Should you Rent or Buy?

Hello World, I assure you I am late because I have been being very productive! Here is a question for you as always, how do you find the real estate market right now? If you are a realtor then the market is hot. The house bubble is great for making that BIG extra bit of […]

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What’s Trending ?

Hello World, Do know what’s trending right this very second—not only where you live but around the world? I’ll tell you, NHL playoff schedule, Bradley Coopers newborn, North Korea and the White House, Casey Anthony murder mystery revisit, and don’t forget its National Siblings day! Why do you think it’s important for us to keep […]

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Why Do You Still Own A Polaroid?

Hello World, Polaroid cameras, I mean, isn’t it an old concept for today’s day and age? We live in a high quality digital society. New idea’s and innovation emerge every single day. Hence, every day we are producing new features/specs to add to the numerous versions of existing high tech digital cameras and other technologies in the market. We are constantly thinking of innovations for the future. We are […]

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