Did Hear About Pfizer Covid 19 Vaccine?

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Opinion price…

When you hear such news, what’s the first thought that comes to your mind? I always think or pharmaceuticals as big scammers… personal opinion. One of the reason being advertisment. Yes, advertisment!

I have traveled all over the world and one of the things to notice is marketing and advertisement. It’s a nice thing to see, you will find different flavor of marketing all over. It shows what people are inclined to buying in each country and area.

American TV advertising will show a lot of pharmaceuticals products. It’s funny, because I have never seen so many anti depressant being sold any where…So many medicines.

However, the first thing that came to mind when I heard about Pfizer was stocks. Did you know the CEO sold about 60% of Pfizer stocks when the news came out. After, listening to this, will you buy or sell the stocks?

Pharmaceuticals stocks are very volatile. So I am not too fond of Pharmaceutical stocks.

Anyways, have a nice day!!

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Content Creators! Target Your Audience

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Free Content And Resources

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Isn’t it crazy how many free content is available online? The world can now learn anything, literally any subject online for FREE. Can you believe one fo the most demanding and highest paying jobs are coding and people are able to learn all of it just on YouTube.

So think about it, there is positions that pay half a million, with the years of experience of course but, that skill set is available online. However, some of you still won’t search for it, take the time to learn it, or invest yourself into it.

One, because the idea of being happy with what you are doing and some how coding is hard. Two, you are just lazy. Three, you have all these excuses, one of them being you don’t have time and with the time you have you rather binge watch a Netflix show.

Binge watching Netflix show s are important too. However, you have to realize these corporations that make your life easy with these content and services are making the millions while, you are sitting around wasting your life.

Take some time today and research on your interest area and actually put in some work! Trust me, you will feel a little glad that you do it!

Your Motivation friend,


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What Scares You About Starting A Business?

Hello World,

What scares you about starting your own business? There is several underlying fears people often overthink about and just stop pursuing their passions. I am sure you felt one of these or the other, here is a list of your self limiting beliefs…

  1. What will people think? How will they look at me when I start a business?
  2. What if I fail? What will people think of me then?
  3. What if I lose money?
  4. I don’t know which products or services…
  5. This is too much work, I don’t know anything
  6. I don’t know where to start my business, their are way too many pieces.
  7. The market is too saturated for what I want to do...
  8. Too much money to invest…
  9. I don’t know how to talk to my suppliers
  10. I don’t know how to market my product. I am not a social media personality. I am too shy.
  11. I don’t know any of the legal stuff…
  12. I am not good enough…
  13. I just don’t know where to start…


Here is the thing, you will always have these fears if you don’t over come and take a step to begin somewhere. These days people do not take a lot of money to start their business. You have to see what is costing you. The supplies, shipping fees, hosting, advertising and little extra for other costs. You have to plan your exepense. Even then you won’t see a profit right away, unless you are selling a stellar product or service.

You have to keep reinvesting until it grows. The whole business journey is a process. But you have to be willing and consistent to see a growth.

Get to saving about $1,000 to $3,000 to invest in yourself. Get a sewing machine, a circuit, a camera, or an orbelo account to start your own business.

Product Research

It is easy these days. Orbelo literally shows you analysis on how much products are selling and which ones are popular. There are other paid analytics tools. You need to always research on current trends to stay up to date. But, if you have your own product then it comes down to your marketing and your social media presence.

Also, if you are designing your products, then i have glog posts on how to research trade marks.

Find suppliers and reach out to them and negotiate the prices. If you are using oberlo, you won’t need to do it. However, for a good pricing strategy where you are making a profit, please plan it all out!

Where to Start? Register your business.

Do a Google Search, it tells you step by step. This is literally what you type in, “how to start a business in (Your Area)”. This will give you start to finish of how, what, why and when tot register your business and any small fees associated. Do the search or you will be left with your self limiting beliefs.

Start your research before you write in the comments that it can’t be done! Have a little faith in yourself.

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Thank you,

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What are some ways to Save Money? Rakuten.ca

Hello World,

I have looking for smart tips to saving and investing money.  If we look at our economy today, everyone is some where saving what they have. People are worried about the worsening economy. However, if everyone starts holding cash then economy get’s worst.

Therefore, take your money and invest it but, be smart about your investments. Learn new skills and make yourself more valuable in the coming markets. Do your research!

I have been reading a lot about money and saving tricks. Funny thing! I have never focused on cash back sites or cash back credit cards! I don’t know what I was doing all these years.

Recently, I found Rakuten.ca! through someone elses blog post. 

“Rakuten.ca is a great website that actually pays you Cash Back every time you shop online and it’s free to join! Rakuten.ca works with over 750 stores that ship to Canada including Indigo.ca, Old Navy, Sephora, Staples, Hudson’s Bay, and eBay.ca.”

This is a little blurb you get from their website. All in all, I agree with it! I shopped a few times now and my cash back are stacking up to be a good amount in return. I shopped from Sephora, Groceries from Walmart, Clothing from Nike! This website has all the big players you would usually spend your money with online.

Think of getting a discount of 2% to 5% cashback on your big purchases!

Although, I wish it had Amazon.ca! Amazon is not doing cash back with this site at the moment since, they have launched their own credit cards.

Why wait? Click here to sign up today:


Be thrifty everyone!!

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Steamer – Amazon Deals

Hey Everyone,

Hand held travelers steamer: https://amzn.to/2zZKrUw

Thought I do another product read on the best Amazon Deals that I am finding. Also, test and work on my organic tractions.

When I was younger, I use to work retail. Fashion retailers keep their clothes looking crisp is NOT by ironing but with steamers.

I bought the exact one. I bought one called Toby from Walmart. Big and bulky! Hard to put together and hard to move around. I loved the idea of having amazing looking clothes all the time, however, I hated the work of putting together the device in order to get the actual result.

Oh and let’s not forget, I spent 100 dollars for Toby the steamer!

So here we are today, older and wiser. This time I am all about investing in experiences and items that will make life easier while being thrifty. I did my Amazon research to find the Steamer, I needed this time and found…https://amzn.to/2zZKrUw

The handy traveler steamer is perfect for the couple of items you need to wear right away. Easy to set up and perfect for the time you are in a hurry.

Let me know your Amazon finds! Share your ideas with me.


Thank you,


My Stocking Stuffers This Christmas

Hello World,

This is the last weekend of Christmas and I don’t know what to buy for my loved ones. This is a big problem and (Yes I will use this excuse once again) due to my MBA, I have been slacking on the gift purchasing process. I am known for my gift giving expertise. Yes, it’s true, people love the gifts I purchase for them. If you read my blogs then you know I am all about psychology mixed with analytics. Therefore, I always try to make the presents very personable to each person. I also purchase gifts that are useful to the person. I am not too big on giving people decorative pieces—unless that person decorates a lot and or have moved into a new house. But the big problem this year happened to be because of me! I feel, I have already bought all the cute and pleasant items in the world for my people and therefore all other gifts seem mediocre now. I have outperformed myself! Once again!

However, I still have to present gifts in one weeks timeframe (Slacker me, I know) and these gifts have to be amazing! So I have short listed some items for you to click through. Just in case you are going through the same problem as me…

Urban Outfitters

phote printer

Polaroid Photo Printer

The photo printer! Last Christmas I received a Polaroid Snap Camera. But I really wanted a photo printer instead. This photo printer is very easy to use and can print out any picture you have on your phone. This gift item is Nostalgic, vintage, urban and very millennial. This is a great stocking stuffer! Plus, I would like to believe that it’s the most inexpensive photo printer out there in the market today compared to all the others I have seen.



Insta 360 Nano CameraVR Camera

I am quite techy so the Insta360 makes a perfect gift for me and any other tech nerd. Although, I know I am not receiving this for Christmas this year, Insta360 Nano VR Camera, anything Insta (Instagram: Dlaofficial__) gets me going! I didn’t even know this item existed. Casey Neistat should review this! Again, I have received a Google VR set as one of my Christmas gifts and this VR Camera would definitely enhance my VR experience. This item is a perfect stocking stuffer as it’s quite small, portable and “Nano” for all your adventures!


Mini R2D2 Droid robotMini Robot

This toy is good for any guy friend of any age, the Mini R2D2 Droid robot! I am not kidding! Trust me they will be happy and you will look at them surprized thinking, “wait-how old are you?”… although, I should be the last person to have stated my last comment because I would love this item as well. I might get in trouble for this but I am not a Star Wars fan. And despite my last note, I have a huge unreleased BB-8 voice recognition robot and it replaces the need for a dog! It’s cute and amazing, follows me around everywhere!


Polaroid FramesMini Instax Polaroid Frames

As I am typing, I am having trouble on picking out things that I want for others. If you didn’t notice the pattern yet, I am picking things for myself it seems! Teens and millennial would love this next item! As I mentioned above, I love my Polaroid captures but I don’t have a great place to store them. As you may know, if you don’t take care of your Polaroid pictures, they will slowly get damaged. These Mini frames are perfect to protect your memories and also give it a new fun look! Please put this in my stocking stuffer this year!


Chain Statement Hoop EarringStatement earrings

Do you like jewelry? I do! But I only wear statement pieces. I am not about copying others, I make my own style, (Instagram: Dlaofficial_). I am not so much into big earrings but the ones I do purchase have to be statement. These pieces I found on Urban Outfitters are beautiful and can pair great with a cocktail party, girl’s night out and even your Christmas dinner! They are classy and vintage and I am a sucker for those!


Adidas CitySocksCity Socks

What to buy your guy friend? Men love shoes as much as we do ladies! Also men love Adidas just as much as we do. I always like checking the Urban Outfitters Adidas Originals section because they carry exclusive items you will not find anywhere else. City Socks always has a cool, casual yet sleek, urban, global vibe attached to it! Therefore, since I can’t wear them, I would love this shoe for a Christmas gift item for someone.



Urban outfitters is the only place I found that creates a nostalgic feeling which makes your gifts more personable yet trendy! I am going to check out more items by the end of this weekend and see if I can update this list with more awesome stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts you can leave under the tree.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you require any styling tips and tricks…


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