Google Analytics Certificaiton – Free

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Your time is a form of wealth similar to any currencies. We try to make more and more money to create more time for ourselves. Money and time go hand in hand to create freedom and being free can build a comfortable life and help improve with your happiness and over all mental state.

Moral of the story, if you have time right now, invest in making your money grow or making your knowledge and expertise grow which will help you with your future freedom.

There are many free sources online, but here is a really good one: Google Analytics Certification for free,

This can be a great side hustle idea where you can source and help clients on their Google analytics once you added these items to your crentials:


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Trade Mark for your Brand

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I always want to provide informative content you can use to excel in your personal and professional growth.

I am the kind of personality who had to learn on her own and find her own coaches and mentors. I had to put in research for all the knowledge I have equiped over the years and I am still growing and learning.

Today I want to know if you are growing your brand? If you are, then check out these two websites which will help you locate Trade Marks for your brand. You can go on these websites and search for your Brand name and or a slogan.


TradeMarkia –

Once, you searched the trade mark item you are looking for two things!

  1.  If the trade mark is “Dead” or “Live” 
  2. Detailed description of the industry the brand name/slogan was used for.

If the trademark is LIVE then you would not be able to use the trademark!


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