few questions. Do you look or want to look younger than your age and why? […]

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Bad Days With Commission Job

Hello World, If you have been ever been part of a commission paying job you know the pain and misery that comes with it. You have to have a salesperson/entrepreneur personality to be successful in this line of work. It’s a high stress career path with a ton of uncertainty and therefore not everyone can handle it. This work can have […]

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Tomorrow Equals a Procrastinator

Hello World, I’ll be honest, this piece of writing is due to my procrastination of completing this post! Yes, that ugly word, procrastination! I don’t like that word and I am sure I am not alone in my journey! You’ve been there too. You have procrastinated on a term papers, studying for exams, that massive […]

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Are you Interested?

Hello World, Let me ask you something very vague and broad, are you interested? What is interest and where does it come from? Perhaps it’s mere curiosity and motivation towards something you want to learn more about. That make sense! But what happens when you are NOT interested? I mean not interested at all! The topic/subject/event is too boring or […]

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