Second Wave – Be Prepared For Unemploymeent / Lay offs?

Hello World,

Two day delay but here I am once again! So it’s going to be a hard hit everyone so be prepared.

The economy already went through the first wave and saw a round of lay offs. Lay offs are not plesant. Long back, I was layed off from a position. The compnay was doing “Re-Org” which, basically means they are trying to save cost. At that time, I didn’t have a job for 6 months. Good thing, I wasn’t completely alone. I had family support and a roof to stay.

Looking back, I couldn’t find a job for 6 months because, I lacked experience, I didn’t know where to look, how to properly set up my resume, didn’t know anyone or have any connections, and the last but the main point, it is hard to find a job! You have to keep looking and trying until you land a position because, more than 1,000’s others are also interested and trying their luck on the same position.

Second wave will be a hard hit everyone so be prepared! When I say be prepared, I mean to say, please have a second source of income or at least update your skills.

Friends saying, the purchases of appliances such as fridge has gone up, why? Because, pepole are preparing to stack up for the second wave. My doctor friends and family are stating that they are cutting health care worker hours, just to save cost at this time. Even depressing enough, we are in debt as a country!

$768 billion – According to data from Statistics Canada, net debt (gross debt minus assets) as of March 2019 was approximately CAD$768 billion. With a total GDP of approximately CAD$2.2 trillion, Canada’s overall net-debt/GDP ratio is about 34%.”

This is concerning and depressing as more covid patients are coming in, yet we are cutting cost of health care workers.

So for your own good! I want you to research a skill that will be valued at this time. Save and invest your money. Invest in yourself. I want you to look up different ways of passive income. Try putting up your skills on Fiverr and Skillshare. Try developing a course on Udemy. I want you to have that extra flow of income coming in. It’s not easy but, I want you to atleast try for it. Growth is key!

Thank you for your love and support as usual!

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What Will People Think Mentality? Change it!

Hello World,

What will people think only applies if you work a corporate job and you are puting out content that creates a conflict of interest. What will people think only applies, when the content you put out or the action you are about to take will harm someone you love dearly.

Otherwise, as Drake once said, you only live once! Have a chuckle at that for my poor Canadian reference!

But come on guys! Isn’t it more fruitful to stay excited by doing challenging things? What is the point of staying within your comfort zone and thinking of what others would think or feel? I bet you anything if they had a shot at their own journies they wouldn’t think twice.

You need to change that mentality and go for your dreams! Take a stab at and try! There is literally nothing to lose.

I am trying so many different things in life at this time because, I want to experience growth on a different level. Unique from others, as in not everyone will take the risks I am taking. Which is weird, because, the perceived risks I am taking, trading stocks, Fiverr, YouTube, blogging, audiobooks are all open for everyone to try.

What is your excuse for not trying any of this above or your true passion, whatever that might be… maybe a cake business, IT services, becoming good at something… basketball?

The most common answer is fear of not being good enough, fear of being judged, and fear of failure. Trust me, we have all been there!

But one thing you have to keep in mind, this time you have now will pass. Some people ddwel in the misconception that there is still time. Your body is changing every day. You are not physically capable of doing the same thing in 10 years for now so, take your shot and complete your bucket list today!

I have received a comment one time, stating that I have it easy and I have time. No, one thing I am good at it is planning! Planning made me confident in knowing what I want. I know I want growth. I know in order to achieve that growth, I must put in work and be consistent. I also know, nothing turns up at your door the next day, you have to wait your turn! Everyone has ups and downs and highs and lows, it’s your responsibility how you want to perceive the situation and action it.

That’s why I always tell you guys to keep going forward. Don’t think of what anyone says! Who cares! They will die one day and so will you. As deperessing as that sounds, it’s the only way one realizes how much time we have on this planet and how to use it wisely.

I love you guys for the support on my blog! It has been a tremondous success in my eyes! Sharing my journey has helped me grow and I am glad you all can take away something from my growth!

What is one thing you always wanted to get done? Let’s help each other grow.


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Stagnant – Stuck – Anxiety – What it Takes to Improve Your Situation

Hello World, What does it really take to look past your “stuck” situation right now? It takes experience of going through it a couple of times and then saying, okay I take ownership of my situation! Acceptance is our keyword for today’s topic. It takes acceptances to move on or keep moving from any tough …

What Is Your Habit of Success?

Hello World,

Consistency is key! That is why you need to habitualize positive tasks.

But I am curious to learn about habits that make you successful. Believe it or not, mine is as simple as taking a pen and paper and writing everything down. I have to have a pen and notebook with me at all times.

On a zoom call or voicenotes, or some one just share a key insight…yes, you guessed it! I have to write it down.

It’s simple, but it’s a habit and not a bad one. It helps me memorize the detail and embeded in my mind so I can reference it later on.

Another one of my good habits is curiosity. I am curious and that means, I am keen to learning more about certain topic. I go into it as a learner not a know it all, no matter how easy the topic is. Showing interest keeps me growing and makes my life more fulfilling.

I want you do the same! Take some time and learn new things and teach new things!

That’s all for my Sunday bite size chat with you all!

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What Are You Passionate About? It Can Lead to Passive Income

Hello World,

If you still have not picked up that hobby, you should soon as Gen Z’s are already on it. Did you know that Millenials are richer than baby boombers? Yes, they don’t save money, but they make a lot of money. It’s going to be even more for Gen Z’s… any guesses why?

Gen Z’s are going to be more wealthier because, we are making a shift in the education system. Millenials earned more but they had student debts. Gen Z’s, with the current pandamic and TiKTok being their best friend, learned about trading stocks, ETF’s, options, and also opened up their own businesses. Did you see Shopify and Etsy stocks sky rocket? Yes, your lil Gen Z’s helpe you there.

This generation will be the rich kids in the block as they are making money from the get go with more applied real world skills. The opportunity older generation didn’t have. So how to keep up? Follow your passion. Pick up that skill today and think of ways to create passive income.

After you learn that new skill, there are various places you can sell it, be it Udemy, Etsy, Shopify, Obelo,… You name it! But first to gain that confidence, you need to invest in yourself a little bit. You have to learn that skill, practice, and just put samples out there for feedback.

START Today!

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Sales / Customer Service Professionals Are Human – Please Share

Hello World,

If you can help me share this to as many people as possible, I would appreciate it!

This is more of a rant than an opinion peice. There are some people out there who treat servers, customer service and sales professional very, very poorly. They are very manipulative and pressure sales people to act as they please just because they feel they have bought the sales person after they had made the transaction on the product.

Hold on for a second, yes, it’s good to know that you as a customer are supposed to be treated like GOD since, customer service is what will bring you back. But, you are in no position to harrass people you are providing you service.

If you are someone, who thinks you are above other people or you feel entitled in some way, I have no respect for people like you!

My family member has been in sales for 10 years. She sees multiple nut cases like these, who come in and buy then call the sales person back to get discounts. Recently, one lady has been calling day and night for 6 days and on off days. Like are you kidding me? I am sure you wouldn’t appreciate someone calling you over the weekend on your off day, if you worked a commission job and have sales target to fulfil. Do you understand the pressure a sales person goes through?

This lady called and threaten to cancel the deal. My family member doens’t get a base salary. She is on full commission. The fact that someone could harrass her for 6 days and then cancel the deal is pathetic. Not only did the sales person feel the pressure from her bosses when making the sale to meet her qouta but, then she has to fight to keep the deal?

My family member, worked very politely with the lady, giving her many options. On her day off she told the customer, it’s my day off, I will take care of your inquirey when I return to work on Friday. This rude customer responded by saying, she will cancel then sent a rude text saying, “I can’t believe your attitude changed after the sale was made” EXCUSE ME???

EXCUSE ME? I can’t, and I don’t have respect and that kind of patience to deal with ignorant human beings.

If you work a sales /customer service job then I have a lot of respect for you! Please don’t take this attitude and tell them as politely as you can to correct their behavior.

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Be Grateful of Your Time

Hello World,

As you know TikTok is great for business and daily lifestyle. It keeps me upto date with news, what is trending, popular opinions, Gen Z trend, markeing, small business trends and stock updates. The people who don’t have it, think it’s a dance app for the younger generation.

However, there are many inspringing people on the application who share their daily lives and inspire you to keep going. I cam accross this video of an outstanding artist. She shared that she has this underlying illness that causes a lot of tiredness in her body and doctors cannot figure out what the cause is. She has been painting amazing art to express what she is going through. She cannot keep up a regular job because of her condition.

There are many people who struggle with health The artist used her talent to express herself. Therefore, please be grateful for the time you have. Make it work for you. Take breaks when needed. Give yourself time. BUT come back to your goals and aspiration and don’t give up.

I want you to be successful and financially free.

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Organization Tools for Task management

Hello World,

Make sure you leave a comment! Would love to hear your insights.

I must say, I am enjoying this new wordpress editor! The navigtion is easier and it looks much cleaner. Love it! Seems like I am writing in a Word Document.

Okay now, how many of you have you track your to-do’s on a sticky note? How many of you have sticky notes all over your desks your walls and story boards?

STOP! You need to start using Trello!

Still figuring out many new features as I commence on writing this post! Trello replaces all your sticky notes. It requres your email address to sign up and you can use it for absolutely free! No gimmick. I know everything comes with a gimmick these days!

Trello looks like your regular sticky notes but on a board. You can categorize and group you task and mark them complete as you work your way through! It is an amazing tool keep track of all the tasks you have in the day…also motivates you to clear up your desk space.

Organizing your physical space will help you clean up your mind! Trust me it works. A clean space can will help with creative thinking!

Next! OneNote…I know what you are thinking, you can’t be a good project manager or an analyst if you are not a good notetaker. For note taking you need OneNote. I love OneNote because it has various capabilities and features that I can use to almost create a planner. This application also integrates with various platfroms used on the daily, for example, your Microsoft Outlook.

Exactly like Trello, Microsoft Planner serves the same purpose. Here you can assign tasks and track the progress. You are also able to share your tasks with your team members and track the progress. It’s great for team management.

Microsoft Planner



HAHA! WOW! Who paid for my upgrade? Mind blown on the new features on WordPress!

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Trade Mark for your Brand

Hello World,

I always want to provide informative content you can use to excel in your personal and professional growth.

I am the kind of personality who had to learn on her own and find her own coaches and mentors. I had to put in research for all the knowledge I have equiped over the years and I am still growing and learning.

Today I want to know if you are growing your brand? If you are, then check out these two websites which will help you locate Trade Marks for your brand. You can go on these websites and search for your Brand name and or a slogan.


TradeMarkia –

Once, you searched the trade mark item you are looking for two things!

  1.  If the trade mark is “Dead” or “Live” 
  2. Detailed description of the industry the brand name/slogan was used for.

If the trademark is LIVE then you would not be able to use the trademark!


Check out my last few Blogs! Let me know if they are helpful. 

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Steamer – Amazon Deals

Hey Everyone,

Hand held travelers steamer:

Thought I do another product read on the best Amazon Deals that I am finding. Also, test and work on my organic tractions.

When I was younger, I use to work retail. Fashion retailers keep their clothes looking crisp is NOT by ironing but with steamers.

I bought the exact one. I bought one called Toby from Walmart. Big and bulky! Hard to put together and hard to move around. I loved the idea of having amazing looking clothes all the time, however, I hated the work of putting together the device in order to get the actual result.

Oh and let’s not forget, I spent 100 dollars for Toby the steamer!

So here we are today, older and wiser. This time I am all about investing in experiences and items that will make life easier while being thrifty. I did my Amazon research to find the Steamer, I needed this time and found…

The handy traveler steamer is perfect for the couple of items you need to wear right away. Easy to set up and perfect for the time you are in a hurry.

Let me know your Amazon finds! Share your ideas with me.

Thank you,