How to put my digital art on NFT platfroms? Best NFT Platforms

NFT meaning – Non Fungible Tokens and Best Way to Get Started with NFT Crypto Digital Art

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Apologies for the delay on writing my posts. One of my goals in the beginning of this year was to keep up with this blog and increase it is reach, Meditation and Manifestation For 2021. I am still on a mission to do that but, I am also focussing on other areas of growth in my life which is making me fall a bit behind on my daily posts. Despite that, I am grateful for 1,289 of you and I will continue to provide growth strategies, success stories, motivation, and financial strategies for you all to learn from my journey.

Now for the real reason you are here! On my last post, I brought up a trending topic: Best Data Spillage in 2021, Clubhouse Data Breach Cautions Fans From Joining The App

What are NFT’s? Why everyone speaking about this new thing and why it is the time to strive as a digital artist!

5 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy Art lays out the psychological reason behind why people usually do not purchase art. Some view it as a waste of money and some people doubts their taste, while others simply do not understand the principal model of art. It has always been a competitive market for artists. They must stand out and push out art forms that the current generation is consuming. That also subjects artists to settle to an art form they probably are not familiar with or they do not enjoy in creating.

Though it is a competitive market for artists in general, we saw a rise of digital art during the pandamic. A popular search on Google is, are stay at home mom considered unemployed? This idea changed as stay at home mom, dads, or anyone started their own digital art businesses. They used TikTok to promote their art businesses and a lot of them figured out a way to thrive.

The TikTok rise of small businesses was incredible to see. Artist took to media, learned about SEO, learned about marketing on different platforms, learned about public speaking, learned about reach, and went all in. They did not waste 2020 one bit. Now it’s the time for them again as NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) is what everyone is searching and talking about?

What does NFT mean? NFT’s are non-fungible tokens on Etherium blockchain! I know most of my audiences are very tech savvy, however, many of you are still new to blockchain and the idea of bitcoin. Let me attempt to explain. Bitcoins are coins which are fungible. You can use bitcoin to buy other currencies or coins. Bitcoins are digital assets. However, NFT’s are assets which are unique. You can upload a digital art as an NFT and that is unique.

In simple words, NFT’s can be looked at collectables. Many artists, yes, local artists are putting up art on various platforms such as – OpenSea to sell and buy art. Now, not only local artists but celebrities are jumping in on the opportunity. Tory Lanez, North American Rapper, sold three of his music unreleased covers for $380k. What a world we live in now right? NFT price is determined by the artist. But you also have to pay a “gas fee” which is just a fee because, you are using the platform to sell your art. The best part is, you can charge royalty on your art! This means if your art keeps getting traded then you will receive a royalty each time it gets bought.

How do you get paid by NFT Crypto Art? You need to have some cryptocurrency to pay for the gas fee. You need to connect your crypto wallet to meta mask which takes, I kid you not, five minutes and then you are set up.

Here is an example of an NFT:

The 0.5 Etherium shows you that it’s acutally selling for almost $800 USD. That’s why I am asking all my audiences to get on this opportunity as a seller. Even if you make $10 dollars, it’s a learning opportunity within the crypto marketing and literally free money.

Love to hear your thoughts and questions!

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