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Hand held travelers steamer:

Thought I do another product read on the best Amazon Deals that I am finding. Also, test and work on my organic tractions.

When I was younger, I use to work retail. Fashion retailers keep their clothes looking crisp is NOT by ironing but with steamers.

I bought the exact one. I bought one called Toby from Walmart. Big and bulky! Hard to put together and hard to move around. I loved the idea of having amazing looking clothes all the time, however, I hated the work of putting together the device in order to get the actual result.

Oh and let’s not forget, I spent 100 dollars for Toby the steamer!

So here we are today, older and wiser. This time I am all about investing in experiences and items that will make life easier while being thrifty. I did my Amazon research to find the Steamer, I needed this time and found…

The handy traveler steamer is perfect for the couple of items you need to wear right away. Easy to set up and perfect for the time you are in a hurry.

Let me know your Amazon finds! Share your ideas with me.

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Your Jobs are at Risk – Be PROACTIVE!

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You may already know that I am a tech nerd! I take pleasure in learning about emerging technology. Our future is in danger if we are not proactive in gaining skills that will make us a subject matter experts in relevant topics of the future such as AI, Analytics, other technological shifts!

I mean have you noticed the trend in cashier less stores. So far in Canada all major retailers have been seen adopting some sort of self check out system. China is already completely cash less and card less. That means you can only use your phone to pay!

The future is about automation. ROSSI is a robot clerk adopted by a Law firm to serve as a law clerk. This adoption in law firms in the future will mean cuts on paralegal and law adiministrative staffs.

Studies show Mckinsey & Company has lowered it’s hiring towards MBA graduates and are leaning more towards tenichal subject matter experts.

Therefore, be proactive! Research! Always learn! Pick up on new technical skills.

Check out my earlier post on Data Analytics:

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Make things Happen

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What is one thing you think about often?  A thing you should try, or do but the time doesn’t persist.  Something that you want to accomplish but what’s the point? or just [add excuses]

Let’s have a discussion! Tell me some of your projects and ideas and let’s find a solution together!

You will find it amazing how your perspective will change or enhance just by sharing your ideas.  Share them even if you feel they are not achievable to you. Manifestation is the key!

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Why Do You Still Own A Polaroid?

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Polaroid cameras, I mean, isn’t it an old concept for today’s day and age? We live in a high quality digital society. New idea’s and innovation emerge every single day. Hence, every day we are producing new features/specs to add to the numerous versions of existing high tech digital cameras and other technologies in the market. We are constantly thinking of innovations for the future. We are in the time of self-driving cars and Elon Musk speaking about memory capturing brain chips. Oh you haven’t heard about that yet? To picture this memory chip concept, turn on your friendly Netflix and start watching Black Mirror! We are advancing in technology faster than ever before, true? Than why are we going back in time and bringing Polaroid back?! Simple! Because of people like me who watch Black Mirror!

Millennial like Things Simple  

Yes, okay, okay, we prefer convenience and simplicity. We like simplicity because it’s in fashion. We like things trending, we like our daily hashtags #OOTD, #DYI. We like to relate. We also get bored easily. We like things to happen right now, we don’t like waiting! Okay you get the point, we are lazy! But how do all of these things come together?

The New Breed of Polaroid camera’s are stripped to perfection to cater millennia’s. Yes, it has your Instagram filters, yet it is the same old Polaroid which prints out the picture you just snapped. It’s environmentally friendly, as in no ink! Colorful dye crystals are inside the Zinc photo paper you put in your Polaroid Camera. When you press that button, your camera heats the Zinc paper for the picture to appear.

Old Meets New 

We love that idea of old meets new! Something Westworld about it! We love the retro feel, yet like our digital! We love the nostalgia behind the whole concept of Polaroid. Every snap is something you can hold, keep as memory. Even the blurry filters give a feel of nostalgia. It’s like physically holding some of your candid Instagram shots! The beauty of today’s Polaroid camera is simplicity meeting convenience.

How is it convenient though? I mean, it’s still huge and bulky. You basically have little to no clue of how your pictures will turn out. But remember, we get bored easily! We got bored of just digital. So convenient to just pull out your phone to snap a picture anywhere and everywhere. Snapchat makes you do that right? Snap a picture of your breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day?! What about the flawless Photoshop apps, isn’t flawless getting a bit boring lately? Taking a picture and then editing became too regular and lost the cool/exciting factor! We needed something different. Something that brought the “cool” back! It didn’t replace your phone camera or any other digital cameras but it added to your collection of cool cameras.

We want the reward now, we don’t like waiting! All my Starbucks lovers know that the Starbucks App let’s you order online so you can avoid the line up. No waiting! Polaroid gives you that instant gratification too. Plus, it works up an excitement and anticipation as you are waiting for the picture to print. That one minute of wait time is amazing! You have no clue, how artsy and creative your picture will appear.    

Social Media and Marketing

Even though it’s bulky it fits right into our today’s #DYI #FASHION #TRAVEL culture. It makes a good fashion statement and comes in many different colors. We can get crafty with our pictures with our #DYI projects. Plus, we love being social and it works as perfect ice breaker. It makes for great entertainment at parties! It brings people closer, capturing fun candid moments. Don’t even deny that you love the parties that include a Photo-booth to the venue. Ah that fun night, let’s you take a piece of that night home with you!



Has it been brought back by our call of love for this technology? Sure, that’s what Impossible Project did. They literally brought back Polaroid after it died. But what about the media? The influencers you follow. Tell me one Instagram influencer/Youtube star who has not put up a picture of their Polaroid camera on their social media?! They all do these days. Taylor Swift has approximately 60 Million followers and she took 65 polaroid pictures to promote her album, 1989. What you see on the daily kind of stays on the back of your mind, even if you don’t know it. Unban Outfitters target audience are millennials, and their marketing strategy is to keep all retro, vintage “cool” products along with their clothing to represent a millennial. Let me tell you, they carry a lot of Polaroid’s!

I am a #DYI #BLOGGER #FASHION #TECHY #TRAVEL millennial who enjoys her Polaroid!

Happy Snapping!

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Tinder Success – For Men

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How many of you tried your luck on the infamous dating App Tinder? Almost all of you! When you first get Tinder it’s great, right?! I mean look at the countless number of people on this simple user platform! There is approximately 50 Million users on this app  and in that 50 million there has to be at least ONE for you, right?! 1.4 billion swipes are made daily on Tinder, 2.6 million matches per day! All these statistics must mean you are being counted in those numbers correct?! No, not for all. Some people get little to no matches on these Dating apps.

Tinder Facts:

Why does Tinder get 100 million downloads per day? Well first according to Men, it’s a great ego boosting game. Second, it saves time. We love anything and everything that saves us a bit of time in our lives, our Microwave, Amazon, Uber, you name it! Tinder saves a great deal of time and increases your options and chances. Although, some of you romantics  would still like to go sit in a bar every single day just waiting for that special someone to appear, but let’s just talk on a realistic note. There are about 79% millennial surfing Tinder and we don’t have time and we like our options!

Men on most dating sites don’t receive half the number matches/response woman do. It’s because most men view Tinder as a numbers game. Study show men to use words such as “game” and “play” to describe the app. They swipe on anyone and everyone to check how many matches they can get. Some use it just for a part time ego boost per match. Woman tend to put a little more effort and emotion in creating the profile and filtering out their matches.  It’s a Tinder strategy for some, swipe on as many as you like then filter out who to respond to from your matches. Despite all these strategies and techniques some of you still don’t get matches.

First Impression is your Last Impression

What is the first thing a person swiping see on Tinder that should grab their immediate attention? Correct! your Photo. Your first introduction is your picture. Quality, space, posture, attitude of your picture matters!  I am not speaking for all woman but stats show woman like more of a masculine profile. You should have at least four pictures that show variety of who you are. If you have a really good LinkedIn picture, upload it right now! These pictures don’t have to be professional and you don’t have to look like a model but candid shots are more liked. A candid moment works is because yo are caught showing your real  emotions and truth be told woman are full of emotions. Don’t take pictures that cover your eyes! Eye contact and facing straight at the camera shows confidence. Don’t pose! Guys, please no Selfies! And don’t forget, you can smile!

Some say yes animal pictures and some say no animal picture! Let me tell you the answer, if you have a dog then yes, if you have a bird then no! It’s not because I dislike birds, it’s because you will be limiting your options if you do choose to go the latter route. It’s all about creating a connection. You have to put up things that are relatable. Dogs are more masculine, whether big or small. Birds not so much. Having a dog picture up will show her that you have an emotional side to you along with a responsible side, plus dogs are super cute!

I can only say people are very, very easy to judge.  I can’t stress enough, no kid pictures! No nieces, no nephews! Only you! The setting of your shots are also important. No bedroom pictures! No mirror pictures! Get someone else to help you take the pictures. No Vegas, partying picture! By the way, I know a lot of you think your body is amazing and therefore there should be at least that one shirtless picture, NO! you get only 3% percent swipes when you upload a shirtless picture.

Next up, your biography! Again, focus on saving the other persons time! No one will read an essay. Keep it short and simple and end with  something the person can respond to, “I love traveling, but you have to ask me about my adventures at Punta Cana”. Show a bit of your personality in your biography, keep it fun and laid back.

The fun and laid back personalities are the most appreciated. No doesn’t mean you become so laid back that you stop caring. Also doesn’t mean you become so stuck that she loses interest. There has to be a balance. You show that you are easy going, non-judgemental and accepting. Plus you are fun to be around! Law of attraction suggest and as shallow as it might sound, first thing a man looks for in a woman are looks, beauty, body, etc. Woman on the other hand, look at your ability to provide, security, money, then important, important and important they assess to see how funny you are.

To get higher response rate on your messages don’t be boring! Remember when I said girls get tons of messages, they have tons of options to filter from. How will you stand out of all of them? Don’t make it that generic copy and paste where you just change the girls name for every match. Don’t just say hi! Pick up something she wrote from her biography and message her with something fun and original. Don’t make it explicit and sexual. Listen, even the girls who are just looking for hook ups don’t like to feel objectified. Keep it respectful.

If all that doesn’t help then contact me in the navigation bar on the right. I am full of good positive advices.

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