Took A Little Break Because of Anxiety

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My anxiety began when my father passed away. I use to always have anxiety but, not as badly. Anxiety took over the day I knew he will no longer be with us. It started to get worst day after day. I realized I can’t work like this. If I let it take over, I can’t work or focus. That’s when I started listening to podcast and really focused on work.

I opened many doors by only focussing on work. However, still I get some serious anxiety hitting me time to time. That’s when I have to just step away and do things that relaxes my mind. I just relaxed my mind by sleeping early, doing things completely unrelated to work and putting on some good music.

A lot little things triggers my anxiety. Fear of sustainability is one. Fear of not being able to keep up with work is another. Third and a big one is memories of my father, which I can’t control. All of these feelings together does not feel good both physically and mentally. That is when I need to completely disconnect and give myself some time before I can step back into it.

So I hope all of you were staying safe and taking the time to disconnect time to time.

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Family Obstacles Can Create Anxiety

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Has this ever happened to you? Are you career driven but, you live with your family or you have your own family, or you have certain obstacles that just get in the way.

Story time! One of my friends live with her family. It’s a family of five, mom, dad, brother, and sister-in-law and my friend. Recenly, my friend, let’s call her Mary… Mary’s brother got married and now Mary has more family members she has to share her interest with. Her mom and dad was hard enough to deal with but, now she has her brothers family. The entire family is a bit conservative and always checks up on Mary when she is out with her frineds or shopping, etc. Think about it, Mary is past 30 and the family still checks up on her to see what she is doing.

Sounds sweet, because, family should always check up on each other but, when the check in’s become interenece that creates a problem.

Mary’s family interference has always stopped her from progessing in life. You will see many people who are successful, move out very early in there life. I am not saying that should be a goal but, if your family is always in your case then maybe it’s a good thing to draw the line between your passion and your family. In Mary’s case, she is not able to move out. She did not get to excel very far in her career because, her family always stopped her from partaking or pursuing her dreams.

From a conservative families perspective, they are just looking over and protecting their daughter. However, parents should realize that needs to stop at a certain age and kids should learn to take control of their own lives and make their own mistakes.

Mary has developed anxiety from this occurance. The pressure of matching up to everyones expectation at home while, supressing her own desires and goals has led her to develop serious depression. Now she has a part time continuing with work for long periods of time. Mary has to take gaps, take mental health days, and ask to become part time in many instance.

This becomes a stoppage in her life where she can’t earn alot of money because, of her mental health challenges.

Now Mary is a relationship where she finds a bit of peace. She feels like she can get away from her problems and the pressure at home. She doesn’t have to meet so much expectations in this relations. Despite what she feels the relationship is clearly not good for her. The boyfriend is also not ambitious, does not have a stable job, and says she doesn’t see them as a long term couple. She’s just with him because, she’s feels more at peace with him and feels that she will be able to change her mind in the future.

Mary’s thinking is blurred now as she has several problems. One, her family has expectations that she feels she needs to meet. Two, she does not know how to make more money with her career or progess towards success. Making more money will atleast help her become independent. Third, she’s in a really toxic relationship.

Any guidance offered by her friends are just becoming overwhelming for her. She is having a hard time processing over load of information. Her friends are telling her to leave her boyfriend as he is just straying her along. Mary is unable to leave the relationship as that’s the only time she gets to disengage from her family. Mary’s family is pressuring her to get married soon, or keep tabs on when she goes out. The family is also upset and scared of her taking the wrong steps which will hurt her even more. Not being able to make more money is getting in the way of her moving out and finding more balance.

When people have problems from all aspects of life, they need to take a step back and realize that they need to take it one step at a time. If there are several big problems and they are all connected then prioritize your issues and break them down.

In order to make money, Mary has to save money. She has to make some sacrifices to cut down on her expesnes. In order for her parents to understand her point of view, she needs them on her team. Instead of pushing them away, create that bond and spend time with them. That way they will at least be open to hearing her out. When Mary understands that there are clear differences between her boyfriend and her, she should count her losses and just let him go. This all sounds easy from an outside perspective but it’s hard for the victim to comprehend and process.

If you are ever in a situation where you have several problems at once. Do one thing, work on your mindset. Keep your calm and know that everything will turn around. Tackle your problems one by one.

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Sustainability – Is Your Job Secure?

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Although I had a bunch of masks available to me at home, I ordered another 50 pair. Yes, I started stocking up again just like how I did in the beginning of the pandamic. The numbers are peaking again. Although, the government is being conservative with the shut down, we are not far away from it.

Although this pandamic was the absolute terrible, I had my perks of not having to commute to work, I saved money on commute, I saved money on eating out. I had time to focus on myself and take care of my mental health over all.

But I want you all to think about the ones who has lost their jobs during the pandamic. It wasn’t as pretty for them as they all had to focus on getting another job or changing their career path and skill set. Think about it for it, if you still have a job then you are lucky but, let’s say the second wave it and you were the next to get laid off or fired?!

How much security do you have in your job? Almost zero, and that stands true even if there was no pandamic. Pandamic just makes everything worse, we can all agree on that!

Therefore, we need to upgrade our skills, always be aware of the current trends, and prepare for the future.

I always tell my audience to always, always, always, try to gain another source of income. Yes, not one but, two. One can pay your bills and the other you can re-invest to build wealth. There are some of you who are going to be like, no money can’t buy happiness. Money can’t, and I agree but it does buy you a bit of freedom and comfort to easily have time for what makes you the happiest.

Think about what I wrote, and share your ideas to help others grow!

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Second Wave – Be Prepared For Unemploymeent / Lay offs?

Hello World,

Two day delay but here I am once again! So it’s going to be a hard hit everyone so be prepared.

The economy already went through the first wave and saw a round of lay offs. Lay offs are not plesant. Long back, I was layed off from a position. The compnay was doing “Re-Org” which, basically means they are trying to save cost. At that time, I didn’t have a job for 6 months. Good thing, I wasn’t completely alone. I had family support and a roof to stay.

Looking back, I couldn’t find a job for 6 months because, I lacked experience, I didn’t know where to look, how to properly set up my resume, didn’t know anyone or have any connections, and the last but the main point, it is hard to find a job! You have to keep looking and trying until you land a position because, more than 1,000’s others are also interested and trying their luck on the same position.

Second wave will be a hard hit everyone so be prepared! When I say be prepared, I mean to say, please have a second source of income or at least update your skills.

Friends saying, the purchases of appliances such as fridge has gone up, why? Because, pepole are preparing to stack up for the second wave. My doctor friends and family are stating that they are cutting health care worker hours, just to save cost at this time. Even depressing enough, we are in debt as a country!

$768 billion – According to data from Statistics Canada, net debt (gross debt minus assets) as of March 2019 was approximately CAD$768 billion. With a total GDP of approximately CAD$2.2 trillion, Canada’s overall net-debt/GDP ratio is about 34%.”

This is concerning and depressing as more covid patients are coming in, yet we are cutting cost of health care workers.

So for your own good! I want you to research a skill that will be valued at this time. Save and invest your money. Invest in yourself. I want you to look up different ways of passive income. Try putting up your skills on Fiverr and Skillshare. Try developing a course on Udemy. I want you to have that extra flow of income coming in. It’s not easy but, I want you to atleast try for it. Growth is key!

Thank you for your love and support as usual!

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What was Your Quarantine Project?

Hello World,

I alwasy try to motivate you all by giving you tips and tricks to organize your business and invest in your future. In addition, to that I help you slow down and give you information on how to tackle mental peace, anxiety, and stress while investing in your personal and professional goals.

In my pervious blog posts I have many shared many ways you can save and work towards a project of your own during the quarantine. So let me know your success / failure stories and how far you have come.

If you have not started then I want you to start! START

I came across an article recently talking about gaps in economy and/or technogical evolution is when entrepreneurs are created. So why are you waiting?

The main problem most people have is starting because, there are many underlying factors that they think they can’t over come. For example, starting a business requires you to register it. Another delay is, how will people react? – Yes, I know that’s most of your problem. How will people react and weather your project will be successful or not?

But the point is, you will never find out if you don’t try and reach out for help! One of the things to START with is RESEARCH! Research on how other people executed the project you are intersted in. Once you get the braoder idea, reach out to at least three people who have succeeded or are in the works of creating their project to get an overview and perspective of their experience. Trust me, they will share different experiences that will be valuable to your own success.


True Stroy 1:

I will share some success stories I have witnessed over the quarantine to motivate you. My friend had been let go from her job. She was depressed for a bit but then she picked up the camera she got as a gift (not too expensive) and started asking her friends and family to pose for her. She started learning how to edit the pictures. Every day she edited a picutre and became better at editing. First and foremost, she loved taking photographs. It started to become her passion. My friend started creating her portfolio which, led a fashion blogger to approach her for a photoshoot! Isn’t that just awesome? Do you know how many followers she will be exposed to now?

What does that story say? Just pick up something fun to do and keep working at it, the opportunities will follow.

True Stroy 2:

My coworker was slammed with homeschooling her kids while working. She has three kids and works in IT. To de-stress she started baking a lot over the weekends. She loved baking and that was one of the ways that she dealt with her anxiety. She started posting the cakes she would bake on social media. How long did this quarantine last us? 3 months? Well, within just three months she received several orders and grew a cliental and bakes 15 cakes per weekend.

True Stroy 3:

My friend was let go from the airport where she was a high ranking manager. She has marital issues and her personal life is a mess. To destress, she started painting old furniture. She would buy old furniture on Kijiji to replenish them. She would paint them looking new, added handles she bought from Kijiji or Amazon and resell them for great value. This is a boss story! This girl always inspires me to keep going!

True Story 4:

Iam all about growth and am constantly learning. I have been learning about different IT skills and also branding, marketing consumer behavior and monetizing brands. I am happy that I put my qurantine time to good use.

Now I want you to share your story and focus ont he following steps to follow. I would also love to hear from you so please leave a comment and like and fill out the form below.

Here are the steps to follow!



Reach out for help!

Trade Mark for your Brand

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I always want to provide informative content you can use to excel in your personal and professional growth.

I am the kind of personality who had to learn on her own and find her own coaches and mentors. I had to put in research for all the knowledge I have equiped over the years and I am still growing and learning.

Today I want to know if you are growing your brand? If you are, then check out these two websites which will help you locate Trade Marks for your brand. You can go on these websites and search for your Brand name and or a slogan.


TradeMarkia –

Once, you searched the trade mark item you are looking for two things!

  1.  If the trade mark is “Dead” or “Live” 
  2. Detailed description of the industry the brand name/slogan was used for.

If the trademark is LIVE then you would not be able to use the trademark!


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Organize Your Mind – For the overly Ambitious

Hello World,

Back at it again!  I have been reading a book Daniel J. Levitin wrote, The Organized Mind.  Honestly, pick it up and read it.  It is not a national bestseller for any reason.  This book made me realize how I am training my brain all wrong when it comes to utilizing my memory.

We forget things and we use it as an excuse to not complete tasks or prolong tasks.  However, the way I look at the world, we have so much to do yet so little time.  I am always behind.  I need more time added to my 24 hours of getting my goals done.


What does this create?  Stress and anxiety! 

& what does that lead to?  Future health issues, such as dementia.


Therefore, I am causing harm to myself without acknowledging the consequences.  I am working hard, being delusional in hopes of achieving more yet getting less work completed.


How do I help myself? How do you I remember important things, keep my mind organized, and not burn out at the same time?


Here is the trick! Create a mind map.  I wrote about the visual map during one my first MBA courses. Please click: mind map  for the link. This step-by-step guide is of visualizing your goals.  Seeing your goals visually helps you remove the clutter and to focus on the clear picture.

Write it down! Here is a trick that works for me the best, write every important thing down.  In addition to that, use the hand that you do not use to write your notes down.  Why do I say this?  Because, your brain remembers unusual tasks, if you don’t usually use your left hand to write, then your brain will register that and you will remember it easily.

Learn it with interest!  First, you have to learn the material well and thoroughly, don’t just read it and memorize it.  Concurrently, you are required to enjoy what you are learning.  This way you will remember the information no matter what.

Keeping the last to suggestions in mind, learning the information with interest, you need to teach it to yourself and or someone else.  Why do I say teach it to yourself?  In order to teach the information to yourself you need to practice having dialogues with yourself about the topic.  You can relate the topic back to information that correlates to a significant story or journey close to you or you read about.  You can also have the same dialogue with others. This will definitely increase your confidence about the subject and help you recall it later on.

Keep yourself healthy!  Work your entire body including your brain.  Reading, writing, crossword puzzle, anything that makes your brain a bit tired.

Focus! Your mind is a clutter.  Take this for instance, when some people are at work the mind shifts to focusing too much on what they need accomplish to when they get back home.  However, when they reach home the opposite happens, they start thinking about what they need to have done at work.  Why is this wrong?  Because, both the effort at home and at work will be half-hearted and half done.  The 100% will never be there due to lack of focus.  This is the reason why we need to organize our brain and create segments to put emphasis one thing at a time.

Hence, create a short list of,

  • Do it
  • Delegate it
  • Defer it
  • Drop it

Above, is how you roll my friend!  Prioritize and organize your task to keep your workflow going. Remove unwanted clutter from your brain.  Keep your mind in peace at one place and be there completely with your mind, rather than jumping ahead of what needs to be done next.

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A Portfolio Management Approach To Life

Hello World,

Are you an investor? I am! But there is always a hesitation that has to tag along with investing, correct?! Yes, you are not alone, I know many people who choose not to invest because they are afraid to take that risk. Risk of losing it all! A lot of you would rather live a monotonous life due to the uncertainty of the outcome. However, the ones that take calculative risk are a bit ahead of you today. They are a ahead of you a bit more by wealth, knowledge, awareness, and or confidence.

Asset Class…

Asset classes are securities that make up your portfolio such as equities, stock, bonds, fixed incomes, cash equivalents or money market instruments. Life has it’s own asset classes, Health, Knowledge and Wealth. These are the life long securities that you need to progress and invest in.

Portfolio Management assess the Investment Objective of your situation in order to find the correct securities to build your portfolio. Investment Objectives that come into play for instance; Current liquidity and Net worth, Time Horizons, Income Level, Expense Level, Charitable contributions, Restrictions/Security Selection. Similarly in life you have to assess your objectives to advance in your goals. Intermarkent Analysis, is used to analyze the stocks, bonds, and commodities. Likewise we need is to review the strength and weaknesses of our life securities. Are you Healthy? Are you advancing in your career? No and No? Then why not? Those are the questions we need to ask.

Asset Allocation…  

No one wants to lose! That’s why in Modern Portfolio Theory we need Diversification in our portfolio. That way we have mix assets which balances any loss from one or more securities in our portfolio. To learn more about your personalities and traits you need diversification in your life. if you don’t try new things and explore in life then your perspective, outlook, and options are limited.

There are many methods of Portfolio management, one of which is Rebalancing, this method allows your portfolio to return to it’s original target allocation at annual intervals. This means you sell high priced, low value securities and buy low priced, high value securities. Scenario Analysis helps to work out if the security will be affected by unexpected circumstances. These are all ways of Risk Aversion, low risk portfolio. That’s all you need in life, calculated risks, which will push you a little towards learning and progress. For example, you would like to become a CIO Consultant at a reputed IT Consulting Firm. The only thing in your way is a Professional Designation. It’s a risk to earn the Designation because it will be time consuming studying for and what if you don’t get your desired position. Take that Risk! Not only does the Designation gives you an competitive edge over others and open up more opportunities but also teaches you something new.


A conservative portfolio looks like, 20% funds, 20% Stocks, 50% fixed income and 30% short term money market. There is also Aggressive management, where the portfolio looks something like equities 85%, fixed income/cash 15%. In the Aggressive approach, the return is high but also the risk is more. Aggressive risk is for people with high liquid and net worth or who has more years in their Time Horizon. In Portfolio Management you can choose a Discretionary Investment Management, this is when a Portfolio Manager takes over and makes the decisions for you. You don’t quite have that option in life. If you are not a high risk taker then start by taking smaller risks towards your life goals. Build your confidence. Invest in becoming healthier. Invest in education. Try new things. All this in return will build your wealth.