What I Currently Invest In

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I don’t know why people are often scared of sharing what they are investing in. Yes, don’t give out the actual manufacturer information for the products you are selling for your business. This makes sense because, other people can copy and the demand for your product will slowly become less. However, you are allowed to share things like stocks and real estates or other ideas that everyone can participate.

I believe in a community system. I like to share and learn. That’s the best way of learning for me. No secrets! You have a question then just ask, you will have an answer if I have the answer. You share your learnings and I share mine and we both grow together.

I currently invest in real estate. I look up properties using Redfin or contact various real estate agent to get listings to find properties I can afford.

In addition, I invest in stocks and ETFs. There is a lot of stocks I invest in but, I made the most money on my Tesla stocks as I bought them early while they were low. I also buy a lot of ETF’s as they pay dividends. The strategy here is to keep investing in dividends and over the cours the dividends will become an income. It’s hard to see the impact if you buy on one or two shares of ETF’s. I would suggest taking an ETF like IShare XDIV and investing a $500, or $1000, each month or year, depending on how much you can put aside. The compunt effect will help you earn a lot more dividends as the time goes by.

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Jealous of Others Money – Wrong Perspective

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We have all been in situations where you just find your hardship as unfair. It’s unfair that everything bad is happening to you and not others. It’s unfair that this other person is so much more successful while, I am putting in more work. It’s unfair that this other person has so much money to spend and earning so much more than me and the list of self pity goes on…

Don’t lie, we have all been through that self pitty thought. It takes a certain personal growth to say, what they are doing is their journey and I need to just focus on myself to make the same happen for myself. All of my self pitty thoughts I look back and laugh at! “Why is this happening to me thoughts!”

Story time! This was a long time ago. I was always a hard worker and my mind has always been on my growth, both personally and financially. This was back in highschool when I started a job at a restaurant and my monthly salary was hardly 25K. My friend on the other hand landed a job at a bank for 40K. Back then that was a big deal, no highschool student were getting paid that much. I was always very jealous of her success since, I thought I was putting in a lot of work and I want it more than her. As time went by and our salary also went up. Compared to her I had to work three jobs to earn as much she was earning.

I would always compare and put myself down for no reason. I thought I am putting in work too, why isn’t opportunity coming to me just like it did for her. Then I started telling myself that it was my fault and maybe I lacked certain capabilities to advance.

However, no ones situation stays the same. I failed to realize at that given time, her journey was different from mine and I did not need to compare myself to her. Now I earn well above what she earns. Her financial goals is get to my salary level in 5 years. This is because we lead different lives, have different goals, and have different struggles.

Don’t look at people as competition and compare. Think of them as motivation. Look up to people who are working hard and don’t question their wealth but ask yourself what can you do to get to that level.

As always, thank you for all of your support.

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Stay at home Motivation

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The stay at home transition has been tough for all even if you were a home body. A lot of you lost your jobs or are on temporary lay offs. This has caused unnecessary anxiety and pain.

It’s harder said then done, but change your mindset. Think about the opportunities you have that you did not in your daily busy “normal” life. For example, a lot of people are finally getting to spend a lot of time with their families. Some of you finally have the time to learn a new skill and get certified.

The world is your oyester. Be mindful of your pressense. Don’t let go or give up! Follow all the health tips, stay safe and take this time to develop your self further.

There will be all sorts of hiccups in life that you have to deal with yourself. Better way to look at this current hiccup is, everyone in the world is one unit and dealing with it.

My goals are self improvement related, both physical and mental. I am trying to learn new things daily, obtain new skills and become physically fit. I am holding myself accountable and completing my self improvement tasks daily. I want to come out of this as a stronger person. You can do it too!

I started waking up daily at 6:30 – 7 am. This has helped to gather my thoughts, have a bit of time before I get working. I use that time to think about my day and mentally prepare for it. I also fit in a fitness/workout session within that 2 hours frame before it is 9 am.

Always try to envision your future and plan for it mentally. Even jot down ideas if you can. This will help you stay prepared, even if it’s a little bit. You know what will happen and how you will handle it. Stay organized!

Thank you,

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Master Negotiation

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Do you recall the last time you negotiated and what the outcome was? I am sure you thought of a moment of confrontation with someone. When you hear the word negotiation, you subconsciously start to think of competition between you and the second party. However, that’s not the case! Negotiation is reaching an agreement that is moderately satisfactory for both parties.

How does that work?    

Good question! How does that work? I mean, I want this deal but the other party is definitely not agreeing with anything I am proposing! There are three forms of negotiation, Hard (Aggressive), Soft (Passive) and Principled (Assertive). Aggressive is when you shout, yell, confront, make the other person look bad and do anything to get the deal. Passive, you yield, and come off a bit unconfident. Best practiced is Assertive, you focus on interest and not the position.

Assertive negotiation creates a Win-Win situation for both parties. To create a Win-Win situation you need to define the purpose of the negotiation. Why do you need the negotiation? What purpose will it solve? After we have an answer, let’s assess if our proposal is realistic. Remember you don’t want the proposal to be turned down! Then comes thorough research on the topic of proposal and the party we are negotiating with. Trust me, you are only calling for failure if you are not confident! The only way to gain confidence is by acquiring knowledge about your product and the client! Yes, I know I say this way too often but one more time, PRACTICE! Run through the negotiation points, presentation, slides, speech, numerous times. Now don’t get the wrong idea, you are not there to prove the other side wrong or look desperate for the deal but practicing will boost your confidence and give you an edge when negotiating.

Know what your clients interests are and what they want out of the deal. Always do a Scenario analysis and figure out alternative plans for the proposal. This way if the second party counter offers you are not sitting there blank. Don’t read off the paper! Emphasis on confidence is major! If you are not assertive then you are giving the other party leverage. Keep a poker face, which means even if you are franticly in need of the deal, don’t show it! Be honest about the information you provide and be yourself.

FACT: UK businesses lose estimated $9 million per hour due to poor negotiation

Communication! The most important out of all the information shared; you need to be a good communicator to be a good negotiator. Practice and learn this skill, it’s needed in leadership, business and in your day to day life. You need to focus on pitch and tone of voice, speech, body language and most and foremost be a good listener. In negotiation, no foul words please! Don’t let the emotions get the best of you when things are not going your way. Remember, who ever gets angry first loses as the other person has leverage. Be calm and patient, listen and show respect. How you dress at the meeting has a lot to do with communication as well. It tells the second party how serious you are about the proposal.

You are not competing against the second party, hence you have to compromise. Don’t throw a tantrum, you won’t always get everything. Negotiation is neutralizing conflict, resolving and ensuring mutual gains. Don’t be in a hurry to close the deal. Show patience and buy time from the second party. Inaction, as in buying time will give you more time to think of an alternative counter offer.


The method of negotiating as follows:

Rapport – Share good vibes! Build a relationship. In business, you are negotiating a deal not just for one time gain but for a prospect client!

Analysis – Understand/Research your product and the second parties interest

Debate – The main part of negotiation is the discussion. Stay calm and composed. Don’t assume, the clients can’t read your mind. Be clear about the proposal.

Propose – Propose the best idea to reach the best possible conclusion

Close – Closing the deal. Contracts to be carried out in presence of both parties.

There are many types of negotiations: Day to Day negotiation: flow of work, the negotiation we have with ourselves, our family, our friends, our dogs. Negotiation with a superior, team, Commercial Negotiation, Legal Negotiation. The negotiating conditions of sale, lease, service delivery, etc. Hence sometimes negotiation can get complicated. A lot of businesses use third parties for instance, Lawyers, subcontractors, project managers, etc. as negotiators for deals. This way they  remain positive in front of the client.

Happy Negotiating!