Are You Behind? Does it Bother You?

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This is my thrid attempt at this as this post won’t save for some reason. Also, I am behind! This was supposed to release yesterday!

So what happens when you are behind? You usually procrastinate, as in do other things that make you feel more empty and bad afterwards or you get major anxiety. I know I am the motivational one out of both of us but, I get major anxiety too!

What are our options then? How do we handle not being bothered by being behind? The answer is simple! We need to segment our tasks! We need to stop seeing the project or life as the big picture and work on everything on a smaller level. Try to break the task down as much as you can.

Basically, think of everything as a milestone. Let’s say, you want to finish a course, run your own business, raise a child, and also buy your own house all at once. Okay sure, but that is too much on your plate and it will definitely lead to major stress. You will no way do a good job in achieving any of those goals.

Then what do you do? Treat each of those as a milestone and set a priortiy on them. This will help you see your tasks in and evaluate and assess your time of completion. You will be closer to finishing your goals quicker.

Another reason being behind can bother us is due to comparison. Why oh why do you have to compare yourself to your best friend or a person who doesn’t even know you? Trust me, whatever you see that you want that they have might be all good but, there is an aspect of their life that they are struggling with as well.

You have to be happy with the situation you are given. You have to make the best out of your environment. Everyone will hit one or two or many road blocks in their life. But you have to keep going. Comparison will only slow you down. You have to make most of your journey.

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What Scares You About Starting A Business?

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What scares you about starting your own business? There is several underlying fears people often overthink about and just stop pursuing their passions. I am sure you felt one of these or the other, here is a list of your self limiting beliefs…

  1. What will people think? How will they look at me when I start a business?
  2. What if I fail? What will people think of me then?
  3. What if I lose money?
  4. I don’t know which products or services…
  5. This is too much work, I don’t know anything
  6. I don’t know where to start my business, their are way too many pieces.
  7. The market is too saturated for what I want to do...
  8. Too much money to invest…
  9. I don’t know how to talk to my suppliers
  10. I don’t know how to market my product. I am not a social media personality. I am too shy.
  11. I don’t know any of the legal stuff…
  12. I am not good enough…
  13. I just don’t know where to start…


Here is the thing, you will always have these fears if you don’t over come and take a step to begin somewhere. These days people do not take a lot of money to start their business. You have to see what is costing you. The supplies, shipping fees, hosting, advertising and little extra for other costs. You have to plan your exepense. Even then you won’t see a profit right away, unless you are selling a stellar product or service.

You have to keep reinvesting until it grows. The whole business journey is a process. But you have to be willing and consistent to see a growth.

Get to saving about $1,000 to $3,000 to invest in yourself. Get a sewing machine, a circuit, a camera, or an orbelo account to start your own business.

Product Research

It is easy these days. Orbelo literally shows you analysis on how much products are selling and which ones are popular. There are other paid analytics tools. You need to always research on current trends to stay up to date. But, if you have your own product then it comes down to your marketing and your social media presence.

Also, if you are designing your products, then i have glog posts on how to research trade marks.

Find suppliers and reach out to them and negotiate the prices. If you are using oberlo, you won’t need to do it. However, for a good pricing strategy where you are making a profit, please plan it all out!

Where to Start? Register your business.

Do a Google Search, it tells you step by step. This is literally what you type in, “how to start a business in (Your Area)”. This will give you start to finish of how, what, why and when tot register your business and any small fees associated. Do the search or you will be left with your self limiting beliefs.

Start your research before you write in the comments that it can’t be done! Have a little faith in yourself.

Stagnant – Stuck – Anxiety – What it Takes to Improve Your Situation

Hello World, What does it really take to look past your “stuck” situation right now? It takes experience of going through it a couple of times and then saying, okay I take ownership of my situation! Acceptance is our keyword for today’s topic. It takes acceptances to move on or keep moving from any tough …

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Lack Motivation? Challenge Yourself!

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I am not speaking about creative block, I am asking if you truely lack motivation?

People have two types of situations. One is the one you create yourself, you take on the challenge hence, you are in control. For example, you took on a business and now it comes with challenges that you have to manage. There is the other kind of situatoin where you are not the one in control, the one that is given to you without you asking for it. For instance, the job you hate but, you need for the money or a physical disability.

Either way, it’s your responsibility to keep moving forward! Yes, it sucks that you are put in a position where you have to struggle where as others are at better positions, still you have to keep pushing to accomplish your challenges. The ownership of your responsibilities are very important. It is seen, accomplishing challenges are more fulfilling in the long run than simply avoiding them.

Lack of motivation usually comes from a lot of overthinking…what will they think? what if I fail? what if I lose money? But what if you don’t?

Here is the thing, if you do something or you don’t do something, doesn’t matter at the end as everyone dies at the end. But doing something is much more fulfilling than not doing it. Accomplishing something is not a waste of your life. So if you have an idea that you are holding off on, just get up, research and get it done.

Now there are people in a lot of different positions, reading this makes them feel as if these are just words. But, if you don’t change your mindset, let alone at least put the research in then you just don’t no.

Someone will write in the comments, I am a single mom, who gets paid minimum wage, with three kids, I just don’t have time. Then your priority is something else, you need to sort out your priorities. If you feel that there is something you want to accomplish then at least do Google search before, you think it can’t be done.

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Negative Comments / Feedback Bring You Down?

Hello World, Honestly, I don’t want to sound like, “I can handle it all!”… I am human. It does bother me. Negative feedback / criticism is impacts me. I think about it, I get anxiety from it. Something I can’t control… But, what do you do when anxiety hits from a feedback or negative comment? …

What Is Your Habit of Success?

Hello World,

Consistency is key! That is why you need to habitualize positive tasks.

But I am curious to learn about habits that make you successful. Believe it or not, mine is as simple as taking a pen and paper and writing everything down. I have to have a pen and notebook with me at all times.

On a zoom call or voicenotes, or some one just share a key insight…yes, you guessed it! I have to write it down.

It’s simple, but it’s a habit and not a bad one. It helps me memorize the detail and embeded in my mind so I can reference it later on.

Another one of my good habits is curiosity. I am curious and that means, I am keen to learning more about certain topic. I go into it as a learner not a know it all, no matter how easy the topic is. Showing interest keeps me growing and makes my life more fulfilling.

I want you do the same! Take some time and learn new things and teach new things!

That’s all for my Sunday bite size chat with you all!

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Dropshipping Vs. Amazon FBA – which one is right for you?

Hellow World,

Big questoin of the day, Amazon FBA or Dropshipping?

1. You conduct product research. Choose products or a product first.

Amazon FBA: You reach out to a supplier of the product, for example on AliBaba or AliExpress. You ask for samples. They send you samples, you approve. Then you order the amount of products you want to send to Amazons fulfilment center. What you are doing is buying inventory space from Amazon and Amazon does the rest. When a customer orders that product from your page, Amazon ships it out.

Risks: You might not sell out, hence inventory space has a cost. There is a loss right there. Plus, buying bulk will cost you a lot of money.

Don’t forget, packaging, shipping, advertising and businesses also has fees.

However, with higher risks there is higher returns. You have potential of making well over $80,000 a month on Amazon FBA depending on your product research. Let that sink in! Do your research if you have money to invest.

2. You conduct product research. Choose products or a product first.

Dropshipping: You set up droppshipping on many different sites such as Shopify or WIX. Shopify and or WIX act as a store where people buy the product you are dropshipping. You can use many dropshippng sites such as Oberlo, WIX, there are numerous ones out there OR, you can go to suppliers directly. You reach out to a supplier of the product, for example on AliBaba or AliExpress. You can skip this part but it would be good that you ask for samples.

Once your dropshipping, for example, Oberlo is set up with Shopify. A customer can come to your website and order the item. You would see the order, go to that item on AliExpress /AliBaba (it’s integrated with Shopify), then fill out the required information and order. Ali Express will directly ship the product to your customer.

Custom packaging: Ask your suppliers they will gladly do it for you but it will cost you.

Risks: You might not sell out without proper marketing. You need target audiences and heavy marketing.

Don’t forget, packaging, shipping, advertising and businesses also has fees.

However, with lower risks and investments the return may be much lower than Amazon FBA. You have potential of making well over $12,000 to $40,000 a month by Dropshipping depending on your product research and marketing. Let that sink in! Do your research if you have money to invest.

At the end, it all comes down to how well you are branding and marketing the products. Use Facebook advertising and marketplace. Use every social media channels you have!

The thing is, there is potential! You just have to take the chance and do your research!

Main question: Which one is good if you are just starting off? Dropshipping ask for lower investments hence, lower risks. You are basically selling someone elses products for them!

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What Are You Passionate About? It Can Lead to Passive Income

Hello World,

If you still have not picked up that hobby, you should soon as Gen Z’s are already on it. Did you know that Millenials are richer than baby boombers? Yes, they don’t save money, but they make a lot of money. It’s going to be even more for Gen Z’s… any guesses why?

Gen Z’s are going to be more wealthier because, we are making a shift in the education system. Millenials earned more but they had student debts. Gen Z’s, with the current pandamic and TiKTok being their best friend, learned about trading stocks, ETF’s, options, and also opened up their own businesses. Did you see Shopify and Etsy stocks sky rocket? Yes, your lil Gen Z’s helpe you there.

This generation will be the rich kids in the block as they are making money from the get go with more applied real world skills. The opportunity older generation didn’t have. So how to keep up? Follow your passion. Pick up that skill today and think of ways to create passive income.

After you learn that new skill, there are various places you can sell it, be it Udemy, Etsy, Shopify, Obelo,… You name it! But first to gain that confidence, you need to invest in yourself a little bit. You have to learn that skill, practice, and just put samples out there for feedback.

START Today!

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