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Hand held travelers steamer:

Thought I do another product read on the best Amazon Deals that I am finding. Also, test and work on my organic tractions.

When I was younger, I use to work retail. Fashion retailers keep their clothes looking crisp is NOT by ironing but with steamers.

I bought the exact one. I bought one called Toby from Walmart. Big and bulky! Hard to put together and hard to move around. I loved the idea of having amazing looking clothes all the time, however, I hated the work of putting together the device in order to get the actual result.

Oh and let’s not forget, I spent 100 dollars for Toby the steamer!

So here we are today, older and wiser. This time I am all about investing in experiences and items that will make life easier while being thrifty. I did my Amazon research to find the Steamer, I needed this time and found…

The handy traveler steamer is perfect for the couple of items you need to wear right away. Easy to set up and perfect for the time you are in a hurry.

Let me know your Amazon finds! Share your ideas with me.

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Last Minute DYI Christmas Tree!

Hello World,

This holiday I wanted to be creative with my Christmas tree. I have been seeing a lot of posts on social media and people are good at decor! Not only do they decorate the tree really well, they set up the background and stage the tree for a DSLR model shot!

Hence, I wanted my own super model tree and I wanted a DYI project! And to justify this DYI project I thought why buy and put up an expensive tree where I can go to a dollar store and make something more personable. Plus, a living tree is quite hard to maintain!

So after that was justified and established, lets find some options! Here are some environmently friendly ideas both of us can explore this Christmasy season!

Ps. Take my apologize before hand as I am not sure how these pictures formatted and aligned since I am using my phone… ok now we can start…

Which one is your favorite? It’s creative, simple! Yes some are 2-D but it saves you space for a party!

Happy Holiday!!


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