Negative Comments / Feedback Bring You Down?

Hello World,

Honestly, I don’t want to sound like, “I can handle it all!”… I am human. It does bother me. Negative feedback / criticism is impacts me. I think about it, I get anxiety from it. Something I can’t control…

But, what do you do when anxiety hits from a feedback or negative comment? What questions pop into your mind?

You step away from it…

Sustainability! Yes, for me it’s sustainability! Confidence is great! I have a lot of it but, can sometimes someone elses feedback can throw you off. That’s when you start feeling are you good enough?! So how do you shake that are you, “good enough” off? Take a hot shower, completely distract yourself and do something else that you love doing. Take a walk, paint, sing, go do an activity that you love doing. Come back and reflect!

Then come back and start working on the task that you are not so good at! Yes, people will have opinions, feedbacks, their perspective! Take it in, destress, and come back to the given task.

I couldn’t change my anxiety so over time I made any feedback that got to me a little, my strength! I started working towards it. I always try to out perform. Taking on the chanllenge has led me to become more stronger without even knowing it!

So just step away for a bit! de-clutter and come back to it and complete your task while, trying to get better at it!

Thanks for the love guys! I really love the support!


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What Will People Think Mentality? Change it!

Hello World,

What will people think only applies if you work a corporate job and you are puting out content that creates a conflict of interest. What will people think only applies, when the content you put out or the action you are about to take will harm someone you love dearly.

Otherwise, as Drake once said, you only live once! Have a chuckle at that for my poor Canadian reference!

But come on guys! Isn’t it more fruitful to stay excited by doing challenging things? What is the point of staying within your comfort zone and thinking of what others would think or feel? I bet you anything if they had a shot at their own journies they wouldn’t think twice.

You need to change that mentality and go for your dreams! Take a stab at and try! There is literally nothing to lose.

I am trying so many different things in life at this time because, I want to experience growth on a different level. Unique from others, as in not everyone will take the risks I am taking. Which is weird, because, the perceived risks I am taking, trading stocks, Fiverr, YouTube, blogging, audiobooks are all open for everyone to try.

What is your excuse for not trying any of this above or your true passion, whatever that might be… maybe a cake business, IT services, becoming good at something… basketball?

The most common answer is fear of not being good enough, fear of being judged, and fear of failure. Trust me, we have all been there!

But one thing you have to keep in mind, this time you have now will pass. Some people ddwel in the misconception that there is still time. Your body is changing every day. You are not physically capable of doing the same thing in 10 years for now so, take your shot and complete your bucket list today!

I have received a comment one time, stating that I have it easy and I have time. No, one thing I am good at it is planning! Planning made me confident in knowing what I want. I know I want growth. I know in order to achieve that growth, I must put in work and be consistent. I also know, nothing turns up at your door the next day, you have to wait your turn! Everyone has ups and downs and highs and lows, it’s your responsibility how you want to perceive the situation and action it.

That’s why I always tell you guys to keep going forward. Don’t think of what anyone says! Who cares! They will die one day and so will you. As deperessing as that sounds, it’s the only way one realizes how much time we have on this planet and how to use it wisely.

I love you guys for the support on my blog! It has been a tremondous success in my eyes! Sharing my journey has helped me grow and I am glad you all can take away something from my growth!

What is one thing you always wanted to get done? Let’s help each other grow.


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Stagnant – Stuck – Anxiety – What it Takes to Improve Your Situation

Hello World, What does it really take to look past your “stuck” situation right now? It takes experience of going through it a couple of times and then saying, okay I take ownership of my situation! Acceptance is our keyword for today’s topic. It takes acceptances to move on or keep moving from any tough …


Hello World,

You must have heard of that teenager who borrowed money to invest in the stock industry. He was over 100K in debt. He took his own life after due to stress, depression and the fear that he cannot pay the loan off.

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Please do not invest with debt on your plate. That’s bad financial advise. Some people can afford to, those some people are multi millionaires. They have financial advisors and know exactly what they are doing. You on the other hand, need to not pay the heavy interest on any loan. Pay it off or work towards paying it off.

Holding a long term credit can hurt you as well. I know you are paying it off but, you have have to always stay in the minimum 50% always paid of the balance you owe, in order for your score to remain “good”.

Now here is way! Learn how to create different income flows. Sell your old items, sell items you make, make youtube create a following, or just create FIVERR and sell your skills.

Few posts ago, I showed you how to create FIVERR. I created a profile myself to show you my journey. I will be documenting my journey on FIVERR:

I intend to sell my excel knowledge and dashboard with this gig. What bout you? What will you sell on Fiverr. It’s absolutely free. There is a small commission FIVERR takes when you sell these items.

Once, you create traction and start earning, you can easily pay off your debt with other streams of income and create a great financial strategy.

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Free Content And Resources

Hello World,

Isn’t it crazy how many free content is available online? The world can now learn anything, literally any subject online for FREE. Can you believe one fo the most demanding and highest paying jobs are coding and people are able to learn all of it just on YouTube.

So think about it, there is positions that pay half a million, with the years of experience of course but, that skill set is available online. However, some of you still won’t search for it, take the time to learn it, or invest yourself into it.

One, because the idea of being happy with what you are doing and some how coding is hard. Two, you are just lazy. Three, you have all these excuses, one of them being you don’t have time and with the time you have you rather binge watch a Netflix show.

Binge watching Netflix show s are important too. However, you have to realize these corporations that make your life easy with these content and services are making the millions while, you are sitting around wasting your life.

Take some time today and research on your interest area and actually put in some work! Trust me, you will feel a little glad that you do it!

Your Motivation friend,


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What Scares You About Starting A Business?

Hello World,

What scares you about starting your own business? There is several underlying fears people often overthink about and just stop pursuing their passions. I am sure you felt one of these or the other, here is a list of your self limiting beliefs…

  1. What will people think? How will they look at me when I start a business?
  2. What if I fail? What will people think of me then?
  3. What if I lose money?
  4. I don’t know which products or services…
  5. This is too much work, I don’t know anything
  6. I don’t know where to start my business, their are way too many pieces.
  7. The market is too saturated for what I want to do...
  8. Too much money to invest…
  9. I don’t know how to talk to my suppliers
  10. I don’t know how to market my product. I am not a social media personality. I am too shy.
  11. I don’t know any of the legal stuff…
  12. I am not good enough…
  13. I just don’t know where to start…


Here is the thing, you will always have these fears if you don’t over come and take a step to begin somewhere. These days people do not take a lot of money to start their business. You have to see what is costing you. The supplies, shipping fees, hosting, advertising and little extra for other costs. You have to plan your exepense. Even then you won’t see a profit right away, unless you are selling a stellar product or service.

You have to keep reinvesting until it grows. The whole business journey is a process. But you have to be willing and consistent to see a growth.

Get to saving about $1,000 to $3,000 to invest in yourself. Get a sewing machine, a circuit, a camera, or an orbelo account to start your own business.

Product Research

It is easy these days. Orbelo literally shows you analysis on how much products are selling and which ones are popular. There are other paid analytics tools. You need to always research on current trends to stay up to date. But, if you have your own product then it comes down to your marketing and your social media presence.

Also, if you are designing your products, then i have glog posts on how to research trade marks.

Find suppliers and reach out to them and negotiate the prices. If you are using oberlo, you won’t need to do it. However, for a good pricing strategy where you are making a profit, please plan it all out!

Where to Start? Register your business.

Do a Google Search, it tells you step by step. This is literally what you type in, “how to start a business in (Your Area)”. This will give you start to finish of how, what, why and when tot register your business and any small fees associated. Do the search or you will be left with your self limiting beliefs.

Start your research before you write in the comments that it can’t be done! Have a little faith in yourself.

Thank you,

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The Way You Measure Success Can Lead To Anxiety

Hello World,

Yes, the way you conceptualize your life can lead to anxiety. Do you measure your success against money? Do you measure your success against people and how well they are doing? Are you thining you are never good enough because, you feel you haven’t done enough?

Then your metrics is incorrect! Because, that will never lead you towards happiness. Some metrics to measure yourself gives you a boost in the short run. Hey, if he/she can do it, then I can do it better… yes, it helps you accomplish but, sometimes the success is just not attainable and it’s not your fault at all.

Therefore, change your perspective and values. You should just look to enjoy the journey. Have goals and plans but, if it doesn’t work out, then don’t beat yourself up.

But when I say don’t beat yourself up, that doesn’t mean don’t completely give up! Getting confusing but, all I am saying is find that balance of keep moving forward without feeling like you have failed.

Failure is inevitable! It’s a part of life. You need failure in order for there to be growth. If you got everything right in your life then, you wouldn’t have learned anything. There would have been no progress. You would have been a born genius and us humans are far from that!

Self reflect and take a look at how you conceptualize your life. Do you blame others or blame yourself? Then your metrics is not right.

Thank you,

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