Family Obstacles Can Create Anxiety

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Has this ever happened to you? Are you career driven but, you live with your family or you have your own family, or you have certain obstacles that just get in the way.

Story time! One of my friends live with her family. It’s a family of five, mom, dad, brother, and sister-in-law and my friend. Recenly, my friend, let’s call her Mary… Mary’s brother got married and now Mary has more family members she has to share her interest with. Her mom and dad was hard enough to deal with but, now she has her brothers family. The entire family is a bit conservative and always checks up on Mary when she is out with her frineds or shopping, etc. Think about it, Mary is past 30 and the family still checks up on her to see what she is doing.

Sounds sweet, because, family should always check up on each other but, when the check in’s become interenece that creates a problem.

Mary’s family interference has always stopped her from progessing in life. You will see many people who are successful, move out very early in there life. I am not saying that should be a goal but, if your family is always in your case then maybe it’s a good thing to draw the line between your passion and your family. In Mary’s case, she is not able to move out. She did not get to excel very far in her career because, her family always stopped her from partaking or pursuing her dreams.

From a conservative families perspective, they are just looking over and protecting their daughter. However, parents should realize that needs to stop at a certain age and kids should learn to take control of their own lives and make their own mistakes.

Mary has developed anxiety from this occurance. The pressure of matching up to everyones expectation at home while, supressing her own desires and goals has led her to develop serious depression. Now she has a part time continuing with work for long periods of time. Mary has to take gaps, take mental health days, and ask to become part time in many instance.

This becomes a stoppage in her life where she can’t earn alot of money because, of her mental health challenges.

Now Mary is a relationship where she finds a bit of peace. She feels like she can get away from her problems and the pressure at home. She doesn’t have to meet so much expectations in this relations. Despite what she feels the relationship is clearly not good for her. The boyfriend is also not ambitious, does not have a stable job, and says she doesn’t see them as a long term couple. She’s just with him because, she’s feels more at peace with him and feels that she will be able to change her mind in the future.

Mary’s thinking is blurred now as she has several problems. One, her family has expectations that she feels she needs to meet. Two, she does not know how to make more money with her career or progess towards success. Making more money will atleast help her become independent. Third, she’s in a really toxic relationship.

Any guidance offered by her friends are just becoming overwhelming for her. She is having a hard time processing over load of information. Her friends are telling her to leave her boyfriend as he is just straying her along. Mary is unable to leave the relationship as that’s the only time she gets to disengage from her family. Mary’s family is pressuring her to get married soon, or keep tabs on when she goes out. The family is also upset and scared of her taking the wrong steps which will hurt her even more. Not being able to make more money is getting in the way of her moving out and finding more balance.

When people have problems from all aspects of life, they need to take a step back and realize that they need to take it one step at a time. If there are several big problems and they are all connected then prioritize your issues and break them down.

In order to make money, Mary has to save money. She has to make some sacrifices to cut down on her expesnes. In order for her parents to understand her point of view, she needs them on her team. Instead of pushing them away, create that bond and spend time with them. That way they will at least be open to hearing her out. When Mary understands that there are clear differences between her boyfriend and her, she should count her losses and just let him go. This all sounds easy from an outside perspective but it’s hard for the victim to comprehend and process.

If you are ever in a situation where you have several problems at once. Do one thing, work on your mindset. Keep your calm and know that everything will turn around. Tackle your problems one by one.

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Being Afraid of Taking on Risks

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I am about to share a story of of my friend. Hopefully this story will help your dilemmas between any risks you are afraid of taking. I want you to be successful and inspire you. I want you to quit making excuses and just go for it.

One of my friend is a teacher. She loves to teach. However, the pandemic had given her some free time to take on something else on her plate. She was actually miserable during this lockdown. She thougth she had nothing going for herself. She often felt stuck.

She lives with a huge family. Living with a big family can give you anxiety at times as there are too many leaders in the same house. Too many people want things done their own way. Too many people have their own opinion. She felt stuck at home too.

She was getting overwhelmed at home as interactions increased at home during the pandamic. One day she thought, she has all this free time, why not put at to use on taking up something creative?! She always wanted to do something creative, but was always afraid of the failure and feedback.

She asked some of her family members to model for her as she shoots some pictures of them. She purchased a cheap camera. She asked her brother and his wife to wear there best caual clothes and did few photoshoots with them. Some at home and some at the park. My friend started to youtube photography techniques and trust me, you might think it’s easy to be a photographer but she was learning like she was in school for photography. She had tons and tons of notes from her youtube research.

After that, she started to post constantly on Instagram. Soon after people started to notice her pictures and started to contact her with photoshoot requests. With each and different styles of photoshoot her skillset improved. She made over $1000 this quarantine just by following her passion.

She absolutely loves it! This has become her passive income stream. She has a lot of people asking for her shoot. She just created a stream of gaining income over the quarantine.

I want you to follow her path and take that risk! Just try it for fun! Turst me the least that can happen is, you will fail. That’s it!

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What I Currently Invest In

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I don’t know why people are often scared of sharing what they are investing in. Yes, don’t give out the actual manufacturer information for the products you are selling for your business. This makes sense because, other people can copy and the demand for your product will slowly become less. However, you are allowed to share things like stocks and real estates or other ideas that everyone can participate.

I believe in a community system. I like to share and learn. That’s the best way of learning for me. No secrets! You have a question then just ask, you will have an answer if I have the answer. You share your learnings and I share mine and we both grow together.

I currently invest in real estate. I look up properties using Redfin or contact various real estate agent to get listings to find properties I can afford.

In addition, I invest in stocks and ETFs. There is a lot of stocks I invest in but, I made the most money on my Tesla stocks as I bought them early while they were low. I also buy a lot of ETF’s as they pay dividends. The strategy here is to keep investing in dividends and over the cours the dividends will become an income. It’s hard to see the impact if you buy on one or two shares of ETF’s. I would suggest taking an ETF like IShare XDIV and investing a $500, or $1000, each month or year, depending on how much you can put aside. The compunt effect will help you earn a lot more dividends as the time goes by.

Thank you for your incredible support!!!

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You must have heard of that teenager who borrowed money to invest in the stock industry. He was over 100K in debt. He took his own life after due to stress, depression and the fear that he cannot pay the loan off.

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Holding a long term credit can hurt you as well. I know you are paying it off but, you have have to always stay in the minimum 50% always paid of the balance you owe, in order for your score to remain “good”.

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Want to Become a Data Scientist?

Hello World, Here are some good resources to learn from for almost free: I want you all to be successful! Let me know your goals and let’s create a community! Twitter: @dilypie TikTok: Dlaofficial_ – Check out my latest Niagara falls outing! Fiverr: YouTube: (Editing is hard! but videos are on the way) Love you …

Data Analytics – Get on it

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To be successful in the near future you need to follow the following skillsets! These focus points will upgrade your porfolio and make you more demanding in the industry.


AI Ethics and Policy – explores the profound implications of AI on business and society. The ethical and policy issues linked with the application of AI in business are covered in-depth, including such issues as overcoming the job displacement due to AI by job creation, ensuring the public good as AI pervades the new economy, and balancing privacy and transparency in AI related endeavors.

Big Data Analytics  – big data architectures, the Hadoop ecosystem (especially Spark), NoSQL databases, and a sampling of powerful applications of big data analytics, including recommender systems and social network analytics. New concepts will include additional applications of big data analytics, including text and unstructured analytics, such as sentiment analysis, document clustering, and document classification.

Analytics in Financial Markets – will include traditional models such as: the CAPM, portfolio optimization, applied contingent-claims analysis, Altman’s-Z, Monte-Carlo methods and applied econometric models. In addition, the course will also cover recent advances in artificial neural networks and machine learning tools applied to forecasting financial time-series and corporate default as well as Block-Chain analytics.

Predictive Modelling – three key elements: analytics techniques, business applications, and basic coding/programming (in R, one of the leading open-source tools for analyzing data that you will be able to use in your jobs.) The emphasis will be not on the technicalities or theory, but rather on applications to various business cases. Basic familiarity with R is required, but for most classes you will receive a starter code, by running and modifying which you will learn analytics techniques and coding principles, and which you will also be able to use in your jobs. Because of that, much of the course will be in a form of a “hands-on” workshop; students are be expected to bring your laptop to class (with all the necessary software tools installed) and actively participate in the learning process. The course will cover 2 major topics within the domain of predictive analytics: “predicting quantities” and “predicting events”. Within the “quantities” part we will focus on linear models, variable selection and regularizations, as well as on time-series analyses. Within the “events” part we will focus on generalized linear models (logistic regression) and get an introduction to supervised machine learning (CART, random forest, boosting, and neural networks).

Please reach out if you have any question! I am here to share my experiences and help you succeed in your career!


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