Everything From a Distance is Scary

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Isn’t it true, every big stept or “risk” in life is scary. It can be starting your own business, taking up a new degree, investing in stocks, investing in real estate, investing in a new relationship. All of these investements are scary. These are scary because, all of it involves uncertainty. We are all scared of that word, uncertainty. All of these situations above require your time, money, and effort.

Most of the time people just end up not spending the money. The hoard it. This is not bad, it’s just safe. You are just saving which is not helping you in anyway. You are not adding growth to your money when you are simply holding on to what you already have.

Time is another thing people are afraid to invest. They want to spend time doing things they like, or in comfort…nothing wrong with that however, you need to make some time to spend towards your growth as well.

However, some people really don’t have enough time to invest in multiple goals. It could be a working mother who has to come home after work to take care of children or anyone with anxiety who need a lot of gaps before they can focus on their responsibilities. No matter what you are situation is, you need a plan for growth. A single mother may find it hard to curve out that time after maintaining a household and paying all her bills but, it’s just the idea of ownership. Even if it’s staying up late one day to do some research about career change or the stock market… that time needs to be curved out and that change needs to happen.

Making a change is never easy, even harder is starting that change! How many of you wanted to start a business or wanted to start investing in the stock market and never did it? Trust me, you are probably not speaking up now but, that’s the majority of you.

One of the reasons, motivation speakers are all open with free information and courses is because, they know half of you wouldn’t get up and try to start a business or take that risk. However, you will invest in listening to their success stories.

Everyone is afraid of failure. However, we have to all normalize failure. You try something once and it becomes easier the next time as you are more aware of your mistakes. The first try prepares you for what you should be expecting.

So if you have been waiting to start a small project for your own personal growth then please, please, please share with me your goals and get started today!!

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What Has This Lockdown Taught You?

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Sorry I am late, work has been crazy! But I am just checking up on you all!

Unpredictability! My worst fear, something that gives me deep anxiety. Yes, unpredictabilty is what I have learned from this lockdown. I have also learned to accept it.

Just like most people, it has been testing for me. I was given new challenges at work that I had to quickly adapt to in these testing times of lay offs. One of my family members passed away. Over all I was just alone pick up all my emotions and work.

Being prepared for these unprecedented times is actually what would help you gain a bit of confidence. However, some obstacles you just have to deal with and own. Feel the emotions and get back to working. Feel your emotions completely and talk about it. For examples, if you lost your job, or someone at home is sick or you are struggling with something… try to find people who went through similar expeirences and just talk about it. It will help you.

What really helped me through 2020 is listening to podcasts. I wasn’t willing to open up completely with all that was going on. The podcasts were interesting, I resonated with the stories without having to tell someone my story. I learned how other people deal with anxiety and challening situatoins. The stories were not all about coping. These were various podcast starting from finanace to simply being happy. The subject varied widely. All I can say is it help me a lot.

There will be really shitty and hard times in life! Really rock bottom times but, you have to own all situations. When I say all situations, I mean the worst of the worst. You can’t be too comfortable with your current situation. I hope of the best for everyone, but you have to be uncomfortable enough to know that you may lose it all tomorrow. You should be able to turn around and say I am okay or not okay with that!

If you are not okay with a certain situation then plan early for it if you can. If you can’t then give yourself some time to cope.

Thank you for all your support! I hope you are all strong during these unsettling times!


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Sustainability – Is Your Job Secure?

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Although I had a bunch of masks available to me at home, I ordered another 50 pair. Yes, I started stocking up again just like how I did in the beginning of the pandamic. The numbers are peaking again. Although, the government is being conservative with the shut down, we are not far away from it.

Although this pandamic was the absolute terrible, I had my perks of not having to commute to work, I saved money on commute, I saved money on eating out. I had time to focus on myself and take care of my mental health over all.

But I want you all to think about the ones who has lost their jobs during the pandamic. It wasn’t as pretty for them as they all had to focus on getting another job or changing their career path and skill set. Think about it for it, if you still have a job then you are lucky but, let’s say the second wave it and you were the next to get laid off or fired?!

How much security do you have in your job? Almost zero, and that stands true even if there was no pandamic. Pandamic just makes everything worse, we can all agree on that!

Therefore, we need to upgrade our skills, always be aware of the current trends, and prepare for the future.

I always tell my audience to always, always, always, try to gain another source of income. Yes, not one but, two. One can pay your bills and the other you can re-invest to build wealth. There are some of you who are going to be like, no money can’t buy happiness. Money can’t, and I agree but it does buy you a bit of freedom and comfort to easily have time for what makes you the happiest.

Think about what I wrote, and share your ideas to help others grow!

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Community Management – Social Media

Hello World,

I have learned over the years that there is a lot community managment that is involved in keeping the engagement on your blogs/social media flowing. People are engaged when there is communication! I love that you all write comments and interact with me on my blogs. Honestly, I realized that actually helps so much for a creator to keep moving forward.

For example, on my blog of starting my YouTube channel, I received so much positive and encouraging comments. This shows that being real and vulnerbable with yoru readers builds a connection and creates a support system. I love hearing from your all and hearing your experiences.

If we don’t share our own journey, failures, and successes, other people will not be able to learn. That is exactly what I try to do with these blogs. I try to keep you all focussed and motivated for your own passions and goals. I want you to get to the lifestyle you are all striving to get to and I know you guys are doing a great job!

Thanks for showing me so much love and support! I hope to share more of journey as I take on more risks for my own personal growth!

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Sometimes You Want to Give Up…

Hello World,

I always talk about keeping going and eyes on the prize mindset. However, sometimes it’s just not practical. Sometimes your mind isn’t there. There are other things in your life that takes priortiy. I was all about work and growth but, when a close family member passed away, it paused my life for a bit. Same happened when the pandamic started, although not as bad as when I faced the familiy members loss.

There will be times where there will be some serious obstacles. Even without obstacles, there will be days where your mind just isn’t there. It’s distracted. You procrastinate that time. Then you feel bad for wasting your time. Instead of feeling this way and beating yourself up, know that you need that time some days. You can’t always be a go getter.

Yes, you need a go getter mindset to achieve while thriving through but, even consistency needs a break as long as it is not a long break. Don’t beat yourself up! Physical and mental health always comes first.

Being said that, some people suffer from serious procastination. This means, you get nothing done, ever! This usually happens when you are afraid of the task, the failure, you think the task is way too challenging… you distract and divert your mind to do anything but the task. This is when you know you have too much in one bag or plate.

The best solution to procrastination is break your work down into segments. It may seem hard when you look at one project as a whole but, you can always break projects down into iterations. Start from a small section and then you will get on the flow of keep going! Trust me, it works!

Metrics is another way of keeping yourself in check. For example, I have some big plans, big money goals. Every day I don’t get something done, makes me fall behind. However, when I open my excel dashboard of my goals and see my progress, I soon realize, I can’t slip. I keep myself in check by using metrics. Keep a tracker, track your progress!

As always, thanks for always supporting my work and showing love my following me!

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Be Grateful of Your Time

Hello World,

As you know TikTok is great for business and daily lifestyle. It keeps me upto date with news, what is trending, popular opinions, Gen Z trend, markeing, small business trends and stock updates. The people who don’t have it, think it’s a dance app for the younger generation.

However, there are many inspringing people on the application who share their daily lives and inspire you to keep going. I cam accross this video of an outstanding artist. She shared that she has this underlying illness that causes a lot of tiredness in her body and doctors cannot figure out what the cause is. She has been painting amazing art to express what she is going through. She cannot keep up a regular job because of her condition.

There are many people who struggle with health The artist used her talent to express herself. Therefore, please be grateful for the time you have. Make it work for you. Take breaks when needed. Give yourself time. BUT come back to your goals and aspiration and don’t give up.

I want you to be successful and financially free.

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What Free Sources Are You Using for Marketing? TIKTOK?

Hello World,

This quarantine has been tough for all of you. Specifically the small business owners. I have been keeping safety in mind and not heading out much. Hence, all my shopping has been from digital platforms.

However, I want to know what platforms are you all using to promote your small businesses? I have been on TIK TOK a lot lately which made me realize it’s power on free promotion. If you post 4 times a day, showcasing your products and services, you will increase your traction and sales.

I would suggest to go ahead and create a TIK TOK right now, if you haven’t done so already. Then post four times daily and try to find that balance of when you are receiving the most tracktion (likes, views, etc.). It won’t happen over night but consistency is key.

Here are some tips:

Post about your product/Service – do you make it by hand? how do you manufacture the item?

Your method of deliveryor process of packaging

Share business tips and ideas

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and share your mistakes

Let me know how it goes and your ideas as well!

Thank you,


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What is your Online Digital Strategy?

Hello World,

I hope everyone is safe and healthy! What a time to live in right now!

Many of the small businesses are struggling and stocks are suffering. The best thing right now is real estate as there is less supply than demand due to low mortgage rate.

As Harvard Business Review reports, “When customers are separated from the work that’s being done behind the scenes to serve them, they appreciate the service less and then they value the service less.” Describe the steps you’re taking to mitigate risk and give them insight into the steps you’re taking to help the community.

That’s why small businesses should think about shifting their business online with a Digital strategy. The next generation has always shopped online. After the lockdown, digital sales have been grown twice.

As a business on a digital platform, you need to focus on consumer demand. First, what is trending, and will you be able to meet the demand due to influx of new consumers buying online.

Please let me know if you shifted your businesses online and what is your digital strategy?


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Best Corona Virus Financial Advise…

Hello World!

Along with washing your hands and always carrying a sanitizer, let’s plan for the future…

Best Corona Virus Financial Advise,

  1. Buy all your travel tickets right now for next year.
  2.  Lock down that low interest mortgage for next 30 years! 

Thank you,


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