Trade Mark for your Brand

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I always want to provide informative content you can use to excel in your personal and professional growth.

I am the kind of personality who had to learn on her own and find her own coaches and mentors. I had to put in research for all the knowledge I have equiped over the years and I am still growing and learning.

Today I want to know if you are growing your brand? If you are, then check out these two websites which will help you locate Trade Marks for your brand. You can go on these websites and search for your Brand name and or a slogan.


TradeMarkia –

Once, you searched the trade mark item you are looking for two things!

  1.  If the trade mark is “Dead” or “Live” 
  2. Detailed description of the industry the brand name/slogan was used for.

If the trademark is LIVE then you would not be able to use the trademark!


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Stay at home Motivation

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The stay at home transition has been tough for all even if you were a home body. A lot of you lost your jobs or are on temporary lay offs. This has caused unnecessary anxiety and pain.

It’s harder said then done, but change your mindset. Think about the opportunities you have that you did not in your daily busy “normal” life. For example, a lot of people are finally getting to spend a lot of time with their families. Some of you finally have the time to learn a new skill and get certified.

The world is your oyester. Be mindful of your pressense. Don’t let go or give up! Follow all the health tips, stay safe and take this time to develop your self further.

There will be all sorts of hiccups in life that you have to deal with yourself. Better way to look at this current hiccup is, everyone in the world is one unit and dealing with it.

My goals are self improvement related, both physical and mental. I am trying to learn new things daily, obtain new skills and become physically fit. I am holding myself accountable and completing my self improvement tasks daily. I want to come out of this as a stronger person. You can do it too!

I started waking up daily at 6:30 – 7 am. This has helped to gather my thoughts, have a bit of time before I get working. I use that time to think about my day and mentally prepare for it. I also fit in a fitness/workout session within that 2 hours frame before it is 9 am.

Always try to envision your future and plan for it mentally. Even jot down ideas if you can. This will help you stay prepared, even if it’s a little bit. You know what will happen and how you will handle it. Stay organized!

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Power Relationship – Tips of Networking

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As you may know I am completing my Masters of Business Administration which has kept me quite busy in the past few days. I love to write my blog posts and assisting all of you with Business tips, Leadership skills, Communication techniques, Marketing methods, Relationship building, Understanding human behavior and just on miscellaneous topics that I find relevant.  However, my time management has been very poor lately. I have been managing both work, studies and home. Being said all that, I found some time to speak about networking! Due to the nature of my work I have been having to do a lot of networking lately and let me tell you whether you are a successful business owner or just starting your first job, networking is crucial!

Don’t be Shy!

Listen, I understand! I was that shy person! I had a negative perspective towards networking from the get-go. Going up to a stranger was quite intimidating for me. I felt like I was asking for a favor or being manipulative. Getting that favor would also mean that someone else helped me in achieving something hence I am not worth it. But remember that saying, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know—well its true! Soon after, I had to change that perspective because networking lands you opportunities.

Change your Perspective

It’s not that you are being an opportunist or you are strategizing your way up, but you are connecting with people who have different experiences in the field and from whom you can learn from. These people have already been there and done that and that’s an advantage because you can learn from their mistakes and apply the path they used.

Yes, it’s quite intimidating at first! However, if you read my earlier blogs then you know I always preach about practice and patience! Practice makes perfect. If you are shy then you have to start by practicing. Work on your networking techniques before applying it on strangers. But where do you start from? At home and friends!

Go out meet new people through your friends. Connect with old family members to whom you lost touch and don’t really speak with. Always know this number one rule, don’t jump the gun and ask for a favor. You have to be mindful of the conversation. You have to build a rapport. Networking is about relationship building. Strike up a conversation about random things and keep practicing it with different people. Let them know what you have been up to. Listen to their stories, become a good listener. If you are shy that’s your number one magic is the power of listening.

Make it personable

Remember you are trying to build a relationship therefore you have to make it personable. You have to make them feel comfortable. One way to make a person feel comfortable is by addressing the person by their name. Another simple way is by smiling. You become more friendly and approachable if you have your happy face on.


While networking you have to always think ‘people’ and not the position. You have to find out a way to help them. You have to show your generosity so that person remembers you as kind. Always think about how you can help that person.

Be prepared

Yes, it’s a preparation game. Some people are great at being spontaneous and networking but most us are not. Therefore you need to have your business card read. Also, important, have a 3 sentence elevator pitch ready! You have to also be ready for rejection, not everyone is open to networking and are friendly. After you have practiced a bit, you would want to eliminate and find your critical few. Critical few are the 20 or less contact that you would like to associate with to learn more. This is an elimination process you have to create by researching on who knows who (Linkedin). You have to create your visibility, show them you are credible by helping them.

Follow up

As I said, Networking is a relationship building process. You have to always follow up and take them out for coffee. You have to determine where you are in the relationship to ask to be introduced with that connection they are associated with, position or recommendation letter.

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Relearn Self – Discipline

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You want achieve a goal or many goals?! Then you would have to learn self-discipline. Despite many beliefs self-discipline can be learnt with training. Self-Discipline requires practice, patience and control of temptations. It’s a process of building specific habits. Once you mastered self-control you will get more done in less time with less effort. Sounds good?


Take self-discipline as a project. Before you start any project you have to define the purpose of the project. You have to ask yourself what is the end goal and why do you want to achieve this goal.

The main questions to answer thoroughly are as follows,

  • What do I want?
  • Why do I want this?
  • Why specifically do I need to follow through and get this done?
  • Why specifically do I want to achieve this goal?
  • Why specifically do I want to develop this habit?
  • Why is this of primary importance for me right now?
  • Why do I really want this in my life?
  • What are the potential rewards I will gain from doing this?
  • What personal standards will I uphold?
  • What behaviors and choices will I accept?
  • What behaviors and choices will I not accept?
  • How will I correct things when I get off track?

Tasks vs. Temptations

Our prime obstacle with reaching self-discipline are random distractions. We get distracted very easily! Especially when we feel the goal is too difficult. Face it, we are lazy! We don’t like stepping out of our comfort zone. Hence, we avoid the difficult route and choose the easy way out and allow ourselves to get distracted. But how is getting sidetracked helping you become a better version of yourself? How does the temptation contribute in achieving the end goal? It’s a stoppage, it’s not assisting in improving your purpose but making you stagnate.

To reach the end goal you need to break the objective down to smaller actions. After you defined what you wish to achieve, separate the entire goal into small tasks. Even your distractions! Yes, even your distractions. You can’t eliminate entertainment completely. No one is telling you to be a zombie! You need to let your mind and body rest as well. You need to set a side time for distractions, entertainment, and temptations which will work as your reward. For example, there needs to always be a cheat day after a weeklong fitness training!


Many people lose motivation because they don’t know where to begin with a project. Breaking the goal down into smaller tasks will definitely make that clear. Another way to stay motivated is by rewarding yourself or turning your temptations into rewards. It’s as simple as the concept of CUE-ACTION-REWARD.

For example, let’s say you are setting a goal to lose weight of 160 pound and the trainer has asked you to complete a High intensity Interval Training on the treadmill every day for one hour for X number of days. Now, since cardio is not your best friend, your resting heart rate is on the higher end which makes you lose your breath while running on the treadmill. How would you motivate yourself? – Cue – What do you love eating? Steak/Chocolate. Action – Cardio every single day for one hour. Track your performance. Reward—live a little, celebrate your hard work. Have that steak and chocolate with a glass of wine! You need to change in some aspect to have the end target in your life, you have to ask do you deserve to have the goal in your life?

Track your performance

This is a big motivator for me! Competition always gets me going. When you are competing, it feels like a challenge you want to win. When you track your performance you can compete against your best self. You can also out work and outperform others you see as role models. Tracking your performance is important because self-discipline is not about constantly repeating something every day but to correct and adapt to the behavior.

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Should you Rent or Buy?

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I assure you I am late because I have been being very productive! Here is a question for you as always, how do you find the real estate market right now? If you are a realtor then the market is hot. The house bubble is great for making that BIG extra bit of change. Though from a first time home buyers perspective this outlook is dramatically different. If you are Gen Y/Millennial, you are between the ages of 18-35—you are intimidated by the current hot market. Would you choose to rent or own a house?

I know as a millennial, you come across individuals on Instagram and other social media platforms who are flaunting and selling their tempting lavish lifestyle! The ones that live in a 4000 square feet bungalow with surrounding glass windows facing a gorgeous water view. Tempting but unrealistic! Nonetheless that’s the American dream! But can you even afford that American Dream? How long do you have to save until you put down the deposit on your first house? Even if you choose to buy a house what if the market crashes and you lose money? Decisions, decisions, decisions!

American Dream

The traditional American Dream is set as an expectation for us when we are young. It is instilled in our mind as a definition of success. If you own then you are successful. Hence, if you own a house, you are perceived as established. For an American Dream to be complete, you need to own a big beautiful house at a reputed area, have a really nice gleaming, eye catching sports car (I think it has to be red, as I imagine it) and also don’t forget to marry a very ravishing gorgeous lady or handsome successful business tycoon. A little exaggerated, but you get the point! The point is that not everyone is Evan Spiegel!

Fun fact, studies show baby boomers purchased homes not only because of the American Dream, but also they subconsciously feared of getting Alzheimer’s at an old age. Having Alzheimer’s and not owning a house would get in the way of security and safety. They also bought places to not to be a burden on anyone especially their parents. What’s your inner reasoning for buying a house?

Weigh your options & also change your perception

Think about it! Why should you own a house and why you shouldn’t? What does your finance look like? If you didn’t buy a house, what will you be investing your money on? Are you buying because it adds to the things you own or do you think of it as a security. Are you buying because of social pressure? Are you buying it as an investment? How does buying now benefit you in the long run or how does it stop your progress? These are important questions I never got to put my mind on. I saved and saved, then I bought two houses. Which is great, I am happy. Being in it for the long haul even if the market crashes the value will only slightly depreciate (that’s my self-pep talk).

If you are capable and you want to own a property as a security then by all means. Given that after the purchase you still have money left in your bank. However, the perception of ownership has changed overtime. It’s merely impossible for some to even put down a down payment due to the high prices in the market. Statistic show 65% people rent homes in the United States. Then we have Uber, who drives to work anymore? If not Uber then people choose to lease or finance newer models of cars. More and more people are starting use clothing subscription services such as Trunk Club and Stitch, where you hire stylists to pick out your clothes and return whatever that you don’t like.


Why Millennials choose to Rent?

Millennials choose to rent because of mobility. You are more mobile if you rent. Your finance is not stuck and you can use the same finance that you would use to purchase a house on another investments and securities such as education. Millenniala choose to put down the funds towards higher education to become more scalable. This open up prospects not only within region but abroad. The option of being more mobile makes it easier for them to relocate.

Happy Decision Making!







What’s Trending ?

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Do know what’s trending right this very second—not only where you live but around the world? I’ll tell you, NHL playoff schedule, Bradley Coopers newborn, North Korea and the White House, Casey Anthony murder mystery revisit, and don’t forget its National Siblings day! Why do you think it’s important for us to keep a track of today’s hot topics? Not only keeping up with trends make us seem cool but also works as a great marketing tool. It bridges a gap between our former generation and the new one who are currently playing with As a creative and a content creator you should always know what’s trending.

#Trends are relatable

Trends are relatable and therefore marketable. Why are trends relatable? Everyone wants to be liked by others. When something is trending people are quick to jump the bandwagon since that trend is liked, followed, viewed and promoted by others. There is also a sense of missing out. No one wants to be that loner. If you don’t know or follow then exactly, you don’t know or follow! You are the loner who is missing out on what’s in style. By knowing you can bridge a gap in any conversation and use it as an ice breaker.

Content Creators

Why is it so important for us? We all know it isn’t always easy to wake up in the morning and think of something original that will start trending within the minute of it being shared. Therefore, the strategy should be to research and find out what’s being talked about right this very second to formulate and develop ideas towards the next content. What are people talking about today? What are they relating to in this given day? What’s went viral today? You also need to monitor your analytics to recognize which of your posts are doing better than others.

Businesses are smart about this! They are the fastest at keeping up with trends. I want you to scroll through your Instagram feed on a food related national celebration day. When you think about it these “National *Blank* Days” are fun but at the same time odd to comprehend—like why does this day even exist and why are we celebrating this day? Have you noticed every business had a National Pizza Day Ad up on National Pizza Day? I mean even Holister, Forever21, Automotive services, etc. had at least one National Pizza Day picture up. Why do you think that was? Why do you think H&R Block an American Tax preparation company has an Ad up of a three scooped Ice cream cone picture up right now? #Trending!

How do you find trends?

Now as content creator we need to always be onboard with trends because we want our work to be marketable and reaching the vast amount of audience as possible. Where to keep up with your trending topics?

  1. -Twitter Trends
  2. -Instagram Trends
  3. -Google Trends
  4. -Youtube Trends
  5. -BuzzSumo
  6. -Buzzfeed Trends
  7. -Quora
  8. -Reddit
  9. -Social Mention
  10. -Bottlenose
  11. -Keyhole
  12. -Agorapulse
  13. -Topsy
  14. -SproutSocial
  15. -Radian6
  16. -Brandwatch Analytics

 Get your Content Trending today!




Incorporating Agile and Lean into your daily life

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How many of you are in IT Project Management and use Agile methodologies in software development life cycle? Doesn’t matter! If you think about it we all  use Agile in our daily lives (without making it complex of course). If you feel you don’t then let’s start! Incorporating this practice in your daily routine will be a guide towards self improvement and short term achievements which will lead to a sense of satisfaction.


What is Agile? Your ability to move quickly and easily. But moving too quickly can actually limit your ability to move effortlessly.  Waterfall methodology suggests to complete your goal sequentially. In SDLC the sequence would be as follows, gather requirements; design, code; perform system testing; perform user acceptance testing (UAT); fix bugs and deliver the finish product. The biggest draw back of this method, once you reached the end product you don’t really know if it will be successful and accepted by customers. If you don’t have a success story to share, then you would have to go back and re-start the sequence once again! In other words, you moved quickly but not efficiently and not easily because you are having to go back.

Now to prevent this sort of disruption Agile kicks in! There is only one main  difference between Agile and Waterfall methodology. In Agile, you adapt to change by customer feedbacks as the software is being developed. You run on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or an existing product and improve it as the customer is using it and responding to what to keep and change.

Agile is the process of measuring, learning, feedback and loop. Agile reduces the risk, increases value, adapts while work in progress, and provides better cost management. Agile has it’s backlog in order, there is a clear visibility of what is completed to date. The backlog requirements are sorted by priority. This means the requirements don’t have to be completed in sequence like the Waterfall method and are completed in order of importance. This way the product can be released whenever acceptable rather than waiting on a feature to be ready. User feedback supports with the understanding of where changes are required or when to Pivot. A change is needed when each experiment leads to loss of progress. Since the project is being adapted as user feedback, there is no need to dispose the entire project when there is a negative feedback. This makes Agile more cost efficient.

Real life?

Now in life to lose weight quickly, you would have to give up chocolate, pizza, oil, salt, sugar and carbs. If you go on such a diet, you know you would reach your results quickly. But once you have reached your outcome, you then realize you are not happy! You reached an outcome by overlooking the side effects. Now you are unhealthy, have vitamin deficiency and missing bunch of essential nutrients which is leaving dark spots on your face (often happens in modelling!).

But if you were more Agile, you pick up your sticky notes and run to the whiteboard! You are on search mode without commitment. You would find a diet plan that works for you and read cases where the diet has worked and didn’t work. Also, don’t forget to find the side effects of these plans! Then call up a nutritionist and a personal trainer.

Yes, you will be the Scrum Master and run Sprint meetings with your trainer and nutritionist. You will clarify your requirements with them and specify what you are looking to achieve, being more healthy, losing weight, gaining weight, toning, etc. Your trainer and nutritionist will help you find a proper diet plan and workout plan. You, the trainer and nutritionist will break down the workout and meal plan into parts/iterations. You will set an estimated time of completion on each iteration goals. Set an estimated budget on the following, trainer/nutritionist fees, gym membership cost, and for cost all these healthy fruits and vegetables from Wholefoods.

With each Sprint meeting, you, your trainer and nutritionist will measure your progress and the time it took to get to your goal. This will calculate the Velocity, and you will know how long it’s taking you to complete these goals. Now since, you can’t have a Burndown chart in this example, track your progress everyday. There are many apps such as Lifesum, which tracks your daily meals and workout. If along this whole process you feel this diet plan is just not working for you then Pivot and or search mode again, find another diet plan.

We do this in relationship and in our career as well. We don’t commit on our first date! We keep dating without commitment and experiment and learn about the person. We make mind notes of what the Pros and Cons are until we see that person is a potential. If the person is not a fit in our life then we go on search mode again. Same with our careers, if we hate where we work, we seek guidance and mentors. We plan. Then we educated ourselves in training and skills that will get us a better opportunity to where we want to be. Then we search.

Remember, you just have to measure, learn, review and repeat…