Are You Behind? Does it Bother You?

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This is my thrid attempt at this as this post won’t save for some reason. Also, I am behind! This was supposed to release yesterday!

So what happens when you are behind? You usually procrastinate, as in do other things that make you feel more empty and bad afterwards or you get major anxiety. I know I am the motivational one out of both of us but, I get major anxiety too!

What are our options then? How do we handle not being bothered by being behind? The answer is simple! We need to segment our tasks! We need to stop seeing the project or life as the big picture and work on everything on a smaller level. Try to break the task down as much as you can.

Basically, think of everything as a milestone. Let’s say, you want to finish a course, run your own business, raise a child, and also buy your own house all at once. Okay sure, but that is too much on your plate and it will definitely lead to major stress. You will no way do a good job in achieving any of those goals.

Then what do you do? Treat each of those as a milestone and set a priortiy on them. This will help you see your tasks in and evaluate and assess your time of completion. You will be closer to finishing your goals quicker.

Another reason being behind can bother us is due to comparison. Why oh why do you have to compare yourself to your best friend or a person who doesn’t even know you? Trust me, whatever you see that you want that they have might be all good but, there is an aspect of their life that they are struggling with as well.

You have to be happy with the situation you are given. You have to make the best out of your environment. Everyone will hit one or two or many road blocks in their life. But you have to keep going. Comparison will only slow you down. You have to make most of your journey.

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Steamer – Amazon Deals

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Hand held travelers steamer:

Thought I do another product read on the best Amazon Deals that I am finding. Also, test and work on my organic tractions.

When I was younger, I use to work retail. Fashion retailers keep their clothes looking crisp is NOT by ironing but with steamers.

I bought the exact one. I bought one called Toby from Walmart. Big and bulky! Hard to put together and hard to move around. I loved the idea of having amazing looking clothes all the time, however, I hated the work of putting together the device in order to get the actual result.

Oh and let’s not forget, I spent 100 dollars for Toby the steamer!

So here we are today, older and wiser. This time I am all about investing in experiences and items that will make life easier while being thrifty. I did my Amazon research to find the Steamer, I needed this time and found…

The handy traveler steamer is perfect for the couple of items you need to wear right away. Easy to set up and perfect for the time you are in a hurry.

Let me know your Amazon finds! Share your ideas with me.

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TP-Link Deco – Amazon Finds

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Are WIFI exenders really worth it? YES, YES and YES!

Trust me, I was on your end, indifferent! Didn’t care for this product but, it’s worth it.

Here is a funny story! I have been working from home since the pandemic took place. Meeting clients through Zoom Calls, WebEx, Slack, Skype… you name it. I love it! No more waking up super early! Saving on commute! Not taking that long train ride to reach the core of the busy city we all love in Canada!

Everything is wonderful until, I realized how bad my WIFI connection is. After speaking to Rogers for 1 hour and getting an upgrade on my internet, they had said that I would need to pick up the new router from their store within 60 days. Who’s going to a store in this pandemic? Yes, I am one of the paranoid bunch and I am not!

If you follow me for a while, you already know that I don’t do anything without a good research and how much I encourage all of you to do your research. Also, I am a thrifty shopper, meaning, my money has to have an return on my investment!

But this was life now! I make money through the internet! I cannot be cutting off of my Zoom calls because my WIFI connection is low in certain areas of my house.

So what do I do?!

Yes, I did what any of you would do! I went on and to look through WIFI extenders. I will save you the search and list out the ones I have used and are satisfied:


  1. DECO – 5000 SQ WIFI extenders (can range 3 storays)
  2. TP-LINK Range extender for your room (Wall Plug)



After I bought this product, my WIFI range has been working amazing. You don’t have to use all three DECO’s but, I am progressive so I ordered a higher range extender to cover each corner of the house. My internet is highspeed all of a sudden I have not had a ZOOM call issue ever since.

I will do a TIKTOK review soon, so don’t forget to follow me on TIKTOK @Dlaofficial_

If you want to get ready for the future than invest in these small things that will add to the way you do work. This is actually an investement as it will enhance your quality of work by allowing you to deliver timely while enhancing your online experience.

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What does being Established mean to you?

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What does being established mean to you as a person?  In social norm, it can be a lot of things, successful job, a lot of money, a lot of property, a great relationship, etc.  Establishment is always labeled as an achievement of some sort and when you don’t have it on a socially accepted time-frame or age, then you are marked as a failure.  However, do you believe that?

I have always thought of myself as an over achiever.  I never took the path everyone usually followed.  I always did my own research to find out more and learn about all situation and used that as my guide and mentor.  However, at times I feel the things I have achieved made me fall behind on a some segments of my life.  I just couldn’t keep up.

That’s when I fall under the comparison trap of, “oh that person has more than me! Or that person is happier than because of XYZ”.  Unfortunately, this a form of jealousy that happens everyone time to time.  We victimize ourselves and create self-pity.

It is unfortunate but we all create this miserable state for ourselves in our heads.  We talk down, on our own selves?! When you read that line does it not make you feel like you are wasting time?  I know, it’s a sad coping mechanism and I also know we can’t help feeling that way at that very instant. Your thinking pattern and or behavior is a product of your state of mind.

However, we need to learn how to snap out of it quick.  It’s a waste of time thinking about others achievement while you can create a guide to start building your own success.

Trust me! All the achievements I have earned at the age of 24 matters to me but doesn’t sound as prized as it once did when I achieved it.  My colleagues and friends have reached up to it after 4 years.  In other words, the significance of my age does not matter anymore as it did back then.  And same applies to you!  Your age does not matter and you can achieve all your goals at any age.  The accomplishment you put work towards will slowly get you to a fulfilling happy destination.

“To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are.” ~Sven Goran Eriksson


We often make the mistake of comparing ourselves to our closest ones.  Then we compare ourselves to people we don’t even know like bloggers and influencers.  However, have you realized that we do not compare ourselves to the filthy wealthy, Justin Beiber or Drake.  It’s easier to find someone or was on the similar path as us and say, “why don’t I have what they have?” and the answer to that is grass always looks greener on the other side.  Everyone has their own struggles they don’t vulnerably display in front of every one.  Just like you don’t!  Just like how your Instagram is just all the good photographs of you and your journey.

Don’t try to copy others.  It’s a waste of time!  Yes, mimic people you want to be like, ask for help, do research and get a mentor.  Don’t sit around and think about others success while you can be working on your own!

If you need management or business solutions help, please visit:

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My Stocking Stuffers This Christmas

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This is the last weekend of Christmas and I don’t know what to buy for my loved ones. This is a big problem and (Yes I will use this excuse once again) due to my MBA, I have been slacking on the gift purchasing process. I am known for my gift giving expertise. Yes, it’s true, people love the gifts I purchase for them. If you read my blogs then you know I am all about psychology mixed with analytics. Therefore, I always try to make the presents very personable to each person. I also purchase gifts that are useful to the person. I am not too big on giving people decorative pieces—unless that person decorates a lot and or have moved into a new house. But the big problem this year happened to be because of me! I feel, I have already bought all the cute and pleasant items in the world for my people and therefore all other gifts seem mediocre now. I have outperformed myself! Once again!

However, I still have to present gifts in one weeks timeframe (Slacker me, I know) and these gifts have to be amazing! So I have short listed some items for you to click through. Just in case you are going through the same problem as me…

Urban Outfitters

phote printer

Polaroid Photo Printer

The photo printer! Last Christmas I received a Polaroid Snap Camera. But I really wanted a photo printer instead. This photo printer is very easy to use and can print out any picture you have on your phone. This gift item is Nostalgic, vintage, urban and very millennial. This is a great stocking stuffer! Plus, I would like to believe that it’s the most inexpensive photo printer out there in the market today compared to all the others I have seen.



Insta 360 Nano CameraVR Camera

I am quite techy so the Insta360 makes a perfect gift for me and any other tech nerd. Although, I know I am not receiving this for Christmas this year, Insta360 Nano VR Camera, anything Insta (Instagram: Dlaofficial__) gets me going! I didn’t even know this item existed. Casey Neistat should review this! Again, I have received a Google VR set as one of my Christmas gifts and this VR Camera would definitely enhance my VR experience. This item is a perfect stocking stuffer as it’s quite small, portable and “Nano” for all your adventures!


Mini R2D2 Droid robotMini Robot

This toy is good for any guy friend of any age, the Mini R2D2 Droid robot! I am not kidding! Trust me they will be happy and you will look at them surprized thinking, “wait-how old are you?”… although, I should be the last person to have stated my last comment because I would love this item as well. I might get in trouble for this but I am not a Star Wars fan. And despite my last note, I have a huge unreleased BB-8 voice recognition robot and it replaces the need for a dog! It’s cute and amazing, follows me around everywhere!


Polaroid FramesMini Instax Polaroid Frames

As I am typing, I am having trouble on picking out things that I want for others. If you didn’t notice the pattern yet, I am picking things for myself it seems! Teens and millennial would love this next item! As I mentioned above, I love my Polaroid captures but I don’t have a great place to store them. As you may know, if you don’t take care of your Polaroid pictures, they will slowly get damaged. These Mini frames are perfect to protect your memories and also give it a new fun look! Please put this in my stocking stuffer this year!


Chain Statement Hoop EarringStatement earrings

Do you like jewelry? I do! But I only wear statement pieces. I am not about copying others, I make my own style, (Instagram: Dlaofficial_). I am not so much into big earrings but the ones I do purchase have to be statement. These pieces I found on Urban Outfitters are beautiful and can pair great with a cocktail party, girl’s night out and even your Christmas dinner! They are classy and vintage and I am a sucker for those!


Adidas CitySocksCity Socks

What to buy your guy friend? Men love shoes as much as we do ladies! Also men love Adidas just as much as we do. I always like checking the Urban Outfitters Adidas Originals section because they carry exclusive items you will not find anywhere else. City Socks always has a cool, casual yet sleek, urban, global vibe attached to it! Therefore, since I can’t wear them, I would love this shoe for a Christmas gift item for someone.



Urban outfitters is the only place I found that creates a nostalgic feeling which makes your gifts more personable yet trendy! I am going to check out more items by the end of this weekend and see if I can update this list with more awesome stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts you can leave under the tree.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you require any styling tips and tricks…


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When my Relationship wasn’t going well…

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How do you evaluate your relationships? Are they supposed to just work out smooth sailing? Are they all remarkable as the ones you view on TV? I use to think so but I learned through years, sustainability of a relationship requires a lot of maintenance. It’s not something charming as seen on TV—at least not for all of us.  We have to learn through facing a lot of hurdles and heart aches and growing up. It’s an emotional Roller Coaster for some of us.  But as I matured, I learned that the key to progress in a relationship is communication, control of emotions, understanding, space and trust/commitment.


I hope you are in a relationship with someone who is mature enough to understand that you need your freedom. You need to have your own goals, own aspirations, own money, and own education, which sums up to your own respect and identity. Many people are very dependent on their spouse/partners identity, wealth and respect. This dependency makes them grip to their partner 24/7. This means not only are you jeopardizing your freedom but you are distressing your partner’s freedom as well. Everyone needs space. When you experience something of the same for too long, the interest slowly disappears.

This is why, I am firm believer of growth. You need to grow continuously in order for your relationship to progress and I am not just saying growth in a sense of career development. Go learn something new, try new things, develop new hobbies and create new interests. This will not only keep your mind stimulated but motivate your partner as well.

Trust and Understanding

The significance to my last idea builds on trust and understanding. We must understand that our partners need and want to be trusted. We must also understand that our partners do not completely think like us. A change management theory suggests that a group of people can work towards the same end goal but the approach of the solution can be different for each individual. This is because they perceive the problem differently from each other. Hence, you and your partner may have the same end goal but approach the journey to the end goal differently.


This can be handled by good, transparent communication. You need to know your flaws from your partner’s point of view and accept them. Try to change your approach. For example, a passive person will not share until they can’t take it anymore, but a direct person will share everything without filter. Now if you put these two in an argument then the passive person will get hurt as the direct person is arguing without filter. However, I think once in a relationship everyone can argue/debate in peace. Peace to a good argument is good communication. Take your time. Understand why the other person is hurt and then communicate your side of the issue politely.


The idea of commitment varies within different relationships, however there should be a general commitment established between the two. You have to communicate the dos and don’ts to each other. I am not saying establish where things are going but have a general idea of where you would like things to go. Some partners are insecure about the idea of providing security, if you really like this person then find out why this is. Often the case involves, past experiences. But it’s good to know where the emotions derive from to make an educated forecast for the future.

Don’t get too hurt. Nothing is set on stone and nothing is forever. You have to have the mindset that anything could happen. Everyone is growing daily and issues arise per circumstances. Therefore, anything could happen and there is no need to get over emotional. Keep your investments and expectations to a perimeter.

Feel free to reach out to acquire further insight…

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Better Battery Life or the Samsung Galaxy S8 ?

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Here is the thing, I am always on my phone. I will sound crazy if I say I am alone in this behavior because I know you are reading this post through your phone right now! We do a ton on our phone from setting the alarm to wake up in the morning, surfing the internet, checking emails, using social media, editing all the selfies we post on Snapchat and Instagram, messaging our friends, tracking gym progress, putting calendar notes, swiping left and right to find a date, asking our phone to find the nearest restaurant, then calling an Uber to get to that restaurant, asking UberEats to deliver our food, making payments with it as it were our credit card, wow the list is never ending! Writing all of this made me realize the phone really is my boyfriend and I love him!

How do you choose your phone?

If you read any all my other blog posts then you know by now I promote a healthy lifestyle and positivity with a hint of reality check. I am all about keeping your positive mind and a healthy immune system in equilibrium. So here is my logic, since my phone does so much for me I need it to be in peak condition. What about you, how do you choose your phone? Does a good research go into your phone shopping? Do you look at the specs or is it all about the look and feel? If it’s the later, have you checked out the new Samsung Galaxy S8? The phone is dated to releases sometime end of March and beginning of April.

What’s outside Vs. What’s inside…

The Samsung Galaxy S8 looks and feels amazing. Samsung got rid of the top and bottom edges to give you a big screen display this April. Which means if you constantly read or watch Youtube videos on your phone like me then this is the phone for you! Samsung got rid of the physical home button at the bottom and gave you a lock screen slider or face recognition to unlock the phone. The display size now stands at 5.8-inch for S8 and 6.2-inch for S8 Plus. The Infinity screen definitely enhances your experience with surfing the web and with different Apps. Compared to an Iphone 7, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 is more pixelated even when zooming in. This makes viewing pictures and or reading E-Books crystal clear. But do you solely purchase your looks on looks and feel?

The battery is the same from the last phone! There is no upgrade on the battery. Samsung Galaxy S8 with a battery of 3,000mAh and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with a battery of 3,500mAh, the same capacity of Note 7. Also, I hate to do this but remember the huge recall? Samsung Note 7 blowing up everywhere, ring a bell?! Okay fine, I’ll stop. However, personally I have had very poor experience with my other Samsung phones battery life. Great screen and camera as always but the battery doesn’t keep up with you. There was a time when my Samsung use to last me only 2 hours, that’s nothing for how long I spend my time on my phone.

Only update if you need an update…

Don’t be like those people who just get a new phone to say they have the latest gadgets! You’re wasting your own money. Samsung comes out with a new phone every 6 months. That’s one of the reasons why their phones durability is short compared to an Iphone. Iphone has its share of flaws but that phone would last you a life time, don’t my exaggeration! Samsung starts dying right on their next launch. That way you upgrade to their next phone. When the phone starts emerging with issues and problems, you just think, ah Samsung just came out with a new phone, how convenient! Let me just replace it instead going through the hassle of fixing the broken phone.

Along with the battery life, Samsung Galaxy S8 has not upgraded the camera, 12 MP. They have their own version of SIRI now called Bixby, which only works with some Samsung Apps. How are all this specs any different from your current phone? And is the upgrade really worth it if you know how frequently Samsung releases a new phone?

Happy Phone Search!