ETF’s I Bought in My Retirement Plan This Week

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Who wants to follow my personal finance journey? If you have not read all my financial blog, then here is where you start!

Let’s start by opening a Questrades account. Here is a QPass 316621717438868 you can use to get the following,

Take advantage!


Once you opened up a Self Direceted account RRSP or TSFA, buy a lot of QQQ, QQQJ, VOO, VOOV and VEA. Do your own research! These ETF’s pay dividends and track Vanguard and S&P500. Guess what S&P500 just added TESLA and you know that’s some good news!

If you have an investment strategy of putting away atleast $500 each month to your retirement funds, your money will increase in compound.

Also, research and read the news!

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Negative Nancy – Please Don’t be one

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It’s in some people’s DNA to be negative about everything. I have seen it in my own home where certain individuals are not big on risk taking. There are certain underlying subjectivities there. For example, it could be just how they are raised, it could be lack of financial confidence, bad experience with taking risks and/or they are just not as driven and are comfortable with their situation.

I have always been driven in all aspect of reaching my objective and making things happen. In my personal growth, none of my achievements came through conventional routes. That means, I saw a lot of failure before I got to my success. I heard a lot of people say that I could not do it or make it. When you hear those criticisms, do yourself a favor, don’t react! Take that all in and improve. Say you will learn it and do better. Every rejection made me stronger.

Recently, I am coming across a lot of people who are just done with this pandamic, so much so that they are not even taking in the joy of the festive season. So what the season is not as joyful this year or not “normal” … deal with it! Make it with what you have!

Yes, people are so negative towards any change that they have a hard time of accepting and adopting to new change or new norm. If this is the new norm then make it fun with what you have! Literally, it is just your perspective at the end of the day. People in east Asia, die on the street begging for food. You get to be comfortable at home with your close ones, if not close ones then atleast you can buy a $5 sandwich which a ton of people cannot!

I absolutely don’t sympathize with people with negative nancy attitude! Please reflect and always try to see the situation in positive light.

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What is Required in a Good Partner?

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First of all you need to be a good partner to yourself. Yes, you need to be content with where you stand in life. You need to at least know your plans and goals. Don’t be a pushover and lost. If you don’t have it figured which, most of us have not… try to plan and know what you want.

Many people who are always lost and lack initiative would tell you, yes but, everyone is lost, you just don’t know what will come your way next. That is true, but at the same time, you need to know what you like and don’t and stay true to your values.

Right off the bat, good money sense! You don’t want someone who doesn’t know what they are doing with their money. You don’t want someone drowning in debt, you don’t want someone who is not saving! Also, you don’t want someone who doesn’t have a retirement fund.

Trust/Understanding. You need to find a best frined in the partner. They need to understand your drive and purpose. Again going back to my first point, you have to have drive and purpose. You have to keep on working on yourself. Growth is the key to life.

Understanding comes from open communication. Don’t be afraid to have deep conversation so you both can learn more about each other on an intellectual and emotional level. This will allow both of you to keep yourself honest.

I feel those are the core for a good partner. Obviously, there are more things to add per your own personal preference.

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Steamer – Amazon Deals

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Hand held travelers steamer:

Thought I do another product read on the best Amazon Deals that I am finding. Also, test and work on my organic tractions.

When I was younger, I use to work retail. Fashion retailers keep their clothes looking crisp is NOT by ironing but with steamers.

I bought the exact one. I bought one called Toby from Walmart. Big and bulky! Hard to put together and hard to move around. I loved the idea of having amazing looking clothes all the time, however, I hated the work of putting together the device in order to get the actual result.

Oh and let’s not forget, I spent 100 dollars for Toby the steamer!

So here we are today, older and wiser. This time I am all about investing in experiences and items that will make life easier while being thrifty. I did my Amazon research to find the Steamer, I needed this time and found…

The handy traveler steamer is perfect for the couple of items you need to wear right away. Easy to set up and perfect for the time you are in a hurry.

Let me know your Amazon finds! Share your ideas with me.

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Masters Vs. Practical

Hi everyone,

Looking for insight! What do you think some practical things that are in business that Masters of Business does not teach you?

Let me know your thoughts! let’s make this insightful because I want to hear from you!!!


Remember, you are amazing…

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Woman need to be Financially Stable

Okay ladies this one is for you! I get it, we look for career oriented partners with a stable career, growth prospects and a lot of fortune. Judgemental people often think of this as being materialistic. However, what we are seeking is security and stability in our investments—that’s what every woman looks for while searching for a partner. However, some of you spend a lot of time looking for those qualities rather than working on your own development and stability.

It’s saddens me to see some woman still struggling with financial stability and some who are still not financially literate. You think I am kidding, but woman in some households can’t even break down their mortgage and various taxes that are attached to owning a property. This is because they are blindly dependant on their husbands to take care of the finances. Yes, your partner may be a wonderful person and they most likely don’t mind taking care of the finances on your behalf but you still need to know the details of the process.

Ladies you need to be par if not more than your partner. When I am in a relationship, I always make sure to be in a healthy competition with my partner. This way we are both motivated and have high respect for each other. I own 3 properties and I did it on my own, this is what healthy competition got me and I am proud of it. I understand some of you choose not to work because your spouse works. Yet you have to still make sure you know that your spouse has a backup plan if there is ever a loss of income. That means you need to know all about what’s coming in the house, what the expenses are and how much you are spending. Yes, budget!

Please ladies, make sure you have your own emergency account in the bank where you have 6 months of survival savings. This is a must, must, must and a 101 to personal finance. This is your rainy day money. Life is full of uncertainties and in today’s day you can’t dependant on anyone. You have to be a self-sufficient, strong, independent woman. Spending is easy! Saving, not so much! I need you to be saving though!

Those red bottoms look great and the new Prada purse all the Instagram bloggers are carrying look even better but sorry, we have to check if that fits your budget before you jump the gun! Cut your expenses ladies! Let’s work on investing in ourselves and our future. Did I tell you I am doing my MBA? (Yes I have, I mention it in all of my blogs). That Prada purse can wait, it won’t gain you a return on your investment. So you have to invest smart that has returns, invest in stocks, Bitcoin or property and or better yet yourself by learning a focus that adds to your competitive edge.

You need to work hard girls. Trust me, it feels good to have your own. Take risks girls, don’t get use to a casual, dependant lifestyle. It won’t be good for you in the long run. Money is not everything but self-growth and practicing personal financial hygiene is important!

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The Taller You are the More You Earn

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Posture is important! Yes, I know it’s not knew information, I know that, you know that! You probably learnt about posture way back in ergonomics class or through your mother’s long lectures on, “don’t slouch” and “always sit up straight”. I didn’t really pay attention to all the good advices my mother tried to teach me back then but she was actually right—as always! Few days ago, I came across an article which compared heights of all successful people around the world. One fact, all Presidents in the United States have been between 6 feet to 6 feet 3 inches. Among those 45 president only one of them stood 5 feet 4 inch tall. What does that really tell you? Stand tall, the tallest you can and don’t slouch! People will perceive you as powerful and influential when you stand tall.

Taller means More Money!

Universe is that fair? I am only 5 feet 4 inch! Studies show despite your gender, a person who is 6 feet tall is predicted to receive nearly $166,000 more over the course of a 30-year career than someone who is 5 feet 5 inches. They are also relatively happier with their work and family life. A research done by Britain’s Child Development Survey and the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth show taller teenagers usually participate in social activities, such as sports, school clubs and dating. This helps build their social adaptability which benefits them to achieve more when they are older.

Advantages and Perception

Tall people appear to look leaner than a person with average height. Their longer torso makes certain clothing look amazing on them. Tall people are perceived to have more authority. Tall works great if you are in business, make sure you ask for that promotion! 90% of CEO’s and company executives stand tall above 6 feet. Tall people appear mature. Shorter people are looked down upon against a tall counterpart.

Shorter Life Span

Earlier studies showed taller people lived longer until it was discovered the research wasn’t accurate. Taller people are more likely to die from cancer than shorter people. Taller people need more nutrition to maintain their health. Our T-cells reduces as we grow older but those same cells diminishes much quicker in a taller individual. This takes away the ability to fight toxins in their body much faster. Making their body susceptible to danger.

But what does that change? They still live a happier and much more fulfilled life than others. So let’s fix our posture and stand tall!






Abandoning Disabled Children and Old Parents

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Would you do it—leave your disabled child or old parents? No, not when it’s mandatory to leave them for better care or treatment but leave them permanently because you can’t handle the responsibility? Is it not selfish? I mean someone kept you in their womb for 9 months enduring pain and critical health implications. After that they raised you to the best of their ability, keeping all your needs in mind. Maybe they weren’t the best parents. They couldn’t fulfill all your needs. They reacted too quickly and expected too much. But just like you (one day), it was their first shot at parenting. They learnt how to be a parent hands on with each phase of your life.

Studies show estimated 303, 000 women die from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth. In addition, for every woman who dies in childbirth, dozens more suffer injury, infection or disease. Why would any woman go through this process when they understand their risk of survival? Because they want you in their life. They guide you through this big, dirty, complicated world as they have faced their fair share of it. They want you to experience how beautiful life is. They are attached to you as you are a physical part of them. Then my question is, why throw away someone who is a part of you? They have always been there for you at your most vulnerable times, they don’t’ shy away from that responsibility. Then why not be there for them when they need your assistance at their most vulnerable position? You most likely don’t remember the small details from your childhood, but you can only imagine how many times you got sick and your parents took care of you when you were a child.


As parents become old and or when you find out your child is diagnosed with a disability, you start feeling mixed emotions. When it comes to disable child, the first phase of emotions a parent goes through is denial. You feel guilt, you think you are letting the parent or the child down. That this could have been prevented if only you took more care. You feel shame, there is a bunch of judgemental people out there to tell you it’s your fault or pity your situation. When you feel your family members are reliant on you completely with health, mobility and or interaction, you feel a sense of loss. You feel anger, why you? You already have other responsibilities. Not only does it take away time you set aside for yourself but it’s a stab on your finances as well. You start thinking of the future and feel anxiety, you feel how will this situation impact the other family members especially your children—will their childhood be jeopardized, will they feel neglected because you are spending all your time taking care of your old parents/disabled child? Uncertainty always promotes fear, but that does not mean you can’t handle the responsibility.


It’s not easy! Aren’t enough people to tell you that. You’re emotions are 100% normal. It takes time to process uncertainty. You have to take a step back and feel all your emotions. It’s okay to feel all the phases of emotions, starting from denial, guilt, failure, anxiety, anger. Read and connect with others who are in your situation. You always need friends to talk about your circumstances. Learn how to better manage the situation. Always make sure your parents and child know you are there with them. Give them activities to keep them busy, make them feel loved. Face reality, accept the situation you are in. Stay in a positive environment, cut out all negativity. You will learn from your situation then you ever will with any other. Taking care of the parent or child will evolve you to be a better version of yourself.

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Addiction – Are you in denial?

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Habit Vs. Addiction

 Do you think addiction is a choice or can people choose to be addicted? What causes addiction? How come some people are more prone to get addicted then others? Most smokers argue that they are not addicted and they can stop whenever if they choose to quit. However, if they do attempt quitting they would most likely fail. It takes more than just motivation and will power to quit something addictive. Habit is something you choose to do and can resign from whenever but having a cigarette daily is definitely not a habit.

Addiction is recognized as a chronic disease, same as cancer and heart diseases. You don’t choose to have cancer and or a kidney failure. Same with addiction, it chooses you! Sure the first smoke, the first few glasses of alcohol, the first game of poker and the first sniff of drug is all you, you made that choice and decision! Though, as you continue you start craving these things, not by choice, but because your body demands it. If you are addicted, you have a chemical imbalance in your brain which results in mental, physical and behavioral changes.

No Control…

Addiction is when we have no control over our mind and behavior due to a substance or a behavior. You can be an impulsive shopper, impulsive gambler, addicted to video games, food, sex, drugs, alcohol etc.  Addiction occurs to people to due to many reasons. Often it’s said that addiction is due to genetics, FALSE! It can happen to anyone! Usually the reasons are depression, sadness, loneliness, violence, sexual/mental abuse, trauma, influence and an environment surrounded by that substance. For example, if the environment you are in such as work, school or home has drugs in the background then you might be influenced in to using it.

Low Dopamine and Serotonin

Addiction is a coping method for depression. Dopamine is neurotransmitter which controls the reward and pleasure area of your brain. It also controls movement in our body, if we are low in dopamine then we are at risk of getting Parkinson’s disease. Serotonin is a chemical that helps balance your mood. Low Serotonin triggers depression. Low Serotonin also can makes us turn quite suicidal. 

Alcohol, smoking, gaming, gambling, drugs, shopping, and any impulsive behavior provides a short term high. People use these to get away from sadness and despair. They think that it’s giving them happiness and eliminating distress. However, they forget alcohol and drugs are anti-depressant. These substances will provide the short term pleasure of fogginess and they will make you forget for a slight period of time. But then it will all come back making you more depressed, asking for more substance to get rid of it once again.

Alcohol, drug, gambling, sex etc. increases your dopamine, so does eating chocolate and winning the lottery. But in addiction, your body becomes greedy and asks for more and more increase of dopamine. When you consume too much the body adapts and confuses your coping method and wants more of the increased pleasure.

Will Power…

Will power isn’t enough! Remember it’s a chronic disease. If you know someone who is addicted then the first step is making them admit they have an addiction. Most people are in denial because of the stigma that addiction has. They know it’s unhealthy but still continue because they can’t stop. The best way to help these people is by helping them admit they have a problem. Then finding a good rehab center. To recover from addiction, people need supervised medical monitoring. Getting Nicotine, won’t help, it’s just replacing cigarettes to increase your dopamine some other way.

Keep it Healthy!





Dissatisfaction – Good or Bad?

Hello World,

We all go through it! We go through dissatisfaction numerous times throughout the day. Monday mornings are the worst, right?! If we could get 5 more minutes in Bed! We are all dissatisfied of rolling out of our amazing, comfy, cozy, warm bed and head out for that dreadful work. At lunch, we feel dissatisfaction if the first bite of our food does not taste great. Let’s not even mention the rush hour when we are headed home from work, the weather traffic, the rush, let’s just say it takes a while to get home! Even when we are fast asleep at night, we can be dissatisfied with a discomforting position, we have to alter it right away to get back to our good night sleep. These are conditions we don’t pay a lot of attention to. But dissatisfaction arises in many ranges; the ones we tend to focus on more are larger dissatisfaction if life related to Health, Finance, Relationship and Work.

Chasing Happiness…

Why am I not satisfied? What will make me satisfied? Money, fame, success, goals, the end destination perhaps? The answer is No. You will not be satisfied no matter what height you reach. Yes, money will make you comfortable. The attention you receive from fame will give you a short term high. Reaching your success and goals will bring up the question of what is next?! This is a great question, we are never completely satisfied because we always want to grow and progress.

We are always chasing the, What’s Next? This gives us a greater cause of fulfillment. When things feel stagnant in your life, you are forced to make a change. We set keep setting targets one after the other to reach new altitudes and attain short term satisfactions in our life. Maybe you are stuck at a work where the pay is low, you are over qualified for the position and there is no room for creativity, hence no room for growth. The work environment and people are toxic. What should your next step be? Working towards a change of course!

Now some of people can’t make that change very easily. Mostly because of lack of motivation. But I get it, you have responsibilities. You have a family to take care of and expenses. But you can start to work towards the change, even if it’s a small change. If you are dissatisfied with work, you can get education and coaching to upgrade your skillset to apply for better opportunities. Look for the, what is next? If you are dissatisfied with your appearance then let’s work on a meal plan and fix the diet. Let’s research a workout routine and start working for it.

But sometimes life is just a Beep! We just have unexpected life circumstances that unable us from pursuing our set targets, oh you know, good old family and health issues etc. That means it’s time to pick up a hobby you love, trust me this will help! If one part of your life is full of stress and you balance it out with something you love doing then this will assist the mind and body to release stress and toxins (so would exercise! Hint, Hint). Don’t let negativity build up.

Don’t be Pessimist…

Dissatisfaction is amazing, as it shows you where you don’t want to be and pushes you for growth. But what about the people who are constantly complaining and are doing nothing to change that? Yes, we all know one of those friends who’s constantly complain about what is missing in their life but they would never take a step to alter that situation. Why are they so pessimistic? Because, in today’s day and age we are taught to focus on tomorrow more than today. We are taught, to gain happiness we have to reach the destination and forget about the journey that leads up to it. We are taught unhealthy competition; jealousy over someone who is making more than you. We are taught materialism. Happiness equals to more money and things, more and more things, right?! Wrong! Happiness is not what is happening around you but what is happening inside you. You need to forecast the future but be mindful of the present. Being more aware at this very moment will help you gain a different optimistic perspective. You will learn to become more content with your life and at the same time have the motivation to pursue and push for your goals. Focus on the smaller things in life, you are not aware but those bring you the most happiness. Focus on the journey, it’s important.

Everyone has their own battles and you need to focus on yours. Do not compare yourself with others. Use others as examples of where you want to be and what you want to achieve. Learn from their mistakes and use them as a guide and a mentor. Don’t use them as an excuse to complain about what you lack in life. Complaining slows you down, you are not gaining anything by complaining but sympathy by complaining. Plus you should be authentic, you don’t have to wish to live another person’s “great” life, you can have your own great life and be satisfied.

Let’s utilize our dissatisfaction and not let it go to waste!