Stagnant – Stuck – Anxiety – What it Takes to Improve Your Situation

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What does it really take to look past your “stuck” situation right now? It takes experience of going through it a couple of times and then saying, okay I take ownership of my situation!

Acceptance is our keyword for today’s topic. It takes acceptances to move on or keep moving from any tough situation. It’s all perspective at the end of the day. You can see your current situation as glass half full or glass half empty. As in you can make your situation bad or worst.

I get it though, when you are in the situation where the entire environment is super negative, it’s hard to think positively. Mainly when anything you do leads to none of your goals. You start putting yourself down and telling yourself that you are just not good enough!

Yes, I go through that too! When there is too much pressure of work or let’s say I just take on too much to prove I am “good enough”… perfect example of jumbling my thoughts, and taking on too much than I can chew. That’s when anxiety hits.

What to do in those situations? Accept… accept that it will all end one day, and just like the person next to you, there will be an end to you. That means, there is no reason to hold on to these negative thoughts, all you can do is keep pushing and moving forward. Your situation will change eventually if you put in the work to make those small changes.

We make a mistake of always focussing on the end goal! However, life is simple. It’s about making smaller changes in your life to get those end results.

For example, I see a software engineer or a product manager making a certain amount of money and living an easy lifestyle. I can’t wake up tomorrow morning and hope that I am a software engineer / product manager. I need to make those changes / put in sacrifices to get to that level to achieve that lifestyle. There will be many road blocks! Many, many, many road blocks — the main point is, take breaks, but don’t stop!

You don’t see results right away, at least I haven’t but, 10 years later, you will look back and think that struggle was required!

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Stagnant – Stuck – Anxiety – What it Takes to Improve Your Situation

Hello World, What does it really take to look past your “stuck” situation right now? It takes experience of going through it a couple of times and then saying, okay I take ownership of my situation! Acceptance is our keyword for today’s topic. It takes acceptances to move on or keep moving from any tough …

Negative Comments / Feedback Bring You Down?

Hello World,

Honestly, I don’t want to sound like, “I can handle it all!”… I am human. It does bother me. Negative feedback / criticism is impacts me. I think about it, I get anxiety from it. Something I can’t control…

But, what do you do when anxiety hits from a feedback or negative comment? What questions pop into your mind?

You step away from it…

Sustainability! Yes, for me it’s sustainability! Confidence is great! I have a lot of it but, can sometimes someone elses feedback can throw you off. That’s when you start feeling are you good enough?! So how do you shake that are you, “good enough” off? Take a hot shower, completely distract yourself and do something else that you love doing. Take a walk, paint, sing, go do an activity that you love doing. Come back and reflect!

Then come back and start working on the task that you are not so good at! Yes, people will have opinions, feedbacks, their perspective! Take it in, destress, and come back to the given task.

I couldn’t change my anxiety so over time I made any feedback that got to me a little, my strength! I started working towards it. I always try to out perform. Taking on the chanllenge has led me to become more stronger without even knowing it!

So just step away for a bit! de-clutter and come back to it and complete your task while, trying to get better at it!

Thanks for the love guys! I really love the support!


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Re-Invest Your Dividends

Hello World,

I always encourage people to become great researchers on my blogs. There is nothing better than searching for the right things and using the correct key words to conduct your research. Google is your best friend! The best resource. These days, learning about anything is easier than ever. I have been seeing a trend called the #smallbusinesscheck where, kids as young as 15 are opening up their own business. This is the time we live in!

So yes, dividends, I hope you invested in stocks that gives you dividends as in makes you money. When you purchase certain stocks, they pay you dividends, same with ETF’s. So do a google search and invest in some today and hold long term. I use to find stocks intemidating, however, as I started learning about more from the vast resource that is available to us, it became easier and easier.

Some of you are just earning the dividends however, I would suggest to make the dividends work for you. There are DRIP programs available in Questrades, Accorn, Wealthsimple etc. The program takes your dividends and re-invest in the stock that earned you the dividend. This will help you grow your potential of earning. This is a great automated process as you do not have to go in and repurchase a stock. All automated!

Please take a look at my other blogs to learn more about business, motivation, and personal finance. It will encourage you to create a good investment portfolio!

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Ask Yourself Before You Write an Opposing Comment

Hello World,

I am IT professional. I have ton of experience in programming, business, and investment. I create these motivational peices for you all to follow along. I hope you all enjoy my candid way of writing. You can all learn from my journey. My informative reads are just for you to read in the hopes you will take something away and apply it to your daily life. My pieces are here to improve your mindset. It is your CHOICE to take the information or not.

Recently, I had a comment from someone stating that I have it easy, and they have it hard. They wrote a complete different scenario of their life in the comment section which was unrelated to what I was mentioning in my blog.

Before digging deep, I want to segment the types of audiences I reached through out my blogging journey. I found there are different sets of audiences on WordPress.

> There are people who are using the content and need help. These are usually small business owners, studentds, professionals or new bloggers.

>Then there are people who are retired / don’t have work / stay at home for any life reasons they have. Some of these people have been past professionals and have great insights, some of them are just readers and few of them are just here to argue about past vs. future.

>Also, there are people who are mentally struggling due to their environment and or other related issues. These people do not have others to open up to.

My comment section is always open for you all! However, please try to take away the mindset and or idea, rather than being the opponent of what I am trying to relay in my blog. For example, I talk about investments all the time. I have a good grasp on it. I make money and enough for me to put away. I share ways on how you can as well. But if you feel differently, then don’t! (I had to laugh here)… if that is not your long term goal then please follow your own plan. Everyone has different life stories, I am just sharing what works for me and current trends so you can learn.

If you are mentally struggling, I have many blogs on anxiety and self doubt. Eveyone goes through it and it is not easy. Please take a look at all my blogs below.

If you are in an environment where you are not safe, please just don’t write it in my comments, seek help. If you are able to write on my comment section then you are able to do a quick google search.

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The Way You Measure Success Can Lead To Anxiety

Hello World,

Yes, the way you conceptualize your life can lead to anxiety. Do you measure your success against money? Do you measure your success against people and how well they are doing? Are you thining you are never good enough because, you feel you haven’t done enough?

Then your metrics is incorrect! Because, that will never lead you towards happiness. Some metrics to measure yourself gives you a boost in the short run. Hey, if he/she can do it, then I can do it better… yes, it helps you accomplish but, sometimes the success is just not attainable and it’s not your fault at all.

Therefore, change your perspective and values. You should just look to enjoy the journey. Have goals and plans but, if it doesn’t work out, then don’t beat yourself up.

But when I say don’t beat yourself up, that doesn’t mean don’t completely give up! Getting confusing but, all I am saying is find that balance of keep moving forward without feeling like you have failed.

Failure is inevitable! It’s a part of life. You need failure in order for there to be growth. If you got everything right in your life then, you wouldn’t have learned anything. There would have been no progress. You would have been a born genius and us humans are far from that!

Self reflect and take a look at how you conceptualize your life. Do you blame others or blame yourself? Then your metrics is not right.

Thank you,

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Side Hustle Challenge #Sidehustlechallenge

Hello World,

Take a paper, or open a OneNote and follow this simple math…

Take $2,500 (no tax) X 12 months = $30,000 Annual

Take your age, for example, 30, then subtract it from 60.

For example: 60 – 30 (your age) = 30 years

Now $30,000 x 30 years = $900,000 when you are 60.


Depending on income level, $2,500 is hard to save when considering tax, mortgage, car payments, children and other expenses. However, if you started a side hustle today that allowed you to earn passive income with your main source of income, then this might not be doable!


Hence, I want you to find a side hustle. You can open an esty store, become a consultant, flip cars/house/couch or simply search for remote work/part time work on : Whatever you do, I want you to start today! I want you to start during the pandamic.


To help you even further, go check out my old blogs for free resources. I recently wrote a helpful one that shares links to get free Google Analytics certification to update your skills:


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What Free Sources Are You Using for Marketing? TIKTOK?

Hello World,

This quarantine has been tough for all of you. Specifically the small business owners. I have been keeping safety in mind and not heading out much. Hence, all my shopping has been from digital platforms.

However, I want to know what platforms are you all using to promote your small businesses? I have been on TIK TOK a lot lately which made me realize it’s power on free promotion. If you post 4 times a day, showcasing your products and services, you will increase your traction and sales.

I would suggest to go ahead and create a TIK TOK right now, if you haven’t done so already. Then post four times daily and try to find that balance of when you are receiving the most tracktion (likes, views, etc.). It won’t happen over night but consistency is key.

Here are some tips:

Post about your product/Service – do you make it by hand? how do you manufacture the item?

Your method of deliveryor process of packaging

Share business tips and ideas

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and share your mistakes

Let me know how it goes and your ideas as well!

Thank you,


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Trade Mark for your Brand

Hello World,

I always want to provide informative content you can use to excel in your personal and professional growth.

I am the kind of personality who had to learn on her own and find her own coaches and mentors. I had to put in research for all the knowledge I have equiped over the years and I am still growing and learning.

Today I want to know if you are growing your brand? If you are, then check out these two websites which will help you locate Trade Marks for your brand. You can go on these websites and search for your Brand name and or a slogan.


TradeMarkia –

Once, you searched the trade mark item you are looking for two things!

  1.  If the trade mark is “Dead” or “Live” 
  2. Detailed description of the industry the brand name/slogan was used for.

If the trademark is LIVE then you would not be able to use the trademark!


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What is your Online Digital Strategy?

Hello World,

I hope everyone is safe and healthy! What a time to live in right now!

Many of the small businesses are struggling and stocks are suffering. The best thing right now is real estate as there is less supply than demand due to low mortgage rate.

As Harvard Business Review reports, “When customers are separated from the work that’s being done behind the scenes to serve them, they appreciate the service less and then they value the service less.” Describe the steps you’re taking to mitigate risk and give them insight into the steps you’re taking to help the community.

That’s why small businesses should think about shifting their business online with a Digital strategy. The next generation has always shopped online. After the lockdown, digital sales have been grown twice.

As a business on a digital platform, you need to focus on consumer demand. First, what is trending, and will you be able to meet the demand due to influx of new consumers buying online.

Please let me know if you shifted your businesses online and what is your digital strategy?


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