Self Worth – Not Good Enough!

Hello World,

Story time! This story helped one of my friends struggling with the “not good enough” mindset and I have hope it does the same for you!

My friend was applying to jobs and she has been applying for awhile but, it’s just her line of work that it’s very hard to land a position. However, some of her past coworkers are very lucky and landed the same position quite easily. My friend started becoming quiet. She stopped communicating to her family because, she felt like everyone surrounding her was content and happy, however she was killing their fun by being upset.

She started comparing herself to her past coworkers who have landed the job. She started questioning why struggle, why put in so much hard work when the end result is always back to square one… struggle, pain, and the mental burden of not feeling good enough!

She shared her story with me and I realized wait a minute, I went through the same thing and heck, I still feel that way some days.

As a motivator, the simple answer is, just change your mindset. However, it’s not such a easy shift. When you are feeling those negative emotions and you are the one struggling, it’s really hard to change your perspective. You feel like you are in a routine of unhappy, you put in work, you struggle, you lose a lot of time and it’s a pattern. You are just not happy.

I shared my story with her, and it made sense to her because, I am at a better spot now – which means we are not always going to be in that mental space, things will turn out to be better. I had been in her footsteps before, I use to commute longer than two hours to get to work, there were work politics, work people would over power me, I felt stuck and stagnant, no career growth, no raise. After spending my whole day in that environment, I would come back home communiting those same long hours, having little time for myself. Not only that, one of my family members had a very serious illness for which, our home environment was always full of sadness.

I wasn’t happy at home, and outside of home. This made me go through same questions as my friend, what is the point of all this struggle? It’s all luck anyways! We are all goign to end up dead anyways!

Today, I can self analyze the situation much better! First, it wasn’t so much me, it was just a tough situation to be in. Situations I had no control over. In addition, my life had become a routine of same type of negativity and no growth. This made me stopped being optimistic. I felt there will be no growth.

Hence, the cause of this negative feeling of not good enough,

a. Not having control over the situation,

b. The same pattern and routine in your life,

c. No one is taking the time to tell you that you are actually doing a great job.

But shortly after, I changed my outlook. I changed my mindset. I told myself, if everything is luck at the end then I am going to atleast put in the struggle to acheive my goals. Yes, I might not ever be able to achieve them but at least I can tell myself I tried.

So we have to realize, everything is luck even when you put in work. Putting in work only prepares you for the event but actually getting the opportunity is luck. There might be many obstacles thrown your way, which is also luck! When that happens, you just have to own it. Being able to own all situation is basically what life is.

At a certain point, (or ever)… there will not be a lot of people encouraging you and clapping for you. That’s when you have to take the ownership to say that you will go aheand try and keep trying.

Don’t give up! Love all of you for your support!

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Second Wave – Be Prepared For Unemploymeent / Lay offs?

Hello World,

Two day delay but here I am once again! So it’s going to be a hard hit everyone so be prepared.

The economy already went through the first wave and saw a round of lay offs. Lay offs are not plesant. Long back, I was layed off from a position. The compnay was doing “Re-Org” which, basically means they are trying to save cost. At that time, I didn’t have a job for 6 months. Good thing, I wasn’t completely alone. I had family support and a roof to stay.

Looking back, I couldn’t find a job for 6 months because, I lacked experience, I didn’t know where to look, how to properly set up my resume, didn’t know anyone or have any connections, and the last but the main point, it is hard to find a job! You have to keep looking and trying until you land a position because, more than 1,000’s others are also interested and trying their luck on the same position.

Second wave will be a hard hit everyone so be prepared! When I say be prepared, I mean to say, please have a second source of income or at least update your skills.

Friends saying, the purchases of appliances such as fridge has gone up, why? Because, pepole are preparing to stack up for the second wave. My doctor friends and family are stating that they are cutting health care worker hours, just to save cost at this time. Even depressing enough, we are in debt as a country!

$768 billion – According to data from Statistics Canada, net debt (gross debt minus assets) as of March 2019 was approximately CAD$768 billion. With a total GDP of approximately CAD$2.2 trillion, Canada’s overall net-debt/GDP ratio is about 34%.”

This is concerning and depressing as more covid patients are coming in, yet we are cutting cost of health care workers.

So for your own good! I want you to research a skill that will be valued at this time. Save and invest your money. Invest in yourself. I want you to look up different ways of passive income. Try putting up your skills on Fiverr and Skillshare. Try developing a course on Udemy. I want you to have that extra flow of income coming in. It’s not easy but, I want you to atleast try for it. Growth is key!

Thank you for your love and support as usual!

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Lack Motivation? Challenge Yourself!

Hello World,

I am not speaking about creative block, I am asking if you truely lack motivation?

People have two types of situations. One is the one you create yourself, you take on the challenge hence, you are in control. For example, you took on a business and now it comes with challenges that you have to manage. There is the other kind of situatoin where you are not the one in control, the one that is given to you without you asking for it. For instance, the job you hate but, you need for the money or a physical disability.

Either way, it’s your responsibility to keep moving forward! Yes, it sucks that you are put in a position where you have to struggle where as others are at better positions, still you have to keep pushing to accomplish your challenges. The ownership of your responsibilities are very important. It is seen, accomplishing challenges are more fulfilling in the long run than simply avoiding them.

Lack of motivation usually comes from a lot of overthinking…what will they think? what if I fail? what if I lose money? But what if you don’t?

Here is the thing, if you do something or you don’t do something, doesn’t matter at the end as everyone dies at the end. But doing something is much more fulfilling than not doing it. Accomplishing something is not a waste of your life. So if you have an idea that you are holding off on, just get up, research and get it done.

Now there are people in a lot of different positions, reading this makes them feel as if these are just words. But, if you don’t change your mindset, let alone at least put the research in then you just don’t no.

Someone will write in the comments, I am a single mom, who gets paid minimum wage, with three kids, I just don’t have time. Then your priority is something else, you need to sort out your priorities. If you feel that there is something you want to accomplish then at least do Google search before, you think it can’t be done.

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Stagnant – Stuck – Anxiety – What it Takes to Improve Your Situation

Hello World, What does it really take to look past your “stuck” situation right now? It takes experience of going through it a couple of times and then saying, okay I take ownership of my situation! Acceptance is our keyword for today’s topic. It takes acceptances to move on or keep moving from any tough …

Ask Yourself Before You Write an Opposing Comment

Hello World,

I am IT professional. I have ton of experience in programming, business, and investment. I create these motivational peices for you all to follow along. I hope you all enjoy my candid way of writing. You can all learn from my journey. My informative reads are just for you to read in the hopes you will take something away and apply it to your daily life. My pieces are here to improve your mindset. It is your CHOICE to take the information or not.

Recently, I had a comment from someone stating that I have it easy, and they have it hard. They wrote a complete different scenario of their life in the comment section which was unrelated to what I was mentioning in my blog.

Before digging deep, I want to segment the types of audiences I reached through out my blogging journey. I found there are different sets of audiences on WordPress.

> There are people who are using the content and need help. These are usually small business owners, studentds, professionals or new bloggers.

>Then there are people who are retired / don’t have work / stay at home for any life reasons they have. Some of these people have been past professionals and have great insights, some of them are just readers and few of them are just here to argue about past vs. future.

>Also, there are people who are mentally struggling due to their environment and or other related issues. These people do not have others to open up to.

My comment section is always open for you all! However, please try to take away the mindset and or idea, rather than being the opponent of what I am trying to relay in my blog. For example, I talk about investments all the time. I have a good grasp on it. I make money and enough for me to put away. I share ways on how you can as well. But if you feel differently, then don’t! (I had to laugh here)… if that is not your long term goal then please follow your own plan. Everyone has different life stories, I am just sharing what works for me and current trends so you can learn.

If you are mentally struggling, I have many blogs on anxiety and self doubt. Eveyone goes through it and it is not easy. Please take a look at all my blogs below.

If you are in an environment where you are not safe, please just don’t write it in my comments, seek help. If you are able to write on my comment section then you are able to do a quick google search.

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Feeling Guilty When There is Nothing to do…

Hello World,

Be Positive, Patient and Persistent… is the motto of all the blogs I have posted and I really mean it. Sometimes it is hard to be all that and when it is, you need to take a breather. Take some time off and then get back at your goals and creativity.

I suffer from feeling guilt when I have free time, which is a patter of workaholism I am not really proud of. I have used working a lot as a coping mechanism to get over a loved family memeber. I worked and worked. I am not complaining, it helped me a lot. I grew my skills. I read a lot. I expanded my wealth in skill. Though, it is amazing in one aspect, feeling guilty when there is free time is not as healthy.

You need to relax when you have free time. You need to find the balance between work and personal life. I am still on my journey to actually finding the balance as any sort of project or work fulfills me. That’s why, I encourage you to take breaks, take vacations and turn off your work when you do need it. No, need to feel guilt and if you do, just remind yourself that work will always be there.

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How to leverage Resources to Become an Investor?

Hello World,

Honestly, nothing better than investing in yourself and leanring. Here are few recommened books for your investment journey:

You can use the link to read a bit of sample and or purchase it for your kindle:

Get a free preview and then read through the materials to expand your knowledge,

Why did I throw this in here? Because, I want you to become a smart investor and invest in yourself by learning new skills that will be applicable in the future.

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What Free Sources Are You Using for Marketing? TIKTOK?

Hello World,

This quarantine has been tough for all of you. Specifically the small business owners. I have been keeping safety in mind and not heading out much. Hence, all my shopping has been from digital platforms.

However, I want to know what platforms are you all using to promote your small businesses? I have been on TIK TOK a lot lately which made me realize it’s power on free promotion. If you post 4 times a day, showcasing your products and services, you will increase your traction and sales.

I would suggest to go ahead and create a TIK TOK right now, if you haven’t done so already. Then post four times daily and try to find that balance of when you are receiving the most tracktion (likes, views, etc.). It won’t happen over night but consistency is key.

Here are some tips:

Post about your product/Service – do you make it by hand? how do you manufacture the item?

Your method of deliveryor process of packaging

Share business tips and ideas

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and share your mistakes

Let me know how it goes and your ideas as well!

Thank you,


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Organization Tools for Task management

Hello World,

Make sure you leave a comment! Would love to hear your insights.

I must say, I am enjoying this new wordpress editor! The navigtion is easier and it looks much cleaner. Love it! Seems like I am writing in a Word Document.

Okay now, how many of you have you track your to-do’s on a sticky note? How many of you have sticky notes all over your desks your walls and story boards?

STOP! You need to start using Trello!

Still figuring out many new features as I commence on writing this post! Trello replaces all your sticky notes. It requres your email address to sign up and you can use it for absolutely free! No gimmick. I know everything comes with a gimmick these days!

Trello looks like your regular sticky notes but on a board. You can categorize and group you task and mark them complete as you work your way through! It is an amazing tool keep track of all the tasks you have in the day…also motivates you to clear up your desk space.

Organizing your physical space will help you clean up your mind! Trust me it works. A clean space can will help with creative thinking!

Next! OneNote…I know what you are thinking, you can’t be a good project manager or an analyst if you are not a good notetaker. For note taking you need OneNote. I love OneNote because it has various capabilities and features that I can use to almost create a planner. This application also integrates with various platfroms used on the daily, for example, your Microsoft Outlook.

Exactly like Trello, Microsoft Planner serves the same purpose. Here you can assign tasks and track the progress. You are also able to share your tasks with your team members and track the progress. It’s great for team management.

Microsoft Planner



HAHA! WOW! Who paid for my upgrade? Mind blown on the new features on WordPress!

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Trade Mark for your Brand

Hello World,

I always want to provide informative content you can use to excel in your personal and professional growth.

I am the kind of personality who had to learn on her own and find her own coaches and mentors. I had to put in research for all the knowledge I have equiped over the years and I am still growing and learning.

Today I want to know if you are growing your brand? If you are, then check out these two websites which will help you locate Trade Marks for your brand. You can go on these websites and search for your Brand name and or a slogan.


TradeMarkia –

Once, you searched the trade mark item you are looking for two things!

  1.  If the trade mark is “Dead” or “Live” 
  2. Detailed description of the industry the brand name/slogan was used for.

If the trademark is LIVE then you would not be able to use the trademark!


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