What I Currently Invest In

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I don’t know why people are often scared of sharing what they are investing in. Yes, don’t give out the actual manufacturer information for the products you are selling for your business. This makes sense because, other people can copy and the demand for your product will slowly become less. However, you are allowed to share things like stocks and real estates or other ideas that everyone can participate.

I believe in a community system. I like to share and learn. That’s the best way of learning for me. No secrets! You have a question then just ask, you will have an answer if I have the answer. You share your learnings and I share mine and we both grow together.

I currently invest in real estate. I look up properties using Redfin or contact various real estate agent to get listings to find properties I can afford.

In addition, I invest in stocks and ETFs. There is a lot of stocks I invest in but, I made the most money on my Tesla stocks as I bought them early while they were low. I also buy a lot of ETF’s as they pay dividends. The strategy here is to keep investing in dividends and over the cours the dividends will become an income. It’s hard to see the impact if you buy on one or two shares of ETF’s. I would suggest taking an ETF like IShare XDIV and investing a $500, or $1000, each month or year, depending on how much you can put aside. The compunt effect will help you earn a lot more dividends as the time goes by.

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We are hitting Great Depression again…

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Media always pursued us to buy more products when we do not need them. I was on Amazon and the current Canadian best sellers are Coffee, when it should be masks and all purpose cleaners.

When I am on TiKTok, I see a pattern of young “rich” people showing off their Gucci purses, Balenciaga shoes. That encourages our youth to make poor purchase decisions.

There is a digital #trend “I want it, I got it…” the video shows someone pointing out an expensive product such as a gucci purse or a belt. Then they show the people holding the item. This is great for digital presence for the person creating content and should be only taken as entertainment.

However, I am worried about people being encouraged by the trap of marketing at this time.

You all need to save money right now. Only spend on your essentials and save. You can look into your future investments that will return money. If prices fall in the house market, then do your research before you purchase.

Will you be able to rent the place out? If yes, then create that stream of income. Create different streams of income right now so you can survive through the recession that we are already in.

Invest in yourself. Learn a new skill! Look up new #hottopics. For example, we know now that health care and security/cybersecurity never goes out of fashion

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Build more Opportunities by Empowering

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I have been on my networking routine for the past month. I have to tell you, it’s great! You get to meet different people with different perspectives. Also, hear stories that have built that perception. It’s amazing learning through people’s failures and how their resiliency and persistency has led them to success. The stories empower you and help you gain motivation and as well as perspective to tackle difficult situations.

What did I learn from an external standpoint? These people who share are storytellers. They are engaging with their moving stories and they give their audience something to take back, empowerment and motivation. I met quite a bunch but the most engaging storytellers were the ones I remember the most.

I realized to network, you have to present yourself as approachable. That means, depending on the setting of the environment, put on a helpful vibe and always keep your smile on. Then try to approach as many people as you can with a conversation ready. You have to know how to hold and deliver the story and have an open informal conversation with the other person. It’s not a pitch but a conversation!

Then the 101 rule of networking, you need to be someone of interest for the others to want to get in contact or keep in touch with you. So the question to ask here is, what are you offering?! In most cases, when it comes to storytellers, the answer is engagement and empowerment. They are offering you motivation. Take all the life coaches/public speakers, the reason you want to be in their presence is because you know they are successful and you also know they have a unique perception that got them to their success. But after hearing their empowering speech you build their network and keep on searching, or waiting for their next content.

But how do they leverage by giving you free life lessons? The engagement actually transpires into a lead. You are building their network which can convert into client opportunity or resource. Therefore, to network you need to make your pitch more engaging. This engagement should offer the listener something, could be a service, or simply motivation. It’s a give and take process, people like to take from others.

Empowerment forms a coalition and that’s required in moving forward…

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