What is Required in a Good Partner?

Hello World,

First of all you need to be a good partner to yourself. Yes, you need to be content with where you stand in life. You need to at least know your plans and goals. Don’t be a pushover and lost. If you don’t have it figured which, most of us have not… try to plan and know what you want.

Many people who are always lost and lack initiative would tell you, yes but, everyone is lost, you just don’t know what will come your way next. That is true, but at the same time, you need to know what you like and don’t and stay true to your values.

Right off the bat, good money sense! You don’t want someone who doesn’t know what they are doing with their money. You don’t want someone drowning in debt, you don’t want someone who is not saving! Also, you don’t want someone who doesn’t have a retirement fund.

Trust/Understanding. You need to find a best frined in the partner. They need to understand your drive and purpose. Again going back to my first point, you have to have drive and purpose. You have to keep on working on yourself. Growth is the key to life.

Understanding comes from open communication. Don’t be afraid to have deep conversation so you both can learn more about each other on an intellectual and emotional level. This will allow both of you to keep yourself honest.

I feel those are the core for a good partner. Obviously, there are more things to add per your own personal preference.

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What Are You Passionate About? It Can Lead to Passive Income

Hello World,

If you still have not picked up that hobby, you should soon as Gen Z’s are already on it. Did you know that Millenials are richer than baby boombers? Yes, they don’t save money, but they make a lot of money. It’s going to be even more for Gen Z’s… any guesses why?

Gen Z’s are going to be more wealthier because, we are making a shift in the education system. Millenials earned more but they had student debts. Gen Z’s, with the current pandamic and TiKTok being their best friend, learned about trading stocks, ETF’s, options, and also opened up their own businesses. Did you see Shopify and Etsy stocks sky rocket? Yes, your lil Gen Z’s helpe you there.

This generation will be the rich kids in the block as they are making money from the get go with more applied real world skills. The opportunity older generation didn’t have. So how to keep up? Follow your passion. Pick up that skill today and think of ways to create passive income.

After you learn that new skill, there are various places you can sell it, be it Udemy, Etsy, Shopify, Obelo, freelancer.com… You name it! But first to gain that confidence, you need to invest in yourself a little bit. You have to learn that skill, practice, and just put samples out there for feedback.

START Today!

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Stagnant – Stuck – Anxiety – What it Takes to Improve Your Situation

Hello World, What does it really take to look past your “stuck” situation right now? It takes experience of going through it a couple of times and then saying, okay I take ownership of my situation! Acceptance is our keyword for today’s topic. It takes acceptances to move on or keep moving from any tough …

Ask Yourself Before You Write an Opposing Comment

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I am IT professional. I have ton of experience in programming, business, and investment. I create these motivational peices for you all to follow along. I hope you all enjoy my candid way of writing. You can all learn from my journey. My informative reads are just for you to read in the hopes you will take something away and apply it to your daily life. My pieces are here to improve your mindset. It is your CHOICE to take the information or not.

Recently, I had a comment from someone stating that I have it easy, and they have it hard. They wrote a complete different scenario of their life in the comment section which was unrelated to what I was mentioning in my blog.

Before digging deep, I want to segment the types of audiences I reached through out my blogging journey. I found there are different sets of audiences on WordPress.

> There are people who are using the content and need help. These are usually small business owners, studentds, professionals or new bloggers.

>Then there are people who are retired / don’t have work / stay at home for any life reasons they have. Some of these people have been past professionals and have great insights, some of them are just readers and few of them are just here to argue about past vs. future.

>Also, there are people who are mentally struggling due to their environment and or other related issues. These people do not have others to open up to.

My comment section is always open for you all! However, please try to take away the mindset and or idea, rather than being the opponent of what I am trying to relay in my blog. For example, I talk about investments all the time. I have a good grasp on it. I make money and enough for me to put away. I share ways on how you can as well. But if you feel differently, then don’t! (I had to laugh here)… if that is not your long term goal then please follow your own plan. Everyone has different life stories, I am just sharing what works for me and current trends so you can learn.

If you are mentally struggling, I have many blogs on anxiety and self doubt. Eveyone goes through it and it is not easy. Please take a look at all my blogs below.

If you are in an environment where you are not safe, please just don’t write it in my comments, seek help. If you are able to write on my comment section then you are able to do a quick google search.

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You Have To Have a Digital Currency – I am not talking Crypto

Hello World,

You have to have a digital currency at today’s time. Although, I am all for Crypto – buy your Etherium and monitor the trends. However, I am not speaking about that. I am saying, that you have to have a following in today’s generation to keep up. A following on social media, and other digital platforms. Anything that gives you a positive traction towards your content.

The following actually validates your work and brings you more exposure to your brand. This helps your business grow with word of mouth. Word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising and marketing your brand. First and foremost, it’s free, sceond word of mouth usually comes from a reliable source such as your friends and family. Hence, it builds trust quicker than other branding techniques.

The number of following you have becomes a digital currency. The more you have the more valuable you are, the more work you get, and the more fortune you make. That’s one reason why people make a lot of money doing affiliate marketing and or starting a YouTube channel while posting daily. Posting daily creates traction.

Traction is important for the content you put out. It gets you notice. But the key to creating traction is consisitency, schedule, persistency and quality. You can’t give up, no matter how boring it is! It’s a part of building a brand, along with putting out good quality content for validation and shares.

So if you are any type of creative or business owner, I need you to focus on your social media strategy. A strategy good enough to bring you traction. At first you will just receive followings/views but, in the long run it will make you money.

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TP-Link Deco – Amazon Finds

Hello World,

Are WIFI exenders really worth it? YES, YES and YES!

Trust me, I was on your end, indifferent! Didn’t care for this product but, it’s worth it.

Here is a funny story! I have been working from home since the pandemic took place. Meeting clients through Zoom Calls, WebEx, Slack, Skype… you name it. I love it! No more waking up super early! Saving on commute! Not taking that long train ride to reach the core of the busy city we all love in Canada!

Everything is wonderful until, I realized how bad my WIFI connection is. After speaking to Rogers for 1 hour and getting an upgrade on my internet, they had said that I would need to pick up the new router from their store within 60 days. Who’s going to a store in this pandemic? Yes, I am one of the paranoid bunch and I am not!

If you follow me for a while, you already know that I don’t do anything without a good research and how much I encourage all of you to do your research. Also, I am a thrifty shopper, meaning, my money has to have an return on my investment!

But this was life now! I make money through the internet! I cannot be cutting off of my Zoom calls because my WIFI connection is low in certain areas of my house.

So what do I do? Amazon.ca!

Yes, I did what any of you would do! I went on Amazon.ca and to look through WIFI extenders. I will save you the search and list out the ones I have used and are satisfied:


  1. DECO – 5000 SQ WIFI extenders (can range 3 storays)
  2. TP-LINK Range extender for your room (Wall Plug)




After I bought this product, my WIFI range has been working amazing. You don’t have to use all three DECO’s but, I am progressive so I ordered a higher range extender to cover each corner of the house. My internet is highspeed all of a sudden I have not had a ZOOM call issue ever since.

I will do a TIKTOK review soon, so don’t forget to follow me on TIKTOK @Dlaofficial_

If you want to get ready for the future than invest in these small things that will add to the way you do work. This is actually an investement as it will enhance your quality of work by allowing you to deliver timely while enhancing your online experience.

Thank you,



Feel like Giving up? – DO NOT DO IT!

Hi everyone,

The only thing in life that can stop you from attaining success is your perspective, what and how you define success, your approach towards life and your health!

Remember these three words, PERSPECTIVE, APPROACH and HEALTH … this is all. 

Persepective is important. There is always more than one way of looking at one thing. You can pretty much always make a situation positive, hence, failure is always defined as an opportunity for growth. You should be able to view your situation from both your viewpoint and from the exterior.

Only way you gain perspective is by exploring, reading, sharing, and interacting… in simple words you must make your life a journey of finding opportunities to learn. Mindset is crucial to your life long learning.

You cannot be stuck on little things that limit you from gaining success or achieving your goals. A limiting thought would be constantly worrying about being stagnat in your career… this is a sign where you need to learn a new skill and apply it to find a new opportunity. Another limiting thought would be constantly worrying about the past, future, present… no stop! Work now and the future will form itself! If you don’t put in work now, you miss the shot for tomorrow.

Mindset is the key of how you approach life. You can see things very negatively, nag, worry and constantly complain or you can find a solution! I am telling you to find a solution! You live in a time of opportunity! The internet is full of informaiton. Learn something that will make your future.

Now all of it fails when you are reluctant towards your health! Please take care of yourself. Run, eat healthy and stay positive. You won’t be able to earn if you are not healthy. The biggest wealth in life is health. This is the best gift you can give to yourself and family members.

Stay motivated! 


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Bad at Dating at 30 – focussed on Career

Hello World,

There I said it! I loose interest these days…

The Tinder, Bumble, coffee meets bagel and Hinge is not doing it for me.

I use to be really opposed to having a casual relationships, but it all make sense now! When you are too occupied and focused on your career… you will not be able to invest in any other aspect of your life.  This is because you won’t be able to give those part of your life your best, 100%.

I am not searching for perfection but what is the point in something if you have to live it half hearted?

All this means is, I would need to find a partner who is on the same page! The ambition level has to be the same along with other compalitiy levels and that is never the case these days.

I feel after you reach a certain age you become content with a lot of things. You see life differently. Your goals changes. I pass up on very good people. Funny thing to notice, before my excuse to myself were that I was too busy with work. But now it’s just no interest! I have no interest in connecting, getting too personal, and or carrying any other person’s emotions at this point!

I am way too focused at my work. I am focused in building an empire, a better future for myself.

Working hard and earning the success is a different high! Working hard and earning financial freedom on your own terms is a different high!

At a certain age, you just stop caring about what people say and or think because, it really does not matter. You have a timeslot and it’s limited so make your future as bright as you can.

I need you all to try it! Be focused and make it happen.

Until next time…


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How not to self Destruct

Hello World,

Listen I have been there! I have been in situations where I want to give up and quit. It’s a sucky feeling. You feel as if you have no to share the pressure with and only way you to get out of these emotions is by quitting or procrastinating–I am not saying anything further as I don’t want to promote anything negative! But you get my point!

First of all, change your perception. Perception is a big concept in our lives. We live, set goals and our emotions around how we perceive, need and want from the Universe. It’s never constant!

Yes, who ever told you that you have to reach a constant state of happiness (they lied!)… concentrate on the word state!  Yes! State. Happiness is a state. Which means you will face your up and down, high’s and lows! It is not possible to be happy round the clock! If you were happy around the clock then you are at a monotone state. You don’t have any other emotions to compare your happiness to, anger, sadness, etc.  Which would mean that you can never feel heightened joy.

That’s why change your perception. Life is full of ups and downs and it’s short! Shorter than you think. Get up and put in that work!

Don’t work hard but work smart…ever heard of that? What people don’t tell you is in order to work smart at some point in life, you have to work hard before! Put in that hours, earn your degree, learn a new skill-set, travel the world, read books, contribute to the community, make a difference!

Whatever you do, don’t stop believing in you and do not quit today!

-DLA  – please share and motivate others :)!

Happy Anniversary To Me on WordPress

Hello Everyone,

Happy Anniversary to me on this platform. Thank you everyone for reading and showing support for all these years.

A lot of don’t take time to celebrate our milestones and I am one of them. But it is a rewarding feeling and accomplishments should be celebrated!

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Remember, you are amazing…

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